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Affordable Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content mar­keting builds trust and attracts vis­itors by offering valuable content that enter­tains, inspires or edu­cates them. People buy from those they know, like and trust. So content mar­keting increases sales.

Online, SEO makes content mar­keting even more powerful. Compared to less active sites, those that post new content reg­u­larly tend to get:

  • Twice as many backlinks
  • Twice as many sales leads
  • More social followers
  • Better search rankings

People rarely link to product and service pages, or to old content. So, it’s vital to add inter­esting and link-worthy art­icles reg­u­larly — whether on a blog, a news page, or as stan­dalone pages.

Search engines prefer web pages with at least 300 words of text content and an image. Longer art­icles (1000+ words) and larger sites tend to do better in search.

Put simply: reg­u­larly pub­lishing inter­esting, valuable, well-written content boosts sales.

Small Business Content Marketing

Big busi­nesses obvi­ously create a lot of content. Media moguls have built huge for­tunes from content mar­keting. They under­stand that you can’t even hope to make sales unti you’ve earned the attention and trust of your target audience.

That’s even more critical for small busi­nesses. It won’t matter how good your products or ser­vices are if your target audience has never heard of you. Waiting for folks to search for them won’t help much, either — by the time they know what they need, you’ll be com­peting with brands they have heard of. Brands that are already pub­lishing content that demon­strates their expertise online.

Despite that, many sole traders and other small business owners still overlook content mar­keting. Why?

Done-For-You Copywriting & Blogging

Well, we’re not all word­smiths, and it’s hard to find time, isn’t it? Even if you have plenty of ideas, researching, drafting, pol­ishing and illus­trating an article can easily take a day or more. Your “free” time isn’t really free, espe­cially when you’re trying to run a business. So what would a day of your time be worth?

Quite a bit, probably. After all, time is the only resource you can never buy back. That’s why the average UK copy­writer charges over £400 a day. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to get it for less?

That’s where done-for-you content mar­keting ser­vices can help. By stream­lining pro­cesses, I can offer cost-effective blog art­icles from just:

  • £75 for 500 words (approx.)
  • £100 for 750 words (approx.)
  • £125 for 1000 words (approx.)
  • £175 for 1500 words (approx.)
  • £225 for 2000 words (approx.)
  • £275 for 2500 words (approx.)

(+£50 for 4+ rated pro­fes­sional writers, +£25 per full 500 words for SEO optimisation)

This content can either be provided for download, or posted straight to your blog. Naturally, we’d need to chat about your target audience, goals and ideas first, so if you’d like a hand with building up your site content, please get in touch.

Advanced Content Marketing

Blogging isn’t the only form of content mar­keting, though. Far from it — it’s just the easiest way to get started. If you want to stand out a bit more, you may want to consider:

I can help with these and more. So if you already know how powerful content mar­keting can be, and want to make it work even harder for you, check out those links!

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