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Cybersecurity matters. As I type, the world is in the grip of another major ransomware attack. This one has been dubbed NotPetya — because it’s not the one called Petya, but it is similar. As usual, it targets Windows machines. A potential vaccine has been found in the past hour (3:19 pm PST, about 11:19 pm BST). So, this is just a very quick post to help publicise that ASAP.

The vaccine, courtesy of the excellent security site BleepingComputer, is to create a read-only file in your C:\Windows directory. That’s easier said than done, as Windows (quite rightly) protects that folder. So, the following batch file should do it for you:


…and if not, this post in BleepingComputer explains how to do it manually. Huge thanks also to WordFence for highlighting this in their excellent post here.

Update 28th March 2018: The threat of ransomware isn’t always in the news, but it hasn’t gone away. If it concerns you — and it should — then check out another great post from PixelPrivacy for more ways to protect yourself from ransomware.