domain name registrationSo, you bought a domain name — con­grat­u­la­tions! After all, you do own it now, right?

Actually, no. At least, not in the sense you may think. Possibly not at all.

You see, a registrar licenses the domain to you, the “regis­trant”, for a limited time. So, domain regis­tration isn’t absolute own­ership. It’s close enough for most pur­poses, though.

So, if a “whois” search on a site like lists your current email address as the regis­trant for your domain, you can be sure it’s licensed properly.

…but what if it doesn’t?

Keep Calm and Double-Check

Updates to privacy laws now mean that regis­trant details are often hidden from such searches. Also, dif­ferent “whois” searches cover dif­ferent types of domain. So don’t worry if your domain doesn’t appear on the site above.… Read the rest