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Expert SEO adviceSearch Engine Optimisation can make a big dif­ference to your bottom line, but as I’ve men­tioned on my SEO Plans page, it isn’t rocket science. Some of it can be quite tech­nical or labour intensive, but with expert SEO advice, a bit of DIY can make useful pro­gress on the basics.

The trouble is, there are a lot of factors affecting your site’s search pos­i­tioning, so even expert SEO advice will vary from one site to another. So, you need the right tools to identify which bits need work in your case.

That’s where my new SEO Audit Tool comes in. Think of it as your own auto­mated SEO expert. Give it a page URL to scan, and within a few seconds, you’ll have a nice report showing you what you need to work on. You can even download that report as a PDF for easy ref­erence if you like.

What does this expert SEO advice cover?

Quite a lot, in fact — and all in an easy-to-read format, starting with an overall score and the number of out­standing issues. Then, the rest of the report is broken down into the fol­lowing sections:

  • On-Page SEO — If you have a site that you can edit, fixing these “on-page” SEO ele­ments can be an easy DIY win.
  • Responsiveness — How mobile-friendly is your website? Responsive Web Design (“RWD”) reformats web pages to match dif­ferent screen sizes.
  • PageSpeed — Visitors don’t wait for slow web­sites. Google’s “PageSpeed” service measures that and factors it into your site’s search pos­i­tioning, so it’s worth reviewing.
  • Links — Your site’s link structure can help or hinder vis­itors and search engines alike. This quick tool helps to check that.
  • Misc — A few tech­nical details that may have an impact on your site’s search positioning

Great SEO starts with getting the basics right

Many other factors affect search pos­i­tioning. Notably, back­links from other quality sites are vital, but even Google struggles to find those as fast as you might expect. Readability and phrasing can make a dif­ference too, as well as the more tech­nical aspects of your site. The more active your com­pet­ition is, the more these things will matter.

Still, many web pages are put together without a thought for any of this. So, this quick tool focuses on helping you get the basics right, to give you a head start. If you need more extensive SEO help, please check out my SEO Plans.

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