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One Page Websites

One page websites can be useful in several situations. However, they can also be unhelpful if used incorrectly. So it’s critical to understand their limitations, and to pick the right type of site for your business goals.

Small businesses and startups often seek one page web site design just to “tick the website box” cheaply. That’s understandable — but a single page of information cannot achieve what bigger sites do. That’s why most small firms invest in larger, but more cost-effective websites — and those are what you’re competing against.

So to be clear, one page websites rarely get many visitors from “organic” (unpaid) search results. That’s partly because their options for search engine optimisation (SEO) are limited. It’s also because people mostly search for answers, not products or companies — and search engines can’t interpret images well. So it takes a lot of good text content to actively attract visitors.

Still, a really good one page website can make offline advertising like signage, print media and vehicle livery look more professional, or be an effective landing page for paid ads. Of course, a shoddy one can have the reverse effects. So if you want a simple site to boost those tradiitonal channels, you’re in the right place.

Single Page Websites For Small Business

First impressions matter. If that first impression is that you haven’t bothered to invest in a professional web presence for your own business, you’ve already lost the sale.

That’s why truly effective single page websites look like multi-page sites at first glance. They have top menu links that scroll down instead of reloading the page. So they look like a full site until a visitor clicks on a menu link, making a professional first impression.

So I can offer this kind of one page website for just £60 per month, including:

  • Design and setup (with one round of changes before go-live, if needed)
  • A domain (.com or .co.uk)
  • A contact form
  • Links to your social media accounts, if you have those
  • SSL security
  • Unlimited email forwarding addresses to receive mail on your domain
  • An optional 500MB mailbox to let you send mail from your domain
  • The page content can be made editable for £150 & +£15/mo.

Whilst the sections can’t go into much depth, this kind of site can present your key offers, outline the main benefits of working with you and show an interactive map. It can also introduce your customer-facing staff, show off your best testimonials, provide relevant phone numbers and accept enquiries through a contact form.