Basic Websites

Basic websitesBasic websites have limitations, but still have their uses. If you’re new to business, or established but new to online marketing, investing in a full professional site may seem like a big risk. In fact, professional design is actually an investment that reduces risk and provides a much better marketing toolkit. Trying to cut costs too much can undermine profitability and cripple or even destroy a project. That’s why experienced entrepreneurs seek grants and loans to finance their site if necessary.

Still, sometimes a basic website is all you need, right? For instance, when:

  • Budget is very limited and finance isn’t an option
  • It’s a personal website rather than a business one, so budget is more important than performance
  • You just need a website to list on offline advertising, like print and broadcast media or vehicles
  • You’re experimenting, with a plan to invest in a better website if your idea takes off

For these situations, I offer:

Static Websites

Non-editable, or “static” websites don’t do well in search engines, but can still be worthwhile in some industries. Offline advertising, links from online directories and paid ads on the search engines can make up for poor search engine positioning. Static sites can then act as effective contact points, presenting a professional image and vital information to your potential customers. They also require less maintenance than editable sites, being simpler and less prone to hacking. Also, tiny mistakes can have a lasting impact online, so if you aren’t confident about creating content, it can be wise to get professional help with updates. I build static websites on my Basic Hosting package.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are highly-focused one-page sites with no navigation menu. They present the absolute essentials about what you offer, with a single, clear “Call To Action”. Many landing pages offer freebies (“lead magnets”) in return for newsletter sign-ups. I build landing pages from just £300.

One-Page Sites

One-Page Sites (other than Landing Pages) have a navigation menu that scrolls down to display screens of content instead of loading new pages. They present a limited amount of information, typically ending with a simple contact form. I build landing pages from just £450.

Brochure Websites

If one-page sites are like flyers with a contact form, “brochure” websites are like – well, a company brochure with a contact form. They present several pages (or screens) of information about your company. These include the home page, contact page, an “about us” overview page and usually at least two other pages. The extra pages typically list products, services, testimonials or case studies, or may show a gallery of previous work. Brochure sites start at just £600 for a 5-page site.

Editable Basic Websites

Search engines promote frequently-updated sites, so being able to do those updates yourself offers a big commercial advantage. They do require more maintenance, however – so I build these on my Managed Hosting package. Basic editable sites start at just £900.

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