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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Wales : Search Engine Optimisation for small business near Cardiff Newport and BristolYour website needs visitors before it can impress them. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to get them. Unfortunately, finding safe SEO services is a minefield – it’s safest to assume that any “guaranteed first page on Google” offer is a scam. Trouble is, that’s what you want, right?

Sort of. What you really need is good positioning for phrases people actually search for. Your competitors want that too, so if there were a magic bullet, they’d already be using it. That would stifle competition, destroy trust in search engines and prevent new sites getting anywhere. So, the search engines work hard to shut down any quick-fixes.

Banning shortcuts (“black-hat” SEO) lets small businesses compete on quality (“white-hat” SEO) more than budget. Even so, good search positioning still takes ongoing work and active competition. You don’t need the massive marketing budget that large firms pour into traditional media, but you do need some sort of monthly marketing budget.

You also need someone with years of SEO experience to guide you through the minefield to low-risk, cost-effective, white-hat SEO solutions. So, that’s what I offer.

Small business SEO campaigns usually start at £500 per month or more. That’s just £115 a week – and over 90% of search traffic goes to sites on the first page of results. Could you make an extra £116 or more a week with ten times more visitors? Probably. So, getting that kind of positioning can easily generate a positive ROI.

This can be a leap of faith for small businesses, though – and it’s my mission to help small businesses in the Cardiff – Newport Bristol region. So, I can offer campaigns from £400 per month and more limited services from just £25 per month.

Advanced SEO Reports

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Google Analytics is the industry standard for traffic reporting, so my hosting services include direct access to that. However, such stats only tell you about visitors after they reach your site.

There are many things Google Analytics won’t tell you. Like your site’s actual rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your target keywords – and what’s affecting those rankings. Or what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of you. Or how many sites actually link to yours, and whether they’re actually good links or not.

You could do a lot with that data, right? Trouble is, it would take so long to research that it would be out of date before you got to use it. You’d need some serious data-crunching tools to keep up. Or you could just cross your fingers and hope that you’re spending your marketing budget on the right strategies.

My Advanced SEO Reports crunch the data to save you hours of uncertainty. The “Optimise” reports offer specific, actionable advice. If you have an editable site, you can use this to massively improve your site yourself. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to help you implement the advice on an ad hoc basis.

I offer two essential SEO report packages at just £25/month each, with a 10% discount if you need both:


  • Check your site for errors that could affect its performance
  • See how your top competitors are ranking well
  • Learn how to optimise pages to rank for target keywords


  • Track your search rankings across all the main search engines
  • Keep an eye on your top competitors
  • Check the number and quality of your site’s backlinks
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Local SEO for Wales and the Southwest

Whilst all firms need effective SEO, Wales and the Southwest’s SMEs can’t afford to ignore it. Why not? Well, local searches like “Web design Cardiff” or “SEO Newport” are common. These searches provide valuable, targeted leads for SMEs who serve local clients. Such leads are more likely to convert than leads searching for more general terms. So, targeted leads cost less per sale than traditional broadcast marketing.

However, even when searchers don’t specify their location, search engines promote results from nearby firms – and from sites that get more traffic. These may not be huge factors, but they combine to increase the reach of firms in larger cities. SMEs in rural areas – or even in smaller towns and cities like Newport – lose traffic to the largest cities in the region.

Of course, a wider reach means more competitors. So, if you’re based in Bristol or Cardiff, SEO services are still vital to stand out.

Local Search Optimisation focuses on the sources search engines use to validate your business location. Even tiny discrepancies matter and some services occasionally reformat listings, so it’s worth making sure they all stay in sync. Because this involves managing accounts across several different services, it can get tricky. To help with this, I offer Local Search Optimisation from just £200/month

Full Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Full SEO campaigns take lots of work, spanning six months or more. They include building backlinks to the site as well as changing various “on-page” factors. That often involves writing articles and submitting them to other websites — and both the articles and sites must be checked for quality and relevance.

It’s hard to beat competitors who do this — especially if they have been doing it for a long time. Get started before yours do!

I can offer SEO campaigns from just £400/month.

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