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get a mobile appThese days, con­sumers expect reli­able busi­nesses to be avail­able any­time, any­where — and on con­veni­ent plat­forms. So, what’s the best way to achieve this for your cli­ent base? Get a mobile app!

With the simple touch of a screen, any­one will be able to view inform­a­tion about your busi­ness such as ser­vices offered, store hours, prices of goods, and phys­ic­al loc­a­tions. You can also con­stantly update your con­tent to keep cus­tom­ers informed and inter­ested.

Need more con­vin­cing? Read on to learn three reas­ons why you need to get a mobile app.

1. An App Will Grow Your Consumer Base

The num­bers are in. In 2016, there were almost forty-four mil­lion smart­phone users in the United King­dom alone. By 2022, it’s pro­jec­ted that there could be close to fifty-four mil­lion!

Smart­phones are pop­u­lar because they make inform­a­tion, enter­tain­ment and task com­ple­tion eas­ily access­ible for con­sumers. Don’t miss out on this huge mar­ket by ren­der­ing your­self vir­tu­ally unavail­able to smart­phone users. The more smart­phone-friendly you can make your busi­ness, the more your cus­tom­er base will grow.

2. Mobile Apps Target Convenience

Many people may over­look a busi­ness because it’s not easy to access or view their inform­a­tion from a smart­phone.

Even if you’ve already hired a web design­er or developer to cre­ate your web­site, these sites are often dif­fi­cult or impossible to prop­erly view from a smartphone’s browser. This can cre­ate a major prob­lem for those who are try­ing to learn more about you and what you offer.

Ima­gine search­ing on your phone for hair salons in your area. You click on a res­ult to check out their prices, but their website’s format­ting is hard to read. What do you do?

Move onto the next one.

Using mobile app devel­op­ment ser­vices removes this issue entirely. With a well-made app, you’ll avoid the frus­tra­tion of pro­spect­ive cus­tom­ers who are unable to view your info online.

3. Reach Your Customers 24/7 (Even Offline)

The beauty of work­ing with mobile app devel­op­ment ser­vices is that many of them can cre­ate apps that are avail­able off­line. This way, your cus­tom­er base can find inform­a­tion about your ser­vices any time.

Anoth­er great way to make your­self avail­able to your con­sumer base is by link­ing GPS nav­ig­a­tion to your mobile app. Cli­ents will be able to nav­ig­ate to your busi­ness’ loc­a­tion without even hav­ing to exit.

Also, be sure to have your con­tact inform­a­tion avail­able in-app. If a cus­tom­er has a ques­tion, they should be able to reach your busi­ness’ phone num­ber and email address without any hassle.

It’s That Easy!

With a mobile app, your busi­ness will be avail­able at the fin­ger­tips of mil­lions.

And with this new expos­ure, you’ll see your cus­tom­er base grow and grow. Just be sure to keep your app simple, attract­ive, and offer as many use­ful ser­vices as pos­sible.