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Hosting PLUS Packages

Business sites need more than just basic website hosting and a domain to stay secure and trust­worthy. Among other things, they need regular security updates, SSL cer­ti­ficate renewals and backups. Common DIY hosting packages don’t cov­erall those vital extras. My “Hosting PLUS” packages do. Business sites also need ongoing support (here’s why), so a little of that is also included.

Thinking of moving your existing site to one of these managed hosting packages? I don’t charge a transfer-in fee for static sites or those using common open-source CMS systems like WordPress. If your site has more complex hosting require­ments, or is “trapped” on one of the DIY site building plat­forms, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help.


(Secure, managed hosting for small low-traffic sites)

  • Domain1
  • SSL security2
  • Managed software updates2
  • Support: up to 30 mins./mo.3
  • Dedicated resources4
  • Fast SSD server5
  • UK hosting5
  • 100% Green energy powered6
  • 1 GB storage7
  • 250 MB database storage
  • 1 MB upload limit
  • 10 GB/mo. bandwidth
  • Optional Email: 500 MB mailbox6
1 .com/.org/.co.uk (optional)
2 Vital to keep your site safe!
3 Then £80/hour, by email; phone/video support by appointment 9 – 5 Mon-Fri
4 Boosts per­formance by not sharing your CPU or RAM with other sites (unlike cheaper hosting services)
5 Boosts speed, SEO & sales
6 Also helping to plant 1 trillion trees
7 +£5/mo. per extra 500 MB or part
8 Shares storage quota. +£5/mo. per extra 500 MB/mailbox
Bronze Hosting PLUS 
£75.00/month until can­celled


(Best for blogs & most sites up to small ecommerce)

As “Bronze”, PLUS:

  • Content Delivery Network (“CDN”)1, 2, 3
  • On-site cache1, 2, 3
  • Automatic image optim­isation1, 2
  • WebP image support1, 2, 3
  • Advanced 4‑layer security4
  • Support: up to 1 hour/mo.
  • Multi-domain support5
  • Weekly backups
  • 2 GB file storage
  • 2 MB upload limit
  • 100 GB/mo. bandwidth
  • Unlimited email for­warders6
  • Optional Email: 1GB mailbox7
1 Boosts speed, SEO & sales
2 Boosts security
3 Saves bandwidth
4 Cloud, server, site & (optional) email
5 E.g. extra email domains (renewals covered from +£2/mo.)
6 Send incoming emails to other addresses (e.g. Gmail)
7 +£10/mo. per extra 1 GB mailbox
Silver Hosting PLUS 

More than just hosting. This plan is designed to let me provide better ser­vices and more support than third-party hosting could offer. It is suitable for blogs & most sites, up to and including small ecommerce.

  • Domain1
  • SSL security2
  • Managed software updates2
  • Dedicated resources3
  • CDN — boosts security & speed4
  • On-site cache — boosts speed4
  • Fast SSD server4
  • WebP image support4,5
  • Support: up to 1 hour/mo.6
  • Advanced 4‑layer security7
  • Multi-domain support8
  • Fast, green, UK hosting9
  • Weekly backups
  • 2 GB storage10
  • 2 MB upload limit
  • 100 GB/mo. bandwidth
  • Optional Email: 1 GB mailbox11
  • 1 .com/.org/.co.uk (optional)
  • 2 Vital to keep your site safe!
  • 3 Boosts per­formance by not sharing your CPU or RAM with other sites (unlike cheaper hosting services)
  • 4 Speed boosts help SEO & sales
  • 5 Saves up to 30% bandwidth
  • 6 Then £80/hour for email support; phone/video support by appointment 9 – 5 Mon-Fri
  • 7 Cloud, server, site & (optional) email
  • 8 Send incoming emails to other addresses (e.g. Gmail)
  • 9 Also helping to plant 1 trillion trees
  • 10 +£10/mo. per extra 500 MB or part
  • 11 +£10/mo. per extra a GB mailbox
£95.00/month until can­celled


(​Best for busy/complex sites & larger e‑commerce)

As “Silver”, PLUS:

  • Support: up to 2 hours/mo.
  • 20% off other support
  • Advanced anti-spam1
  • Anti-hack guar­antee2
  • Daily backups
  • Ad-free video hosting (optional)3
  • Unlimited band­width
  • 4 GB storage
  • 4 MB upload limit
1 Server-side anti­virus & trainable anti-spam filters with weekly reports
2 Up to 1 day of free site fixes if hacked
3 Up to 16 hours of multi-bitrate video storage and an unbranded player. +£1 per full 16 hours/month of video served.
Gold Hosting Plus 
£125.00/month until can­celled

Why Websites Need Maintenance

The web changes fast. Technologies advance daily, and older systems become unusable without updates.

Hackers also keep finding new ways to attack your site and its vis­itors — often invisibly. So many sites unknow­ingly spread malware. No site is too small to be a target. If it gets vis­itors, it can be used to spread malware. That’s bad for your cus­tomers and your business.

Left unchecked, such external factors can break any site. Site per­formance also dir­ectly affects SEO. So regular website main­tenance is business-critical.

Why Business Websites Need Support

Marketing evolves as rapidly as tech­nology. So at least some parts of online mar­keting probably don’t work in the way you think. Still, your com­pet­itors act­ively manage and promote their web­sites. So you’ll have to do that, too.

Sadly, there’s lots of out­dated, inex­per­i­enced and even fake “advice” around. Most is only valid in spe­cific con­texts or for certain sizes or types of busi­nesses. So real support goes beyond website edits and fixes — and many small busi­nesses fail without exper­i­enced advice on hand.

Having spe­cialised in sup­porting small startups for almost 20 years, I can help with a lot more than “just” building web­sites, SEO, content and video mar­keting, Whilst estab­lished firms often hire business coaches, lots of small firms struggle to work out things like pricing, branding and mar­keting strategies, as well as mar­keting auto­mation on their own. There’s a lot to learn, so having an exper­i­enced advisor on hand can make a huge difference.