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Anniversary Flash Sale

Happy Birthday to me — Netcentrics.co.uk just entered its 14th year of trading! So, call me crazy, but I’ve just decided to celebrate with a 14-day flash sale!

Here’s the deal: order any of the digital marketing services listed in the “Grow” section of my site by August 15th 2018 and you’ll get 10% off. Even better — for monthly services, I’ll lock in that 10% discount for the next six months!

Don’t miss out, though — orders must be finalised by 11:59pm on August 15th for the discount to apply!

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Want more info? Here’s a summary of the main services included, with some quick reference links:

SEO Plans

These bespoke SEO Plans were designed to give small businesses cost-effective search engine promotion options and the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs each month:

  • Budget Plan: normally £150/month, now just £135/month
  • Standard Plan: normally £350/month, now just £315/month
  • Pro Plan: normally £600/month, now just £540/month
  • Elite Plan: normally £1000/month, now just £900/month

Social Media Marketing

My Social Media Marketing plans (managed through a special, multi-channel social dashboard) provide regular content in your social feeds to keep your audience growing, whilst you get on with running your business. They include lots of resources to help you make the most of social media for your business.

The Managed Social Media plans are cost-effective time-savers for the most popular business channels (Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn). The Advanced and Done-For-You Social Media Campaigns provide content for up to six major channels — and much more! The Done-For-You option is like having a whole team of social media experts working for you, at a fraction of the price.

  • Managed Social Media (1 Channel): normally £150/month, now just £135/month
  • Managed Social Media (2 Channels): normally £225/month, now just £202.50/month
  • Managed Social Media (3 Channels): normally £300/month, now just £270/month
  • Advanced Social Media: normally £1200/month, now just £1080/month
  • Done-For-You Social Media (1 Channel): normally £3600/month, now just £3240/month

Video Marketing

If you aren’t using video marketing yet, you need to be — and if you are, you need it to stand out. Trouble is, professional video ads often cost thousands. And personalised ads? Audiences find them extremely compelling, but until now, only the biggest firms could afford them. Advanced tech and streamlined processes let me solve these problems for small business budgets — and now they’re even more cost-effective!

  • Video Branding Elements: normally £150, now just £135
  • Short Video Ads: normally £320 (or £300/month), now just £288, or £270/month
  • Explainer Videos: normally £640, now just £576
  • Personalised Video: normally £500/month, now just £450/month

Press Releases

Professionally-written press releases, syndicated to hundreds of established news websites, can be a great way to boost your branding and site traffic. A simple, yet effective done-for-you service – you just provide the news! Got events coming up in the next six months? Pre-order your press releases now to lock in the discount!

  • Press Release: normally £160, now just £144

Mobile Apps

Okay, now I know I’m going crazy — but these apps are listed under my “Grow” menu, so here you go. Native mobile apps offer several advantages even if you already have a mobile-friendly website, like location-sensitive deals, loyalty schemes, text marketing and mobile bookings.

So why doesn’t everyone have an app? Well, because they usually cost at least £5,000 to £10,000 per platform (and often 10x that, or more) — and  you need separate versions for the Android and iPhone platforms. That gets expensive, fast!

However, most small businesses have similar needs when it comes to mobile marketing. So again, advanced tech and streamlined processes let me offer native mobile apps for both these main platforms at a fraction of the normal price. Interested? You can check out a demo app here.

  • Native Mobile Apps for Business: normally £1400 setup then £90/month, now just £1260 setup and £81/month
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