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Hosting PLUS Packages

Business web­sites need more than just hosting and a domain to stay secure and trust­worthy. Among other things, they need regular security updates, SSL cer­ti­ficate renewals and backups. Most hosting packages don’t include those vital extras. My “Hosting PLUS” packages do.

Business sites usually need ongoing support too — often more than you may expect (here’s why). Still, that’s more variable. So the larger plans cur­rently include heavily dis­counted support to help small firms in the UK with the chal­lenges of COVID and Brexit. Please pick the level you need:


(Secure, managed hosting for small bro­chure sites)

  • Domain1
  • Managed software updates2
  • SSL security
  • 500 MB storage3
  • 10 GB/month bandwidth
  • Monthly backups
  • PAYG email support only
1 .com/.org/.co.uk (optional)
2 Vital to keep your site secure!
3 +£10/mo. per extra 500 MB or part
Bronze Hosting PLUS 
£60.00/month until can­celled


(Best for mar­keting sites & small ecommerce)

As “Bronze”, PLUS:

  • FREE Support: up to 30 mins/mo.
  • 20% OFF any extra support
  • Email or phone support (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)1
  • CDN (boost speed, security, SEO)
  • 2 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups
  • UK hosting
  • Email: 500 MB mailbox2
1 Subject to availability
2 +£5/mo. per extra 500 MB mailbox
£120.00/month until cancelled
Silver Hosting PLUS 
£90.00/month until can­celled


(Best for larger e‑commerce)

As “Silver”, PLUS:

  • Anti-hack guar­antee1
  • FREE Support: up to 1 hour/mo.
  • Fast SSD server
  • 5 GB storage2
  • Email: 1GB mailbox3
  • 100% Green energy powered
1 Up to 1 day of free site fixes if hacked
2 +£10/mo. per extra 1 GB or part
3 +£10/mo. per extra 1 GB mailbox
£180.00/month until cancelled
Gold Hosting PLUS 
£120.00/month until can­celled

Why Websites Need Maintenance

The web changes fast. Search engines change algorithms. Web tech­no­logies evolve. So do market trends, prices, products, and your competition.

Hackers also keep finding new ways to attack your site and its vis­itors — often invisibly. So many sites unknow­ingly spread malware. No site is too small to be a target. If it gets vis­itors, it can be used to spread malware. That’s bad for your cus­tomers and your business.

Left unchecked, such external factors can break any site. Site per­formance also dir­ectly affects SEO. So regular website main­tenance is business-critical.

Why Websites Need Support

Still, real support goes beyond website edits and fixes. Your com­pet­itors act­ively manage and promote their web­sites. So you’ll have to do that, too.

Here’s the catch: there’s lots of out­dated, inex­per­i­enced and even plain fake “advice” to filter through. So many small business web­sites fail without proper support. Having an exper­i­enced advisor on hand can help you to make more money.

Over time, pro­fes­sionals accu­mulate skills, tools and resources that can help with your mar­keting. You’d find many of these costly or even impossible to access on an occa­sional basis.

I’ve been building web­sites for over 25 years and spe­cialised in helping small busi­nesses for over 16. So I can help a lot.