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The Business Benefits of Social Media Management Services

social media marketing services

Did you know that social media offers tons of unique business oppor­tun­ities?

95 percent of young adults reported fol­lowing a brand on social media. That’s a lot of potential cus­tomers.

But as a business owner, you may not always have the time to reach them. That’s why it’s important to enlist the right help.

Here are some of the unique benefits of using social media man­agement ser­vices.

Social Media Management Services Can Help Your Brand Craft A Story

People have become increas­ingly res­istant to advert­ise­ments. Now, advert­isers are trying to switch up their strategies for a brand-centric approach.

Make no mistake, your audience cares about your product. They just don’t want to be talked at.

So talk to them instead, by letting a man­agement service craft your brand’s story.… Read the rest

Best Rated Website Designer? Thanks!

Best rated website designer in Newport

Well, that was a nice sur­prise. Seems I’ve just been listed as a best rated website designer in Newport and am now entitled to display the badge you see to the right.

It’s easy to be cynical about web awards. Most have strings attached or a price tag in the small print. So it’s refreshing to see that this one seems to be free, genuine com­pliment, based on testi­mo­nials from my lovely clients. It didn’t even ask me to link back to the award site in return — so of course, I’m happy to volunteer that.

Besides, I cer­tainly aim to provide the best web ser­vices I can. Many do, of course — but I do pick up a wor­rying amount of trade from those who haven’t bothered.… Read the rest

Top 3 Reasons To Get A Mobile App

get a mobile app

These days, con­sumers expect reliable busi­nesses to be available anytime, any­where — and on con­venient plat­forms. So, what’s the best way to achieve this for your client base? Get a mobile app!

With the simple touch of a screen, anyone will be able to view inform­ation about your business such as ser­vices offered, store hours, prices of goods, and physical loc­a­tions. You can also con­stantly update your content to keep cus­tomers informed and inter­ested.

Need more con­vincing? Read on to learn three reasons why you need to get a mobile app.

1. An App Will Grow Your Consumer Base

The numbers are in. In 2016, there were almost forty-four million smart­phone users in the United Kingdom alone. By 2022, it’s pro­jected that there could be close to fifty-four million!… Read the rest

5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Mar­keters have been pre­dicting it for years and now it’s been proven true: 2017 is the Year of Video. Stay at the cutting edge of these critical video mar­keting trends and pre­dic­tions for the end of the year and beyond.

Get started with video mar­keting now, so that you don’t get left behind as we head into 2018!

1. Online Video Spend Will Keep Increasing

Video Marketing trends

Average spending on ori­ginal digital video has skyrocketed in the past few years.

How much? Total video ad spend during the first half of 2016 grew 67 percent to ?474 million, according to the Inter­active Advert­ising Bureau UK.

Those findings signal two important video mar­keting trends:

  • The digital video space is becoming increas­ingly com­pet­itive, driving the push for pro­fes­sionally pro­duced video assets in order to stand out.
Read the rest

It’s All About Trust — Increasing Sales With SSL Security

SSL security trust mark

“Trust me.” That’s the most vital message any website can convey. Without trust, vis­itors just leave.

However, most folks expect to be trusted, even when they’re wary about trusting others. Whilst that’s fine for dealing with folks in person, web­sites need to plan to build trust. We do that by providing quality content, good service — and “trust marks” like testi­mo­nials, “About” pages, Privacy Policies and other reas­sur­ances.

Of course, search engines want to promote quality, trust­worthy sites, so many of these reas­sur­ances can be good for SEO, too. So online, trust doesn’t just enable sales — it act­ively increases sales.

…and Google just changed the game.

Google’s Great SSL Plan

So, as you may know, Google uses hun­dreds of signals to assess the quality and trust­wor­thiness of web­sites.… Read the rest

Anti-Malware Solutions — 5 Vital Elements

Anti-malware solutions

“Malware” covers a huge range of threats including viruses, spyware, ransomware and more. So, anti-malware solu­tions must defend on several fronts. Many include anti-spam and firewall solu­tions too, as these block common malware sources.

Some oper­ating systems are more secure than others, but nothing can be 100% secure. Malware is built to work around any pre­dictable default pro­tec­tions. So, whilst it’s worth keeping built-in anti-malware up to date, you’ll need more.

Essential Anti-Malware Components

So, what fea­tures should you look for in your anti-malware solution? Well, there are five that no system should be without.

1. Anti-Virus

The most obvious requirement is an effective, up-to-date anti-virus system. These mainly handle:

  • Viruses – which need human inter­action to spread
  • Worms – which self-rep­licate.
Read the rest

Password Security Made Simple

Password security

Password security is the first — and often weakest — line of defence against cyber-attacks. Unfor­tu­nately, pass­words are the cyber­se­curity measure we all love to hate.

Techies take a lot of flak for imple­menting password security, but we didn’t invent it. Call them pass­words, PINs, keys or whatever you like — they all work the same way: a pattern grants access to a restricted resource. As such, password security measures have existed throughout history and will be around in some form for a while yet.

That said, pass­words have never been as common as they are today — and cracking them was far harder without com­puters. These days, weak pass­words only create a false sense of security. So, we all need to know how to use pass­words effect­ively.… Read the rest

Cybersecurity Basics

Basic Cybersecurity

No-one can afford to ignore basic cyber­se­curity. With ransomware on the rise, it is more important than ever.

This will be the first in a series of art­icles about ways to keep the people and data you care about safe online. Among the things I plan to cover are:

  1. Why Bother With Cyber­se­curity? (this article)
  2. Password Security Made Simple
  3. Anti-Malware Solu­tions — 5 Vital Ele­ments
  4. Trust — Increasing Sales With SSL Security
  5. Can A VPN Improve Small Business Cyber­se­curity?

…and more. I may write a bit about Website Security too, though BestVPN’s Blogger’s Guide To Word­Press Security has already covered that well.

So, with that said, let’s deal with the first question that far too many people ask…

Why Bother With Cybersecurity?

Well, the obvious answer is, “Cyber­se­curity pro­tects the people and things we care about”.… Read the rest

NotPetya ransomware cyber-vaccine


Cyber­se­curity matters. As I type, the world is facing another major ransomware attack. This has been dubbed Not­Petya — because it’s like one called Petya, but not identical. As usual, it targets Windows machines. Still, a pos­sible “vaccine” has been found in the last hour. So this is just a very quick post to help pub­licise that ASAP.

The vaccine, from top security site Bleep­ing­Com­puter, involves cre­ating a read-only file in your C:\Windows dir­ectory. That’s easier said than done, as Windows pro­tects that folder. So the fol­lowing batch file can do it for you:


Altern­at­ively, this post explains how to apply the fix manually. Huge thanks to Word­Fence for high­lighting this in their excellent post here.

Ransomware Updates

March 2018: Ransomware isn’t always in the news, but the threat hasn’t gone away.… Read the rest

Do You Really Own Your Domain Name?

domain name registration

So, you bought a domain name — con­grat­u­la­tions! After all, you do own it now, right?

Actually, no. At least, not in the sense you may think. Pos­sibly not at all.

You see, a registrar licenses the domain to you, the “regis­trant”, for a limited time. So, domain regis­tration isn’t absolute own­ership. It’s close enough for most pur­poses, though.

So, a “whois” search on a site like Who.is should list your current email address as the regis­trant for your domain. If it does, you have nothing to worry about.

…but what if it doesn’t?

Keep Calm and Double-Check

Dif­ferent “whois” searches cover dif­ferent types of domain, so don’t worry if your domain doesn’t appear on the site above. Even if a domain is listed, it may use privacy ser­vices to hide the regis­trant contact details.… Read the rest