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Contactless Online Restaurant Menu

Restaurants, cafés and pubs have been hit espe­cially hard by COVID-19 lock­downs. Customers now need a lot more reas­surance that you run a safe place to eat. So here’s some spe­cific help for food venues.

Contactless Restaurant Menus

Promoting the safety of your venue is now critical. On top of all the usual hygiene standards, many cus­tomers now don’t want to have to touch menus that others have handled.

However, they have phones that could scan a “QR” code and display a con­tactless menu. If only you could set up such a system quickly and easily, you could:

  • Protect your cus­tomers, staff and reputation
  • Attract more cus­tomers by showing you care for their safety
  • Save on printing costs — no more reprinting when details change
  • Have one less thing to san­itise between orders
  • Reduce ordering delays due to menu-sharing at tables

This con­tactless menu system works on any phone that can scan QR codes. So there’s no need to develop costly, sep­arate apps for iPhone, Android and other plat­forms that your cus­tomers may be reluctant (or may not have space) to download.

Fast, Easy Online Restaurant Menu Editing

Just list your menu options (ideally with images of the dishes) on the system, Then print the QR code menu sheet to display it where cus­tomers can scan it with their phones. The system offers a few tem­plates for these sheets, or you can just download the QR code and use that wherever you like.

The menu editor is easy to use yet flexible. You’ll be able to easily update the menu when prices or other details change. You won’t need to reprint any­thing. So this new system can also save printing costs — or hours of editing printed menus by hand.

The costs are simple, too — just £210 setup plus £90 per quarter. If you’d prefer to do the initial setup yourself, use code “DIYMENU” at the checkout for a FREE setup.

Could a con­tactless menu help your restaurant?

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