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Fix Your Directory Listings With LocalCrowd

Problems with your dir­ectory listings? Are some missing? Or listing incorrect data? Loc­al­Crowd can help! Fix listings, gather reviews effi­ciently, track your search rankings and more — all for just £97 per month*.

* 3 month minimum con­tract (then monthly), subject to my Terms.

What is LocalCrowd?

Local SEO review management dashboardLoc­al­Crowd is a citation and review man­agement tool that helps you control your online repu­tation.

Would you like an easy way to gather reviews? One that could auto­mat­ically send reminders when needed and alert you to any new reviews posted?

How about an easy way to keep your business details updated across dozens of dir­ect­ories? Or to monitor how many times your profile had been seen on those sites? Or just to track your site’s rankings for key local search terms?

These are just a few of the ways Loc­al­Crowd can help. It’s like crowd­sourcing your own success!

How LocalCrowd Works

 Loc­al­Crowd gives you the tools you need to dom­inate your local market:

Review Management

  • Track reviews on mul­tiple sites
  • Reply to all your reviews from one dash­board
  • Get more pos­itive reviews
  • Manage unfair reviews
  • Easily add your top reviews to your site

Citation Management

  • Get listed quickly on lots of major dir­ect­ories
  • Syn­chronise your business profile edits to keep listings con­sistent
  • Avoid con­fusing duplicate listings

Local SEO Analytics

  • Measure profile views and other key local engagement metrics
  • Track your local search rankings
  • Monitor the repu­tation of your local business

Bonus 1: Google My Business Management

Did you know that Google lets you post pro­mo­tional updates dir­ectly to your Google My Business (“GMB”) page? It can be a great way to connect with cus­tomers who search for your business name on Google — which many do just prior to a sale.

The catch? Google only dis­plays these updates for a week.

The solution? Loc­al­Crowd — which now lets you schedule GMB posts and auto­mat­ically re-post them when they expire.

Bonus 2: SEO Plus Plans Combo

Loc­al­Crowd works even better when com­bined with my uniquely flexible “SEO Plus Plans”. Those, in turn, combine powerful SEO tech­niques with a far wider range of optional digital mar­keting tactics. So any of these packages offers huge value as-is.

Still, I’ve long been on a mission to help smaller UK busi­nesses benefit from cost-effective digital mar­keting. So you’ll get Loc­al­Crowd for just £75 per month if you combine it with any of my SEO Plus Plans.

Boost sales & local SEO with better reviews & citations

…and all for just £97 per month*.

* 3 month minimum con­tract (then monthly), subject to my Terms.

FAQs for LocalCrowd Review Management

How can review management help my business?

Good citation and review man­agement boosts organic (unpaid) search pos­i­tioning for local and general search terms. It can also get your business fea­tured in the “map pack” above other organic search results. Why should that matter, though?

Well, almost all con­sumers now search for new local busi­nesses online. In fact, local search terms account for 46% of all searches on Google. Also, 16% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within 24 hours. So local search per­formance can make or break a small business.

Voice search is growing rapidly, too — with cus­tomers notably checking details like shop opening hours. Where do voice search bots like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant find that inform­ation? On dir­ect­ories, review sites and other business pro­filing systems like Google My Business.

Online mar­keting moves fast. As cus­tomer beha­viour changes, search engines respond. So you can’t afford to fall behind.

How can I handle unfair feedback?

All busi­nesses get neg­ative feedback at times — and that can be valuable. After all, con­structive cri­ticism is how we learn and grow. Still, sending cus­tomers to review sites risks com­plaints going public before they can be addressed privately.

Until you have lots of pos­itive reviews, even one or two poor ones can have a big impact. So that risk puts many small firms off even starting to gather reviews. Loc­al­Crowd can help you to address cus­tomers’ con­cerns before they go public. That helps you to improve your service, as well as your online repu­tation.

Loc­al­Crowd can help you manage reviews across a large range of sites, which each with their own policies for accepting reviews. Some, including Google, forbid this fil­tering of reviews, requiring you to reply to unfair reviews instead. So Loc­al­Crowd lets you turn review fil­tering on or off as you require. It also lets you respond to reviews from mul­tiple plat­forms through a single dash­board.

In any case, you are solely responsible for ensuring your review man­agement pro­cesses comply with the policies of the plat­forms you use.

How does LocalCrowd help me get reviews?

Loc­al­Crowd provides editable tem­plates for requesting reviews, with optional pre-screening of ratings as noted above. You can add links to any site that provides a suitable review URL, and schedule follow-up mes­sages for clients who don’t respond promptly.

These review requests are nor­mally sent through a special email platform to max­imise deliv­er­ab­ility. You can also add clients’ phone numbers to send the requests by SMS. Text mes­sages benefit from a much higher open rate than email, though extra charges may apply.

Why aren’t all my listings identical?

The content and formatting of listings are con­trolled by third-party sites. Over time, updates to those sites and acci­dental duplicate listings can create incon­sist­encies. Loc­al­Crowd can help you to find and correct these errors, within the limits imposed by the third-party plat­forms.


Please contact me with any further ques­tions — or check out my blog post on Mas­tering Local SEO for more details. Oth­erwise, don’t give your com­pet­itors a head start — get Loc­al­Crowd on your side today!