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Affordable Web Design For Small Business

Cost-effective Small Business Website Design Packages

If you’re a startup, sole trader or other small business seeking affordable web design, you’ll have seen some very cheap web design offers. So what’s the catch?

Simple – getting online is easier than competing online. Small business website designs need to compete, but cheap web design won’t.

How do I know? I’ve been building websites since 1996 and specialising in cost-effective small business website design since 2005. Your competitors hire people like me to stay ahead of those who buy on price alone.

Most small firms can’t afford to waste time and money on cheap web design that doesn’t work. That’s why, unlike cheaper website design options, these affordable web design packages focus on helping you compete, with ongoing small business support.

So just pick an affordable web design package today and let me guide you through the whole process. Or check out my small business web design FAQs — and if you still have questions, let’s chat!

Peter's expertise is exactly what I needed... I could not run my website without him. — Sue B-E. Web Design: (5/5)

Too busy? Don’t let delays destroy your dreams. Distractions will keep cropping up until you commit, and these payment plans let me work around your schedule. So pick a plan or book a callback, and let’s get you on the road to success!

Templated Design | Bespoke Design

Brochure Site

Basic web presence

Great for:

  • Showcasing your business
  • Boosting credibility
  • Outlining services
  • Listing testimonials
  • Encouraging enquiries
  • Supporting paid/offline ads

What you get:

  • Bespoke design
  • Up to 5 editable pages1
  • Up to 8 editable pages1
  • Lead Capture/Contact form
  • Mobile-friendly "responsive" design
  • Search engine friendly
  • Drag'n'drop image/file uploads
  • Stock images (if needed)
  • Social Media links
  • Simple gallery (optional)

PLUS special features:

  • Content planning help2
  • 100% Green, secure business hosting3, domain, security updates, support discount & email from £75/mo.
  • Basic legal compliance help
  • Friendly, flexible process
  • Simplified editing
  • Image optimisation
  • Simple animations (optional)
  • Interactive map (optional)
  • Simple video integration
  • Basic editing training
  • Boosted security
  • SEO sitemap

1 Extra pages from £100
2 Also available: logo design, content writing
3 Dedicated CPU & RAM for better perfomance
4 x £300 (4 monthly payments)4 x £500 (4 monthly payments)


Standard web-shop

Great for:

  • Online product sales
  • Categorised product brochure
  • Sales of subscription, dropshipped, affiliate or Print-On-Demand (POD) products1

What you get:

  • Bespoke design
  • ALL Marketing Site features PLUS:
  • Shopping cart
  • Product categories & groups
  • Easy catalogue management
  • Easy customer management
  • Easy order management
  • Customer accounts
  • Virtual/downloadable products
  • Featured products
  • Simple shipping
  • Tax calculations
  • Discount coupons
  • Free PayPal integration

PLUS special features:

  • Unlimited products
  • No extra transaction fees
  • Simple stock control
  • Grouped products
  • Upsells/cross-sells
  • Product variations
  • Free Stripe integration
  • Web shop admin training

1 Optional extras
6 x £300 (6 monthly payments)6 x £500 (6 monthly payments)

Award Winning Small Business Website Design & Support Services

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Affordable Web Design Packages

These are SEO-focused, multi-page editable website packages, as that’s what most small firms need. If you’d rather leave site updates to me though, you may prefer my basic static site package.

Why Are Editable Websites More Affordable?

Because successful small businesses evolve to meet the changing needs of their target audience. So small business websites often need content updates. Editable sites let you do those updates without learning to code, or having to pay a web designer for basic text and image changes. They can also offer far more advanced features than static websites.

Besides, editable sites can give you a structure to fit content into, making content creation far easier. It’s also less stressful knowing that not only will it not go public until you’re ready, but that you’ll still be able to change it easily after that.

Who Are These Affordable Web Design Packages For?

These are starter website packages for small business. So they offer bootstrapped microbusinesses the best possible start online on a tight budget. That makes them ideal for self-funded sole traders, partnerships and other firms with only a few staff.

Larger firms need more advanced solutions. So do projects that aim to implement specific, unique processes. Still, I’ve been building all sorts of sites since 1996, including professional website redesigns and custom-coded community systems. So if you do need bespoke web development, please get in touch.

Small Business Website Design for Sole Traders & Startups

Cashflow is often critical for UK microbusinesses like sole traders and self-funded startups, So the setup payments for these solutions are spread across several months. It’s also worth noting that I don’t charge VAT, and such business investments are partly offset by reductions in your tax burden. So these specially-configured packages normally pay for themselves many times over.

Unlike other small business website design packages, these are also backed by decades of technical, digital marketing and small business support experience. Very few agency staff have ever run a business. Most cheap web designers disappear before they gain enough business experience to really help. I’ve been running businesses since 1989, building sites since 1996 and specialising in affordable small business website design since 2005.

Why Web Design For Small Businesses?

Because I care about your success. I’ve seen the common mistakes that catch out many sole traders and other small businesses, and can help you avoid them. About half of all new businesses fail within three years — I can help you avoid that.

Small firms sometimes think these affordable website design packages mean I’m a large agency, or outsourcing affordable website design to offshore services. In fact, I’m a sole trader, just like many of my clients — and maybe you. So unlike agency staff, I understand the struggles faced by sole traders and small startups, and have specialised in helping folks like you through them for decades.

Not Just Cheap Web Design

Still, with almost two billion sites online, you’ll need more than just a cheap, pretty website to succeed. That’s why these small business web design packages focus on providing real, ROI-generating value — not just cheap web design.

That’s why they include mobile-friendly, responsive web design, SSL security and great on-site SEO as standard. Beyond that, I can also help with logos, content creation and even video marketing if needed, as well as helping you maintain and promote your site.

Excellent and professional work from beginning to end. Pete was open to ideas and able to make suggestions on how to develop my site. — Lisa P. Web Design: (5/5)

​Which Affordable Web Design Package Is Best?

The best small business website design package really depends on how your business operates.

  • Do you need an online shop, with a shopping cart and a catalogue of products? Pick the Ecommerce package.
  • The Marketing website package suits most other small businesses, especially coaches, professional service providers and creatives. It’s great for showcasing your expertise and for SEO. Being expandable and flexible, it can grow with your business, too. Want a booking system? A blog or news page? Members-only content? Then you need a Marketing site.
  • Brochure websites need paid ads or offline advertising like mobile signage. So these can suit local businesses and trades like builders, roofers, electricians, plumbers and so on. Still, Marketing sites are better for displaying project portfolios.

Still, if your business goals are a bit more advanced, just tell me about your project and we’ll go from there.

Why Small Business Website Design Matters

You can’t even test a business idea without visitors. Search engines don’t rank sites on their looks. So I build a lot of small business SEO into these packages.

Small business web design also needs ongoing support. Why? Because the web evolves rapidly. Competition grows fast. So do cyber threats and regulation. Sadly, cheap web designers often disappear, leaving their clients struggling.

These affordable small business website design packages fix all that. They offer the quality you need, backed by decades of experience.

Planning Your First Small Business Website?

Not sure you’re ready to talk web design yet? Then let’s talk business. I’ve been helping small firms with more than just design and tech for many years. So the sooner we talk, the more I can help. Still, nothing costs more than missed chances. So don’t delay — let’s get started!

Ideas without action aren’t ideas. They’re regrets. — Steve Jobs

Not sure what you need? I’m here to help!

Tell me your goals

5.0 from 30 reviews
Ratings and reviews
  • 5.0 from 30 reviews
  • 08-03-2024

    Alison Rider-Hill

    Pete has been patience personified, helping me to navigate a website I inherited for an event I am responsible for. But for him I would probably have broken the back end repeatedly.

  • 14-12-2023

    Ivan Caric

    Pete has been incredibly helpful and supportive, above and beyond what was required. We're a tiny business, and from helping with the initial web design to SEO advice and inevitable tweaks and changes as the business develops, Pete has been patient and full of sage advice. We cannot recommend him more highly!

  • 24-05-2023

    Dave M.

    Thanks, Pete! Since you updated my site, business has gone crazy – I now have more work than I know what to do with!

  • 04-04-2023

    Mark R

    I use Netcentrics for all my business needs. Always a professional, super-prompt and to date flawless service. Excellent.

  • 02-03-2023

    Ceri E

    A fantastic service! We are a small business just starting out with a new venture. Pete at Netcentrics has gone above and beyond to provide us with not only a fantastic website, but also invaluable business and marketing advice. The whole process has been incredibly positive and beyond what we expected compared to previous experiences. He is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. His support did not stop at the end of the website build, he has continued to make himself available ensuring that we know how to maximise use of the website for our start up. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pete to anyone.

  • 18-11-2022

    Janet L

    Thanks, Pete — your advice is like gold dust!

  • 21-08-2022

    Barbara H

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! In over 20 years of online retailing this is the best and most comprehensive bit of help I've ever had relating to the dreaded SEO. I really appreciate it - many thanks again

  • 07-11-2021

    Sam G.

    You’re amazing — highly recommended!

  • 16-06-2021

    Abid Hussain

    Amazing service. Professional and outstanding company to deal with. Pete has great understanding with online requirements and core issue's. Spent hours on the telephone explaining and working on the website to bring it up-to-date. Noting but gratitude and respect to Netcentric. Highly recommend to any one through my experience they have gone above and beyond.

  • 15-05-2021


    Pete is the most professional and knowledgeable web developer I have experienced since 2016 as I have had many since. You won’t regret. I highly recommend him.

  • 05-10-2020

    Paul Mercer

  • 26-08-2020

    Susan Baynham-Evans

    Peter expertise is exactly what I needed . When I have ideas Pete makes them work. I could not run my website without him

  • 09-07-2020

    Emma Cunliffe

    Can't recommend him highly enough. He was extremely professional, laid out exactly what we needed to do and his role within that, setting expectations all round very clearly, and working within our budgetary constraints to set clear boundaries. He was extremely prompt and punctual in his responses and work. He was also extremely patient with his recommendations and explanations, which were clear and simple to follow. Excellent value for us as a charity. We're very grateful to him - he was a real pleasure to work with.

  • 05-06-2020

    Graham Smith

    knowledgeable and professional service designing and building a website for a local SME business.

  • 05-06-2020

    Keary Birch

    Very helpful staff who really understood the problem and dealt with it.

  • 05-06-2020

    Ali van Dam

    First rate! Knowledgeable, professional and creative. I would absolutely use Netcentrics again for future projects.

  • 05-06-2020

    Barbara Harris

    Amazing, professional service and speedy communications. Very impressed and highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2020

    JWComp Sol

    Netcentrics designed, implemented and have maintained our company website for many years.If you want a secure and reliable website I strongly recommend Netcentrics.

  • 21-12-2019

    Alison van Dam

    I can’t say enough good things about Netcentrics.co.uk - thorough, knowledgeable, dedicated and innovative. Highly recommended.

  • 05-12-2019

    Helen Rich

    Very pleased with my new e-commerce site from Netcentrics. Very professional, knowledgeable, and highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2019

    Mark Davies

    I have been using Netcentrics' SEO service and they have impressively managed to get over 250 of my keywords onto the first page of the search results. A very friendly and thoroughly professional service. Highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2018

    andrew cocchiara

    Many thank's Pete for all your advice and expertise over the years. A first class professional service and excellent value for money.

  • 15-03-2018

    Tim D

    Just saw that my site is now in 2nd place on the first page of Google. I’m not sure what you have done, nor do I understand it, but it worked! Many thanks!

  • 24-02-2018

    Paul G

    It is a pleasure dealing with a professional with a high degree of technical skill allied to a ‘can do’ positive attitude. Your ability to explain technical concepts in layman’s language is also a great advantage. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

  • 03-01-2018


    Excellent and professional work from beginning to end. Pete was open to ideas and able to make suggestions on how to develop my site.

  • 05-06-2017

    Ian A

    Fast, friendly, efficient service that exceeded the spec and made a complicated job hassle free for me. Five stars, would highly recommend and would happily employ again for all things web and internet based.

  • 05-06-2017

    Mo Rich

    A flourishing web designer, who is thorough and meticulous in everything he does. Will create a great looking unique and professional website particular to your needs.

  • 14-09-2016

    Ian A

    Pete is one of the most creative, reliable, competent and ingenious people it has ever been my very great pleasure to work with. There is no problem he can’t find an ingenious and unexpected way out of, and he has a work ethic you could bend horseshoes around. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his breadth and depth of knowledge and his total commitment to whichever project he is currently undertaking.

  • 31-05-2015

    Jayne H

    DogLost is the UK’s largest community of pet owners and rescuers. Other developers have struggled to meet our needs, but since Peter rebuilt our site and support systems we have gone from strength to strength, winning major awards including the 2013 Innovation Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We couldn’t have done that without him.

  • 19-11-2013


    Cody's Pet Deli is an online business that sells pet food & accessories. Approaching Pete to set up a new website was the best move I have made. We wanted a system that was easy to navigate and look good when customers shop online.Pete made the whole process simple and dealing with him was a great pleasure. He can't do enough to help and solve any problem that may arise. I would highly recommend Pete for his experience and knowledge and total dedication to see the project through to final conclusion.Steve H.