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Digital Marketing Cardiff — Newport — Bristol

Digital mar­keting drives traffic to your website and con­verts vis­itors into cus­tomers. Internet mar­keting tends to be far more cost-effective than tra­di­tional broadcast channels. That’s partly because online mar­keting systems provide huge amounts of rapid feedback and effective tar­geting tools. Stats-led mar­keting makes your offers more appe­align, and precise tar­geting reduces mar­keting spend wastage.

So I offer a range of online mar­keting ser­vices including:

Small Business SEO Packages

  • SEO Plus Plans — These have evolved from SEO plans into flexible, cost-effective multi-strategy digital mar­keting plans designed to help UK SMEs get the most from limited mar­keting budgets. Even the best site will fail if no-one can find it. So, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for online success. Still, wouldn’t it be better to stay flexible? That’s what SEO Plus Plans are about. They’re based on strong SEO tactics by default, but let you switch to other digital mar­keting tactics when those might be more helpful.
  • Local SEO : Listing & Review Management — Want to rank for local searches like “dentists Cardiff”, “vets Newport” or “physios Bristol”? Then you need to focus on local SEO. For that, you need lots of good reviews and con­sistent dir­ectory listings. Managing those manually can be time-con­suming, though. So my “LocalCrowd” service makes that faster, safer and easier.

Just saw that my site is now in 2nd place on the first page of Google. I’m not sure what you have done, nor do I under­stand it, but it worked! Many thanks! — Tim D.
SEO: (5/5)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

“Word of mouth” advert­ising is now online. You need to engage with your cus­tomers through social media. Otherwise, your com­pet­itors will control the con­ver­sation. So I offer:

Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing — Good content attracts vis­itors and gen­erates leads. Syndicated Press Releases, infographics and guest posts on other sites help to drive traffic. Still, we aren’t all word­smiths. Even basic spelling and gram­matical mis­takes can cost you sales. So let me help you with cost-effective, pro­fes­sional content.
  • Video Marketing — Since 2017, over half of all internet traffic has been video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine. So I offer a wide range of video mar­keting ser­vices. These include animated and live-action branding, short video ads, per­son­alised video, inter­active videos and more. Don’t get left behind!

Other Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Reviews — Whether you’re already doing some digital mar­keting, or aren’t sure where to start, I can help.
  • Email Marketing — Email is still an effective mar­keting channel. Sadly, there are many tech­nical, legal and mar­keting pit­falls to trap the unwary. I can help you to avoid these and build prof­itable auto­mated email mar­keting funnels.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Have you got a website that you suspect isn’t per­forming as well as it could? These internet mar­keting ser­vices can help. Click on the links to learn more — or check out my site support or web design and devel­opment ser­vices.

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