Digital Marketing Services List

Here’s a complete list of the digital marketing services that I can offer UK SMEs. Having done a full rebuild of this site recently, it will take me a while to add pages for all of them. In the meantime, if any of the following interest you, please contact me for more details.

Build Services

  1. Web Design/Redesign
    1. Basic Brochure Sites
    2. Professional Editable Websites
    3. E-Commerce
    4. Landing Pages
    5. Online Communities
    6. Special Sites: Fundraising, Events etc.
  2. Web Development
    1. Bespoke Web Apps
    2. Mobile Apps (NEW!)
    3. Data-driven Desktop Apps (NEW!)
  3. Hosting, Domains & Support Services
    1. “Hosting Plus” Packages
    2. Care Plans
    3. Website Heatmaps
    4. Custom Stats Dashboards
  4. Logo Design
    1. Logotypes
    2. Graphic Logos
    3. 3D Logos

Growth Services

  1. Digital Strategy & Monetisation
    1. Startup Consultation
    2. Site Reviews
    3. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
    4. Merchandising & Dropshipping
    5. Ad Network Setup
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    1. SEO Reports
    2. Local SEO
    3. Content Marketing
      1. Copy Writing
      2. Infographics
      3. Branded Images
    4. Press Releases
    5. Guest Posts
    6. Link-building
    7. Full SEO Campaigns
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    1. FREE Social Dashboard
    2. Social Media Content Creation
    3. Full Done-For-You SMM
    4. Social Media Banners
    5. Facebook Advertising
  4. Email Marketing
    1. Mailing List Setup
    2. Newsletter Design & Coding
    3. Marketing Funnel Automation
    4. Lead Generators
  5. Video (NEW!)
    1. Branding ‘Stings’ (Logo Animations)
    2. In-video Branding
    3. Personalised Video Ads
    4. In-video E-Commerce
    5. Video Hosting
    6. Transcription
    7. Animated Explainer Videos

In other words, the answer to, “Can you provide X…?” – is usually “Yes”. How? Years of experience, mostly – I have accumulated a very broad skill-set and use various best-of-breed systems to deliver results cost-effectively. Your success is my success, so I only offer services that I’d use myself.