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Web design and developmentBecause no two websites are the same, web design and development prices vary widely. The needs and budgets of startups and established firms differ, too. So, I provide a wide range of web design & development solutions that includes:

Web Design

  • Basic websites – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for most websites. Most, but not all. A simple website may be enough if you don’t care about search positioning
  • Professional websites – if you want to actively advertise your business online, you’ll need an editable, expandable website. A full, professional website will help you to engage with your target audience
  • E-Commerce – the most direct way to make money out of your website
  • Landing Pages – serious digital marketing starts with driving traffic to an offer on a landing page. A standalone landing page or funnel focused on a single offer can convert better than a full website
  • Online Communities – people love to “belong”. So, subscriptions for access to valuable members-only content can build up into a decent recurring income
  • Special Sites (Fundraising, Event sites, Marketplaces etc.) – many less common web systems can be built from existing platforms and plugins. Some folks call that “web development” even if they haven’t got the skills to modify the code when needed. As a qualified programmer, I see anything short of custom coding as system design and configuration. It’s a minor point – unless you find you’ve hired a “web developer” who can’t actually develop.

Web Development

  • Bespoke Web Apps – modelling unique, specific business processes requires detailed analysis and bespoke coding.
  • Mobile Apps – your audience is mobile, so you need to be, too. Whilst I build responsive websites that adapt to mobile devices, apps offer improved speed and branding as well as unique features like QR codes, push notifications and geofenced advertising
  • Data-driven Desktop Apps – sometimes, it’s best to keep your database application offline

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