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Best rated website designer in NewportWell, that was a nice surprise. Seems I’ve just been listed as a best rated website designer in Newport and am now entitled to display the badge you see to the right.

It’s easy to be cynical about web awards. Most have strings attached or a price tag in the small print. So it’s refreshing to see that this one seems to be free, genuine compliment, based on testimonials from my lovely clients. It didn’t even ask me to link back to the award site in return — so of course, I’m happy to volunteer that.

Besides, I certainly aim to provide the best web services I can. Many do, of course — but I do pick up a worrying amount of trade from those who haven’t bothered. Mostly newbies and amateurs, but also those who just sell websites instead of seeking to help their clients succeed.

For instance, DIY services often won’t let you transfer anything you put into their system back out. That’s fine if they tell you up-front and their design copyrights would be at risk otherwise. It’s less reasonable when an established firm denies access to your business data because they think they own it. Yes, that’s the sort of thing I’ve had to fix occasionally. Crazy, isn’t it?

Of course, I could have just given up, there — it was a business problem, not a design or techie one. Many web designers would have done so. However, my goal is to help you succeed, not just to sell websites. Besides, if I gave up at that sort of thing, I wouldn’t get such good ratings, would I?

Thanks, then, to ThreeBestRated.co.uk for the recognition — and for helping clients find and identify those of us who put the extra effort in. This sort of win-win approach is what makes the web such a special place.