Social Media Campaigns

Do you want to outsource your social media campaigns completely? Do you like the look of my Managed Social Media Marketing services, but want more? You’re in the right place! I have two further options for you. These packages build on my Managed Social Media Marketing package, so as a quick reminder, that includes:

  • A Pro Social Media Dashboard account (FREE trial here), including:
    • Article search features to help you find interesting content for your followers
    • Scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Telegram
    • A Visual Composer and a library of over one million stock images to help you create incredible viral image posts without Photoshop!
    • Hashtag research features to reveal what people are searching for
    • Stats for your connected social media accounts
    • In-app training on how to build your social media following
  • Social Media Marketing Updates across three channels, written by a native English speaker 5 days a week, with a 7-day lead time for you to preview the content in your Dashboard:
    • Twitter: 3-4 daily tweets, 5 weekly image tweets
    • Facebook: 2 daily posts, 5 weekly image posts
    • Instagram: 2 daily updates, 5 weekly image posts

Social media marketing only really works when most of your updates (at least 80%) are about something other than marketing. So, the posting services above are meant to bulk out your own updates. They provide posts that are still relevant to your audience, but not all about sales. You’ll still need to add your own promotions, company news etc. – and interact with your followers of course – but Managed Social Media Marketing lets you stay focused on your business.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

How would you like a team of experts to manage your social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest? This done-for-you social media marketing service is ideal for small to medium businesses who understand the power of social media marketing but simply don’t have time to implement it.

Advanced Social Media Marketing includes everything in the Managed package above, plus:

  • Three extra servicesGoogle+, Instagram and Pinterest
  • A whiteboard “explainer” video, custom created and promoted for your company
  • Short duration and seasonal promotions
  • 2 x branded custom designs in the Visual Composer
  • Finding and posting appropriate supportive and engaging articles
  • High quality, tailored, images and social media content
  • Brand your own social dashboard

…and all for just £999 per month!

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Full-Service Social Media Campaigns

This service is like employing a full time, expert social media team at your company – at a fraction of the price! It also saves your the hassle (and hidden costs) of taking on extra employees.

Full-Service Social Media campaigns include everything in the Advanced package above, plus:

  • Social media interaction. We will respond to comments and interaction within your social profiles, including answering questions and queries
  • Website social retargeting – creating and running a series of in social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Weekly blog articles posted on your website blog and promoted within the social media content
  • Press releases managed and distributed each month (if applicable) to promote anything new and exciting that is happening within your company
  • 10 x branded custom designs in the Visual Composer
  • Custom video service for your promotions, products or services

…and all for just £3499 per month!

Do you want to outsource your Social Media Marketing completely?

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