Website Support Services

Website support servicesWebsites aren’t fire-and-forget projects. They are ongoing services that need resources and maintenance. So, I provide various website support services including:

Hosting & Domains

A domain name is your website’s address; hosting is the land on which it’s built. You need both, I’ll generally need direct access to them, and yet not all systems are created equal. So, I provide three basic packages that we can build on as your requirements grow:

Basic Hosting

Suitable for non-editable websites only: this includes 1 GB of storage, 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, 1 domain*, social media ‘like’ buttons (and ‘follow’ buttons if you have accounts to follow) and daily backups. This also includes direct access to site stats with basic spam-filtering applied, because fake traffic can be very misleading. Basic Hosting costs just £25 per month.

* Includes Nominet (common ‘.uk’ types) and Classic (.com/.org/.net) domains

Managed Hosting

Suitable for editable websites, as their extra flexibility makes them easier (and more lucrative) targets for hackers. This package provides all the benefits of Basic Hosting (above), with 2GB of storage, 20 GB of bandwidth and a database.

Normal hosting packages would stop at that – you’d only find out what you were missing by asking experts in SEO, online marketing and security. I do all of those things. So, my Managed Hosting solution also includes a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) that improves SEO, site speed, reliability and security, as well as legal compliance solutions for Cookie and Privacy Policy regulations. Finally, outdated software is a big hacking risk, so this package covers regular site software monitoring and basic security updates. Managed Hosting costs £50 per month.

Secure Hosting (SSL)

Sites that allow visitor logins store data – even if only email addresses and passwords – that actively attracts hackers. Normally, data can be intercepted and read as it travels across the web. “SSL” security encrypts the data in transit, displaying a padlock icon to confirm this. This requires an SSL certificate that also validates site ownership to reduce the threat from fake (or “spoof”) sites stealing visitor data.

Trust marks increase sales. Without SSL however, pages that collect sensitive data show warnings in popular browsers. So, this package provides the SSL security that e-commerce sites – and others – need. It also includes all the benefits of Managed Hosting (above), 3 GB of storage and 30 GB of bandwidth. Secure Hosting costs £75 per month.

Care Plans

Outdated design and information don’t impress visitors, so search engines prefer sites that get regular updates. Even if you don’t care about search positioning, changes in web technologies eventually break most sites. So, I provide ongoing website support services, either ad hoc, or at reduced rates on a retainer. If you think you may need regular help with your website, please contact me for details of these Care Plans.