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Mar­keters have been pre­dict­ing it for years and now it’s been proven true: 2017 is the Year of Video. Stay at the cut­ting edge of these crit­ic­al video mar­ket­ing trends and pre­dic­tions for the end of the year and bey­ond.

Get star­ted with video mar­ket­ing now, so that you don’t get left behind as we head into 2018!

1. Online Video Spend Will Keep Increasing

Video Marketing trendsAver­age spend­ing on ori­gin­al digit­al video has skyrock­eted in the past few years.

How much? Total video ad spend dur­ing the first half of 2016 grew 67 per­cent to ?474 mil­lion, accord­ing to the Inter­act­ive Advert­ising Bur­eau UK.

Those find­ings sig­nal two import­ant video mar­ket­ing trends:

  • The digit­al video space is becom­ing increas­ingly com­pet­it­ive, driv­ing the push for pro­fes­sion­ally pro­duced video assets in order to stand out.
  • Brands are see­ing a good return on invest­ment for put­ting ser­i­ous money into advert­ising in the digit­al space.

There’s little reas­on to think that this train is going to slow down any­time soon.

2. Facebook Video Will Continue to Increase in Prominence

With this increase in video advert­ising, mar­keters can’t ignore Face­book video.

You­Tube is still a power­house, but Face­book has put ser­i­ous work into mak­ing video an attract­ive chan­nel for con­sumers and advert­isers alike.

Its acquis­i­tion of Ins­tagram only enhances this. And the com­pany has also tweaked their algorithm to encour­age hungry mar­keters to upload videos on their plat­form. Face­book videos uploaded nat­ively to the plat­form are see­ing 10 times high­er reach than You­Tube links, research shows.

Clearly, mar­keters will con­tin­ue to flock to Face­book video for as long as Zuck­er­berg con­tin­ues to sweeten the pot.

3. Websites Will Focus More on Video

Whilst Face­book, You­Tube, Ins­tagram, and Snapchat cur­rently dom­in­ate the video space, major media groups like Vox are also mov­ing towards heav­ier video integ­ra­tion.

The push for more “respons­ive” web­site design came through a few years ago, encour­aging fast-load­ing sites that looked good on sim­ul­tan­eously mobile, tab­let, and desktop. Expect com­pan­ies and web design­ers to do the same to make web­sites more video-friendly.

It’s just good busi­ness. Video host Wis­tia found that users spend 2.6 times longer on web pages with video than on those without.

4. Video Marketing Trends Will Drive Overall Marketing Strategies

Cap­it­al­iz­ing on these video mar­ket­ing trends will require mar­ket­ing teams to con­sider their strategies with video in mind.

Many con­sumers say they’d like to see more video con­tent from mar­keters. This means small busi­nesses will need more video-savvy mar­keters through 2017 and bey­ond.”

5. Live Video Will Take Centre Stage

Face­book Live. Ins­tagram Live. Peri­scope.

Live stream­ing is one of the premi­er video mar­ket­ing trends now and for good reas­on: Face­book users now watch live for three times longer than non-live videos. That level of stick­i­ness is hard to ignore.

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