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get a mobile appThese days, consumers expect reliable businesses to be available anytime, anywhere – and on convenient platforms. So, what’s the best way to achieve this for your client base? Get a mobile app!

With the simple touch of a screen, anyone will be able to view information about your business such as services offered, store hours, prices of goods, and physical locations. You can also constantly update your content to keep customers informed and interested.

Need more convincing? Read on to learn three reasons why you need to get a mobile app.

1. An App Will Grow Your Consumer Base

The numbers are in. In 2016, there were almost forty-four million smartphone users in the United Kingdom alone. By 2022, it’s projected that there could be close to fifty-four million!

Smartphones are popular because they make information, entertainment and task completion easily accessible for consumers. Don’t miss out on this huge market by rendering yourself virtually unavailable to smartphone users. The more smartphone-friendly you can make your business, the more your customer base will grow.

2. Mobile Apps Target Convenience

Many people may overlook a business because it’s not easy to access or view their information from a smartphone.

Even if you’ve already hired a web designer or developer to create your website, these sites are often difficult or impossible to properly view from a smartphone’s browser. This can create a major problem for those who are trying to learn more about you and what you offer.

Imagine searching on your phone for hair salons in your area. You click on a result to check out their prices, but their website’s formatting is hard to read. What do you do?

Move onto the next one.

Using mobile app development services removes this issue entirely. With a well-made app, you’ll avoid the frustration of prospective customers who are unable to view your info online.

3. Reach Your Customers 24/7 (Even Offline)

The beauty of working with mobile app development services is that many of them can create apps that are available offline. This way, your customer base can find information about your services any time.

Another great way to make yourself available to your consumer base is by linking GPS navigation to your mobile app. Clients will be able to navigate to your business’ location without even having to exit.

Also, be sure to have your contact information available in-app. If a customer has a question, they should be able to reach your business’ phone number and email address without any hassle.

It’s That Easy!

With a mobile app, your business will be available at the fingertips of millions.

And with this new exposure, you’ll see your customer base grow and grow. Just be sure to keep your app simple, attractive, and offer as many useful services as possible.