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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Cardiff - Newport - Bristol, Wales & the Southwest : small business Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optim­isation (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase website traffic and boost your sales leads.

Unfor­tu­nately, finding safe SEO ser­vices is a mine­field. Too many “gurus” use quick-fix hacks to show fast results — then dis­appear when Google pen­alises them. Others “guar­antee” you a first-page listing — but only for keywords that very few people search for.

It takes skilled work and spe­cialist tools to find and compete for search terms that will deliver website vis­itors. It also takes years of exper­ience to dispel common SEO myths and provide safe, cost-effective, white-hat (ethical) search engine optim­isation solu­tions. So, that’s what you get with my flexible SEO Plans.

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Effective SEO often takes six months or more, but it delivers genuine “organic” search vis­itors act­ively seeking your ser­vices. Such vis­itors are far more likely to become cus­tomers than others. It also builds your brand, with benefits that tend to last far beyond your ori­ginal SEO cam­paign. By com­parison, paid traffic and traffic from ads also dries up as soon as you stop paying for it.

That’s why SEO com­panies and con­sultants often charge £500+ a month for small business SEO. Good search pos­i­tioning for popular keywords can easily gen­erate a pos­itive ROI on that in most indus­tries. So, SEO is an investment, not a cost.

E.g. Carol’s Salon in Cardiff makes £25 per appointment. Her average cus­tomer visits her once a month for two years. So, Carol’s average Cus­tomer Lifetime Value (CLV) is £600. An SEO plan that lands her just one extra cus­tomer a month will have more than paid for itself.

Still, investing that much in SEO can be a leap of faith for smaller firms. I aim to provide safe, cost-effective SEO and digital mar­keting ser­vices for small busi­nesses in the UK*. So, I offer SEO cam­paigns from just £150 per month.

* Espe­cially, but not exclus­ively, to SMEs near CardiffSwansea, Newport, Bristol, Hereford and Gloucester. Why? Because investing in mar­keting involves risk, so trust is important. It’s safer to trust a local SEO con­sultant than a far-off, faceless “guru”. If you’re further afield though, I’ll still be happy to help.


Full Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Some­times called “National SEO” to dis­tin­guish them from Local SEO (below), full SEO cam­paigns are really inter­na­tional. They focus on ranking for rel­evant search terms, rather than spe­cific geo­graphical areas.

Full SEO cam­paigns take months of ongoing work. Every site has dif­ferent require­ments that evolve over time, as SEO guidelines and trending keywords change. Over time, stronger pos­i­tioning also let you target more com­pet­itive keywords and your com­pet­itors’ actions will affect tactics, too.

Effective SEO cam­paigns need to adapt to these varying con­di­tions, so it doesn’t help to limit SEO packages to X keywords or Y pages. Instead, you need a bespoke SEO strategy that mon­itors rel­evant changes and evolves to build your business.

Still, the fol­lowing ele­ments are common in many SEO packages:

  • Ongoing keyword research to keep your cam­paign focused on effective terms
  • Com­pet­itive research — watching what your key com­pet­itors are doing SEO-wise and responding
  • Tracking rankings, overall search vis­ib­ility and backlink metrics
  • Fixing coding errors and inef­fi­cient site struc­tures
  • Editing your pages to optimise the many “on-page” factors that search engines con­sider
  • Helping to improve your site’s “social signals” with social media mar­keting tools
  • Helping to build safe, quality back­links to your website

It’s hard to beat com­pet­itors who do all this — espe­cially if they have a head start. The good news for small busi­nesses in Wales and the Southwest is that many still don’t. I can offer National SEO Packages from just £150/month, so get started before your com­pet­itors do!


Local SEO for Wales and the Southwest

Local SEO - Wales & the Southwest (Cardiff - Newport - Bristol)Local clients are the lifeblood of many SMEs in Wales and the Southwest. As a result, many think they don’t need SEO, because they rely on local advert­ising and word-of-mouth, but search engines advertise nationally, right?

Not exactly. Google knows where your vis­itors live, and pro­motes ser­vices close to them. At least, it pro­motes firms that get their “Local SEO” factors right.

That’s espe­cially true when vis­itors use “local searches” like “Web Design Newport” or “SEO Cardiff”. Such local searches provide valuable, tar­geted leads for firms who serve local clients. Those leads are more likely to convert than those searching for more general terms. As a result, tar­geted leads cost far less per sale than tra­di­tional broadcast mar­keting.

Local Search Engine Optim­isation focuses on the factors that make local searches dif­ferent from more general ones. These include things like struc­tured data, reviews and the NAP cita­tions that search engines use to val­idate your business loc­ation. Really good local SEO can also get your site fea­tured prom­in­ently in Google’s “Local Pack” — the block of busi­nesses dis­played on a map at the top of some local searches.

Even tiny dis­crep­ancies in NAP cita­tions matter and some ser­vices occa­sionally reformat listings, so it’s worth making sure they all stay in sync. This involves cre­ating and man­aging accounts across many dif­ferent ser­vices, which can get tricky unless you have the right tools. To help with this, I offer Local Search Engine Optim­isation from just £150/month.

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