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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your website and boost your sales leads.

Unfortunately, finding safe SEO services is a minefield. Too many “gurus” use quick-fix hacks to show fast results — then disappear when Google penalises them. Others will “guarantee” you a first-page listing — but only for keywords that very few people search for.

It takes skilled work and specialist tools to find and compete for search terms that will deliver website visitors. It also takes years of experience to dispel common SEO myths and provide safe, cost-effective, white-hat search engine optimisation solutions. So, that’s what I offer.

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Everyone wants a fast, cheap way to get more customers. However, effective SEO takes six months or more, with an ongoing marketing budget. How is that more cost-effective than buying traffic or ads?

Well, genuine “organic” search visitors are actively seeking your services. So they’re far more likely to become customers than other visitors. Paid traffic and traffic from ads also dries up as soon as you stop paying for it. Once SEO has established your brand, that tends to last even if you need to cut back on actively building it for a while.

Now, SEO is an investment, not a cost. Whilst SEO companies and consultants often charge £500+ per month for small business SEO, good search positioning for popular keywords can easily generate a positive ROI on that in most industries.

E.g. Carol’s Salon in Cardiff makes £25 per appointment, and her average customer visits her once a month for two years. So, Carol’s average customer lifetime value (ACLU) is £600. An SEO plan that lands her just one extra customer a month will have more than paid for itself.

Still, investing that much in SEO can be a leap of faith for smaller firms. All marketing involves risk, but SEO is still unfamiliar to many. I aim to provide cost-efffective SEO and digital marketing services, especially for small businesses near Cardiff, Newport and Bristol. So, I offer SEO campaigns from just £150 per month.

Full Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Sometimes called “National SEO” to distinguish it from Local SEO (below), full SEO campaigns actually work on an international level. They focus on ranking for relevant search terms, rather than specific geographical areas.

Full SEO campaigns take lots of ongoing work over six months or more. Every site has different requirements and these evolve over time, as SEO guidelines and trending keywords change. Over time, stronger positioning can also let you target more competitive keywords and your competitors’ actions will affect tactics, too.

Effective full SEO campaigns need to adapt to these varying conditions, so it doesn’t make much sense to specify packages limited to X keywords or Y pages. Instead, you need a bespoke SEO strategy that keeps monitoring relevant changes and evolving to build your business. Still, the following elements are common:

  • Ongoing keyword research to keep your campaign focused on effective terms
  • Competitive research — watching what your key competitors are doing SEO-wise and responding
  • Tracking rankings, overall search visibility and backlink metrics
  • Fixing coding errors and inefficient internal site structures
  • Editing your pages to optimise the many “on-page” factors that search engines consider
  • Helping to improve your site’s “social signals” with social media marketing tools
  • Helping to build safe, quality backlinks to your website

It’s hard to beat competitors who do all this — especially if they have been doing it for a long time. The good news for small businesses in Wales and the Southwest is that many still haven’t. Get started before yours do!

I can offer National SEO campaigns from just £150/month!

Local SEO for Wales and the Southwest

Local SEO - Wales & the Southwest (Cardiff - Newport - Bristol)Local clients are the lifeblood of many SMEs in Wales and the Southwest. As a result, many think they don’t need SEO, because they rely on local advertising and word-of-mouth, but search engines advertise nationally, right?

Not exactly. Google knows where your visitors live, and promotes services close to them. At least, it promotes firms that get their “Local SEO” factors right.

That’s especially true when visitors use “local searches” like “Web Design Newport” or “SEO Cardiff”. Such local searches provide valuable, targeted leads for firms who serve local clients. Those leads are more likely to convert than those searching for more general terms. As a result, targeted leads cost far less per sale than traditional broadcast marketing.

Local Search Engine Optimisation focuses on the factors that make local searches different from more general ones. These include things like structured data, reviews and the NAP citations that search engines use to validate your business location. Really good local SEO can also get your site featured prominently in Google’s “Local Pack” — the block of businesses displayed on a map at the top of some local searches.

Even tiny discrepancies in NAP citations matter and some services occasionally reformat listings, so it’s worth making sure they all stay in sync. This involves creating and managing accounts across many different services, which can get tricky unless you have the right tools. To help with this, I offer Local Search Engine Optimisation from just £150/month.

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Do you need Local SEO or National SEO?