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Digital Marketing Services List

Here’s a com­plete list of the digital mar­keting ser­vices that I can offer UK SMEs. It will take me a while to add pages for all of them, though. In the meantime, if any of the fol­lowing interest you, please contact me for more details.

In other words, when it comes to web design, devel­opment or digital mar­keting, the answer to, “Can you provide X…?” — is usually “Yes!”

How? Years of exper­ience, mostly. I have a very broad skill-set and use various best-of-breed systems to deliver results cost-effectively.

Still, your success is my success. So I only offer digital mar­keting ser­vices that I’d use myself.

What About Specialist Web Design & Digital Marketing?

I used to be a spe­cialist — but I grew out of it. Click To Tweet

No, really — when the web first appeared, I was a tech support spe­cialist. Then I mentored internet support spe­cialists. Then became a spe­cialist web designer & developer. I learned a lot in each of those fields, but you know what else I’ve learned?

Specialists are great when you need them, but that’s actually pretty rare. Most of the time their skills are under-used, but they’re usually also of limited use. That’s because they see everything from just one per­spective, have one skill to sell, and only one tool to apply to any problem. Unless they’ve also had plenty of exper­ience outside their spe­cialist field, that is. Broader exper­ience gen­erally makes someone more expert, or at least more capable.

So that “Jack of trades” saying that spe­cialists love to use to justify them­selves is actually a mis­quote. It was ori­ginally, “A jack of all trades, though master of none, is often better than a master of one.

So why don’t I spe­cialise? I did. Then I saw that building web­sites wasn’t about building web­sites. It’s about solving digital mar­keting problems. So you don’t need a web design spe­cialist, an SEO spe­cialist or a digital mar­keting spe­cialist. You need someone who under­stands all of these things, and is good at solving problems. That’s either a full team — which gets expensive fast — or someone with a lot of experience.

There aren’t many of the latter freel­ancing in web design and digital mar­keting. Even fewer make it their mission to help smaller busi­nesses. So I suppose I’m a spe­cialist in that.

My Web Design & Digital Marketing Skillset

In case you’re looking for a par­ticular tech­nical skill set or a pre­ferred platform, here’s a list of the more well-known ones that I use most often:

  • Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Back end: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (aka the “LAMP” stack)
  • Platforms: WordPress (including WooCommerce) and PrestaShop
  • Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and G Suite

That hardly scratches the surface, though. Over the years, I’ve also used many more spe­cialist tools, plat­forms, frame­works and resources. If I listed them all, explaining what they were would take ages. I’m also pretty adept at learning new systems, in any case.

Not sure what you need to succeed online? Let me help:

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