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SEO Audit Tool

Want some FREE advice on how to improve your site’s search engine per­formance? Just enter your page URL and email address below and click “Audit My URL”. My SEO audit tool will rate your page on a range of Search Engine Optim­isation factors and identify what you may need to work on. You can also download a PDF of your results for easy ref­erence later!

Sorry, this tool has been retired for the moment. SEO evolves, so auto­mated scans need to, too. A more useful scan should be available soon. In the meantime, I wouldn’t want it to deliver dated advice.

NEW: “SEO Plus” Plans — Flexible Digital Marketing for UK SMEs

Improving your search engine pos­i­tioning across a range of keywords can be a great way to get more sales leads. Still, a quick, auto­mated SEO audit tool can only tell you so much. Knowing the best keywords to target makes a big dif­ference, for a start. Hint: they often aren’t the obvious ones.

SEO is also a longer-term strategy — and com­mitting to a single mar­keting strategy can be a tough choice for smaller busi­nesses. So what if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could get in-depth advice on improving your search engine pos­i­tioning whilst devel­oping other sales-boosting strategies at the same time? Like done-for-you blogging, infographics, video mar­keting, social media ad man­agement and more? That’s what my SEO Plus Plans are for!

My goal is to help small busi­nesses in the UK (espe­cially those in South Wales and the Southwest) make the most of online mar­keting. So these flexible digital mar­keting plans are tailored to suit a wide range of SME mar­keting budgets, starting from just £5 per day.