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Advanced Content Marketing

Advanced content marketingWhilst blogging is the simplest form of content mar­keting, it’s also so popular that it’s hard to stand out. For that, you need to con­sider more advanced content mar­keting options like those below.

Many small busi­nesses overlook these options, assuming they’re too complex or expensive to achieve. They can be, if you go about them the wrong way. Yet that’s exactly why they’ll help you to stand out. So with a little help to do them the right way, they can be very effective,

Video Marketing

Why your business needs video marketing in 2019 [infographic]

An example infographic
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Video mar­keting is incredibly per­suasive and easier than ever. Marketing videos and anim­a­tions used to be too costly for many small firms, often running to four figures or more per minute. Now they don’t all have to cost that much.

Of course, that means video mar­keting is every­where. So I offer several special ser­vices to help your video ads stand out. Please check out my video mar­keting page for more details on these ser­vices, and my video demos page for some example showreels.

Infographic Design & Distribution

Infographics — inform­ation-rich charts and dia­grams like the example on this page — are among the most popular and widely-shared forms of content on the web. That’s because we remember 80% of what we see, but only 20% of what we read. Images aid com­mu­nic­ation, colours influence emo­tions, and emo­tions sell.

Everyone likes a pretty picture, but make it pretty and inform­ative and they’ll want to share and re-share it. Make sure your brand is on it, and link it back to your site if pos­sible — and that’s viral advert­ising.

Infographics can be great altern­atives to guest posts, too. Not only does this show your branding on other sites, but it ensures that you get a link back from popular page on a quality site.

Researching stats and cre­ating infographics with viral sharing potential takes a fair bit of time and skill. So, I can provide infographics from just £360 — including stats research.

Promoting your infographics on other sites also helps to get even more traffic. However, the “out­reach” involved with finding quality sites takes time, too. Many sites will want a short description or rel­evant article provided along with the infographic. So I can help with that infographic pro­motion from just £180.

Guest Posts

Providing quality content for other sites is a great way to drive traffic, as most are happy to link back in return.

Even estab­lished bloggers are often happy to accept extra content from “guest posters”. General news won’t be enough, though — guest posts need to be inter­esting art­icles, usually requiring a bit of research to deliver value to the site’s readers. Google dis­ap­proves of low-quality, spammy guest posts, but quality third-party content is as legit­imate as in-house writing.

However, back­links from low-quality sites can harm your search pos­i­tioning — whilst sites with more authority are more dis­cerning about the art­icles they accept. That means it takes a bit of work to find suitable sites to accept a given article. So, I offer one-off guest posting ser­vices — including dis­tri­bution — from just £180.

If you’d like regular, high-quality guest posts to build up your site’s authority, please check out my cost-effective, flexible SEO Plans.

Digital Press Releases

Got news? An innov­ative new product or service perhaps? Or maybe you’ve won an award? Congratulations! That’s a great excuse to grab some attention with a pro­fes­sionally-written press release dis­tributed to hun­dreds of estab­lished news web­sites! I offer syn­dicated, fully Done-For-You digital press releases from just £360.

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