CyberSecurity Matters

Cybersecurity matters. As I type, the world is in the grip of another major ransomware attack, dubbed NotPetya (because it’s not the one called Petya, just similar). As usual, it targets Windows machines. A potential vaccine has been found in the past hour (3:19 pm PST, about 11:19 pm BST), so this is just a very quick post to help publicise that ASAP.

The vaccine, courtesy of the excellent security site BleepingComputer, is to create a read-only file in C:\Windows . That’s easier said than done, so the following batch file should do it for you:

…and if not, this post in BleepingComputer explains how to do it manually. Huge thanks also to WordFence for highlighting this in their excellent post here.

Happy St. David’s Day, Wales!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

The Red Dragon of WalesToday is a (particularly) good day to be Welsh.

It’s a funny thing, though – being a Welsh web designer born in “Newport, Monmouthshire,” as it was then. Monmouthshire was “mostly English” until 1972 (hush, now – you won’t get 20 years of web experience from a Millennial…). It still is, in terms of language, though at least schools now teach Welsh.

Anyway, having grown up around Chepstow, Monmouth and Bristol, I’m very much a man of Gwent, though with West Glamorgan roots. Still, years working across South Wales as an archaeologist taught me enough of Wales’ history to take real pride in it.

That’s why I’m still especially keen to support businesses and other organisations across South Wales and Avon. I didn’t specifically plan today’s trip to Cardiff for St. David’s Day, but seems very appropriate.

Sadly though, I’ve been too busy learning web and programming languages to learn that of my kin. Thankfully, I’m not alone in being so preoccupied. So, today is a day for many of us to trot out the few Welsh phrases we know – the phrases that still somehow manage to bind us together as a nation.

Cymru am byth!

New Era, New Website

Ever heard of the shoemaker’s children? Yep, they’re the kids that go shoeless because their father’s too busy making shoes for other people. Well, it happens to web designers, too.

So, I’ve been so busy building blogs for other people since 2004 that I never got around to building one for myself. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that. As a developer, I didn’t really need a content management system – it was easy enough for me to edit web pages by hand. I could see the advantages of systems like WordPress even then – just didn’t need them so much myself. By the time more developer-friendly features arrived, I wanted to refresh the whole site, not just add a blog.

Still, it’s done, and it’s here. Hope you like it! More soon…