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Well, that was a nice sur­prise. Seems I’ve been listed as a best rated website designer in Newport again.

Award-Winning Web Services

It’s easy to be cynical about web awards. They cer­tainly help with mar­keting, so many designers chase them. Yet most have strings attached, or a price tag in the small print.

So it’s refreshing to see that this one seems to be a free, genuine com­pliment, based on testi­mo­nials from my lovely clients and a 50-point inspection. It didn’t even ask me to link back to the award site in return — so of course, I’m happy to volunteer that.

Besides, I cer­tainly aim to provide the best web ser­vices pos­sible. Most designers do, of course — but I still pick up a wor­rying amount of trade from those who haven’t bothered. Whilst those are mostly newbies and ama­teurs, some estab­lished firms only aim to sell web­sites, rather than helping their clients succeed.

For instance, DIY ser­vices often won’t let you transfer any­thing you put into their system back out. That’s under­standable if they tell you up-front — oth­erwise their design copy­rights would be at risk. It’s less reas­onable when an estab­lished firm denies access to your business data because they think they own it.

Yes, that’s the sort of thing I’ve had to fix occa­sionally. Crazy, isn’t it?

Of course, that was a business problem, not a design or techie one. So many web designers would have decided it wasn’t their problem and refused to help. Still, if I did that, I wouldn’t get testi­mo­nials like the one below, would I?

Pete is the most pro­fes­sional and know­ledgeable web developer I have exper­i­enced since 2016 as I have had many since. You won’t regret. I highly recommend him. — Sakine O. Bespoke Web Development: (5/5)

Update — Consistency Counts

This post was ori­ginally pub­lished in 2017. Apparently, I’ve made the cut each year since:

Best rated web design Newport 2020
Award winning website designer Newport 2019
est rated website design Newport 2018
Best rated Newport web design
Thanks, then, to ThreeBestRated.co.uk for the recog­nition — and for helping clients find and identify those of us who put the extra effort in. This sort of win-win approach is what makes the web such a special place.