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Basic Static Websites

Simple Small Business Websites

No time to edit your site? Looking for simple cheap website design for your small business? Then you may need a basic website. These simple web­sites are called “static” sites to dis­tin­guish them from “dynamic” web­sites that can be edited without coding.

Whilst pro­fes­sional design or affordable website packages are more flexible for most startups and small busi­nesses, not everyone needs the power and flex­ib­ility they offer. Learning to use a Content Management System (CMS) to get some basic website content online can seem like a hassle, too — even if its’ as simple as the one offered by my budget web design packages.

So if your business doesn’t change much, and you aren’t relying on search engines for website traffic, you may prefer a basic “static” website. Whilst not as flexible or powerful as my other solu­tions, I can offer basic web­sites from just £600.

Static vs Dynamic Websites — Why Choose Static Sites?

Customers and search engines prefer sites that are updated reg­u­larly. So editable dynamic sites let you do simple text and image changes in-house — if you have the time and inclin­ation. Many small business owners are just too busy for that.

If you’d like me to do those updates for you, your site won’t need a CMS. So static web­sites can be simpler, faster and more secure than dynamic sites, because there’s no complex server-side pro­cessing and no logins to protect.

What Can Basic Websites Do?

Static sites tend to be “bro­chure” web­sites, as they can’t easily support fre­quently-changing fea­tures like blogs or full eco­m­merce. Even so, if built pro­fes­sionally, they can still adapt to mul­tiple screen sizes (aka “responsive web design”). So they can still present your offers and inform­ation effectively.

Even basic web­sites can support things like buttons, inter­active maps and videos. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Crucially, they can also support enquiry forms and let vis­itors download resources like PDFs. So basic sites can help you gather leads, too.

The Basic Website Package

The static sites I build all include:
  • Up to 4 pages1
  • Domain2
  • Hosting from £60/mo.3
  • SSL security
  • Lead Capture/Contact form
  • Mobile-friendly “responsive” design
  • Basic SEO features
  • Basic legal com­pliance help
  • Stock images
  • Optional support & email from £15/mo.
  • Basic online payment options from £10/mo.

1 Extra pages from £150
2 .com/.org/.co.uk (optional)
3 12 months min. term

Most basic web­sites have Home, About and Contact pages, plus one page for each of the main products or ser­vices you offer. So to keep things simple, the basic package covers up to four inital pages. If you need more — or fewer — pages, we can adjust that as needed.

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