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Small Business Website Design Near Cardiff, South Wales

Are you a small business in Cardiff, Caerphilly or the Vale of Glamorgan? Or are you planning to start one? Then you need Cardiff web design!

It’s not just a case of getting online any more. Yes, that’s where your cus­tomers are — now more than ever. However, the era of “build it and they will come” ended over twenty years ago — and in recent years, the world has become even more com­pet­itive.

So busi­nesses in Cardiff and across South Wales need a proper business web presence. Not just a website that sits at the bottom of the search results looking pretty if anyone ever sees it. Amateur design may be good enough for per­sonal web­sites — but business web­sites need to compete. So you need a web site and strategy that pro­motes your business. That’s why I offer “Cardiff web design, SEO and more

Based in Newport, South Wales, I’m well placed to offer web design from Cardiff to Bristol and beyond. Whilst I can help com­panies from any region, I mostly focus on small busi­nesses across South Wales, from Swansea, across the Vale of Glamorgan, to Monmouthshire and the Southwest.

Since 2005, I’ve been helping SMEs, startups and char­ities across South Wales make the most of the web, with design, devel­opment, SEO, social media and other digital mar­keting ser­vices. The list of ser­vices I can offer is quite long, so I’ve bundled up a lot of the options into my highly flexible “SEO Plus” digital mar­keting plans.

Cardiff Web Design Services

Website Design & Web Development

If you just want a website, I’ll help you get the most out of one. As standard, the web­sites I build are user-friendly, mobile friendly (“responsive”), search engine friendly, with extra security built in. Whether you need a simple affordable website, or the bespoke web design and advanced fea­tures offered by pro­fes­sional web design, I can help!

Looking for an online shop, paid mem­bership site or some other form of eco­m­merce? I can help with those, too – and also offer bespoke web devel­opment (coding). So I can create custom web apps like bespoke forums and resource man­agement systems.

Safer Web Design Pricing & Planning

Small busi­nesses need cost-effective web design ser­vices, but often waste money on the wrong solution. That’s under­standable, because online mar­keting is quite tech­nical. So ama­teurs and unscru­pulous mar­keters spread a lot of hype. Still, that only increases the risks faced by small busi­nesses in Cardiff and South Wales. So you need pro­fes­sional, trust­worthy advice before you commit, so my web design pricing and planning process provides that.

Web Hosting & Domains

Your website needs a place to live, with a decent web address. It also needs to be secure. As online threats are con­stantly evolving, that needs regular work on your site, as well as the server, that most hosting com­panies don’t offer. I provide that essential main­tenance as standard, along with lots of other extra benefits in my “Hosting Plus” plans.

Small Business Website Maintenance & Support

Whilst editable CMS web­sites let you keep your web­site’s content fresh yourself, every small business website needs pro­fes­sional support. Why? Because everything evolves. Competitors compete. Marketing trends change. Even the tech­nology your website is built on change quite rapidly — and hackers’ tactics do, too.

In fact, most editable web­sites need several software updates a month just to keep them secure. Yet most small business web­sites don’t get them, because cheap web designers often dis­appear. So small busi­nesses — who often think they’re “too small” for hackers to care about — are actually a key target for cyber attacks.

That’s why I offer flexible main­tenance options to cover a wide range of situ­ations.

Small Business SEO & Digital Marketing In Wales

SEO Plus — Digital Marketing Plans

Effective SEO is a great way to build your business. However, it’s a long-term investment and what small busi­nesses often really need is a flexible, cost-effective digital mar­keting strategy. So that’s what my “SEO Plus” plans are. They’re built around solid small business SEO tech­niques as a default, but also cover other digital mar­keting tactics including press releases, infographics and video mar­keting.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels can be great sources of vis­itors for your website. Still, keeping them active is time-con­suming. It’s also easy to ali­enate audi­ences with too many ads. Posting other stuff doesn’t feel like mar­keting, but that’s the point. The trust-building, social small talk posts are what let your ads work. My Social Media Marketing (SMM) ser­vices can help to fill in the small talk, saving you hours of dis­trac­tions each week.

Content Writing & Video Marketing

Great content is what really attracts website vis­itors — espe­cially in video form. It’s often one of the hardest things to get right. So I provide copy writing, infographics and simple video cre­ation ser­vices. I can also offer video per­son­alised video ads that mention the viewer’s loc­ation and name for a huge engagement boost.

Welsh Websites

As I offer web design for Cardiff and South Wales, you may wonder if I can create web­sites in Welsh. Well, I can help you get a “.wales” or “.cymru” domain name, and build multi-lingual web­sites. However, despite being Welsh (and knowing quite a few com­puter lan­guages), I’m not a Welsh speaker. So whilst I can build you a website in Welsh — or most other lan­guages — you’d need to provide a version of the text in Welsh, or translate copy that I provide.

Do you need Cardiff web design, SEO or digital mar­keting?

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