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Basic Static Websites

Simple Small Business Websites

No time to edit your site? Then you may need a basic static website. These simple web­sites are called “static” to dis­tin­guish them from “dynamic” web­sites that can be edited without coding.

Whilst pro­fes­sional design or affordable website packages are best for most startups and small busi­nesses, not everyone needs the flex­ib­ility they offer. Learning to use a Content Management System (CMS) just to get some basic inform­ation online can seem like a hassle, too.

So if your business doesn’t change much, and you aren’t relying on search engine traffic, you may prefer a static website.

Static vs Dynamic Websites — Why Choose Static Sites?

Customers and search engines prefer sites that are updated reg­u­larly. So editable dynamic sites let you do those updates in-house — if you have the time and inclin­ation. Many small business owners are just too busy for that.

If you’d like me to do the updates for you though, you won’t need a CMS, or training in how to use one. So static web­sites can be a little cheaper to set up. They also tend to be faster and more secure than dynamic sites, because there’s no complex server-side pro­cessing and no logins to protect.

What Can Basic Websites Do?

Static sites tend to be “bro­chure” web­sites, as they can’t easily support fre­quently-changing fea­tures like blogs or eco­m­merce. Even so, if built pro­fes­sionally, they can still adapt to mul­tiple screen sizes (aka “responsive web design”). So they can still present your offers and inform­ation effectively.

Even basic web­sites can support things like buttons, inter­active maps and videos. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Crucially, they can also support enquiry forms and let vis­itors download resources like PDFs. So basic sites can be great for gath­ering leads, too.

The Basic Static Site Package

The static sites I build all include:
  • Up to 5 pages1
  • Domain2
  • Basic Hosting (500MB)
  • SSL security
  • Lead Capture/Contact form
  • Mobile-friendly “responsive” design
  • Basic SEO features
  • Stock images
  • Social Media Marketing tools
  • Free support & small content edits3

1 Extra pages from £150
2 .com/.org/.co.uk (optional)
3 Up to 30 mins/mo.

Most basic web­sites have Home, About and Contact pages, plus one page for each of the main products or ser­vices on offer. So to keep things simple, I offer a basic package cov­ering up to five pages. If you need more — or fewer — pages, we can adjust that as needed.