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Digital Marketing Strategy Reviews

Web Strategy - Digital MarketingIs your website under­per­forming? Do you suspect it could do better? Are there gaps in your digital mar­keting strategy?

In fact, most web­sites stagnate through lack of man­agement. Those launched as “fire-and-forget” pro­jects are often for­gotten before any potential clients ever really notice them. The era of “build it and they will come” ended in the late ’90s.

Web­sites are now essential, but compete with mil­lions of others that are being act­ively managed. Search engines promote sites with up-to-date, high-quality content because that’s what searchers are looking for. So, keeping your website at peak per­formance now requires an active web strategy.

That’s fine if you know how all the pieces of the digital mar­keting strategy jigsaw fit together — but what if you don’t? How can you know what you don’t know?

That’s when you need expert advice.

I’ve been helping small firms benefit from digital mar­keting for over 15 years. Let me help you.

Have You Got Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital mar­keting strategy is a huge topic, ranging from SEO and social to paid ads and video. At its most basic though, there are four things you need to know:

  1. Where you are now — it’s easy to lose track, as this can grow beyond your own efforts, if done well
  2. What your goals are — both long-term and in the shorter term
  3. What con­straints you have — plans have to be real­istic, or else they’re just dreams
  4. Which strategies will best help you meet your goals, within your con­straints

So it’s best to start with a broad review of your current digital mar­keting profile. Spe­cialist tools can provide hun­dreds of data points to assess your business presence across the web. These include audits of your web­site’s SEO, company social media, reviews, business listings, video usage and more.

Once I have sum­marised the key points in an easy-to-read initial report, we can arrange a tele­phone con­sultation to review them. We’d then also discuss your goals and con­straints, to identify which strategies could best help you build your business.

That may be as simple as setting up some systems to give you more useful stats to work with going forward, or you may be inspired to expand your mar­keting into areas you may not have con­sidered before. Dif­ferent audi­ences focus on dif­ferent mar­keting channels, so using the right channels for your target market is critical.

Next Steps

You can then decide whether or not to implement the sug­gested strategies, or to examine some of them in more detail. At the very least though, you’ll know what you didn’t know, and even that’s better than being in the dark.

Clearly, the report and con­sultation cover quite a lot, so they can provide a lot of value. Smarter mar­keting is more cost-effective mar­keting — and that leads to better profits.

Still, my goal is to help smaller UK busi­nesses benefit from smarter digital mar­keting — and being better informed is just a starting-point. So I offer this initial review and con­sultation for just £250.

Want more from your digital mar­keting strategy?

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