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Small Business Week Winter Offer 2019December — ’tis the season of goodwill… and dis­trac­tions. We’ve just had Black Friday, today is Cyber Monday, and in the UK, next Sat­urday is Small Business Sat­urday. This Small Business Week is great for retail.

Still, the holiday season can be tough on small service busi­nesses. Dis­trac­tions delay decisions, and sales often slow down long before the Christmas week.

So that should make it an ideal time to plan mar­keting strategies for the New Year, right? After all, you don’t want a slow start in January 2020, too.

Here in the UK though, many small busi­nesses have told me this year’s extra December dis­trac­tions aren’t helping. Uncer­tainty feels like it increases risk, even when it doesn’t actually do so. Trouble is, the tempting response of delaying mar­keting often does increase risk.

Mar­keting drives sales, so delaying it can easily cost you more in missed sales than you “save” in the short term. So here’s an incentive to stay focused and carry on building your business from now until it’s actually Christmas week. At the risk of invoking the spirits of sitcoms past, I call it:

Carry On Christmas

This is a staged dis­count, starting at 45% off in the first full week of December, reducing by 15%  per week until Sunday, 22nd December. It applies to all full website design, redesign and web devel­opment bookings for December or January that are con­firmed (with the rel­evant deposit) in those first three weeks of December.

This offer is limited by my avail­ab­ility, as there are only so many pro­jects I can take on in two months. Larger pro­jects can extend to three months or more, but the dis­count will still apply as long as they start before Feb­ruary.

Getting started is easier than you may think. You don’t need to plan the whole project — it’s my job to walk you through that. Just let me know what your goals are using my “get a website quote” form.

I’ll respond with a quote for the work (pos­sibly after a few cla­ri­fying ques­tions). If you like that, I’ll ask for a deposit to book it in. If you then want to take a break until January, just say so, and enjoy Christmas knowing you’ve com­mitted to pos­itive action in the New Year.

Already got a website?

Great — and if your site is already bringing in plenty of leads without any extra pro­motion, con­grat­u­la­tions!

Oth­erwise, now’s the ideal time to start one of my “SEO Plus” flexible digital mar­keting plans. You’ll get a 15% dis­count for signing up this week, reducing by 5% per week. The dis­count you sign up at will be locked in for the dur­ation of your plan. So if you sign up this week, you’ll get 15% off every month that you stay on the plan.

Whilst SEO isn’t a quick-fix, these flexible plans offer far more than just SEO. Some of those options — notably Press Releases and help with Facebook ads — offer faster results than SEO. The bigger the plan, the more options you get.

Act now! Price goes up in:








Happy Small Business Week!

I hope these offers help you to carry on building your business through the dis­trac­tions of early December. That way, you can enjoy the Holiday Season properly, secure in the know­ledge that you’re lined up for a pros­perous New Year!

Ques­tions? Get in touch!