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Digital marketing drives traffic to your website and converts visitors into customers. Your success is my success, so I offer a range of online marketing services including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – even the best site will fail if no-one can find it. So, high visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (“SERPs”) has become vital for online success. SEO is the ongoing competition to rank well in search engines. I offer cost-effective SEO Plans for both local SEO and national SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – no business can afford to ignore the modern “word of mouth” advertising.  If you don’t engage with your customers’ conversation through social media, your competitors will control it
  • Content Marketing – good content attracts visitors and generates leads. Syndicated Press Releases, infographics and guest posts on others’ sites help to drive traffic. Still, we aren’t all born wordsmiths, and even basic spelling and grammatical mistakes can cost you sales. Let me help with cost-effective, professional content
  • Email Marketing – email is still by far the most effective marketing channel. Sadly, there are many technical, legal and marketing pitfalls to trap the unwary. I can help you to avoid these problems and build profitable automated email marketing funnels
  • Video Marketing (NEW!) – as of 2017, over half the traffic on the internet is video, and YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Don’t get left behind! I now offer a wide range of video marketing services including animated and live-action branding, viewer-personalised video, in-video e-commerce, animated explainer videos, transcription (subtitling) and unbranded video hosting
  • Web Strategy Reviews – most websites could perform better than they do. This is because achieving maximum website performance takes a wide range of skills that many inexperienced web designers lack. So, I provide a suite of reviews that each focus on different performance metrics to help you plan improvements to your site

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