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Digital Marketing Cardiff / Newport / Bristol

Digital mar­keting drives traffic to your website and con­verts vis­itors into cus­tomers. Internet mar­keting tends to be far more cost-effective than tra­di­tional broadcast channels. That’s partly because online mar­keting systems provide huge amounts of rapid feedback and effective tar­geting tools. Stats-led mar­keting makes your offers more appe­align, and precise tar­geting reduces mar­keting spend wastage.

So, in addition to my flexible SEO Plus Plans, I offer a range of online mar­keting ser­vices including:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

“Word of mouth” advert­ising is now online. You need to engage with your cus­tomers through social media. Otherwise, your com­pet­itors will control the con­ver­sation. So I offer:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is how news­papers have made money for cen­turies. Good content attracts attention, and builds the interest and trust needed to gen­erate leads and close sales. Syndicated Press Releases, infographics and guest posts on other sites help to drive traffic. Still, we aren’t all word­smiths. Even basic spelling and gram­matical mis­takes can cost you sales. So let me help you with cost-effective, pro­fes­sional content.

Video Marketing

Since 2017, over half of all internet traffic has been video. So video mar­keting has become the new must-have mar­keting channel. YouTube is the second biggest search engine. So I offer a wide range of video mar­keting ser­vices. These include animated branding, short video ads and more.

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