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Small business SEO is now more vital than ever. Why? Because with more people working from home, offline advert­ising will struggle to compete with online searches.

Your com­pet­itors know this. That’s why Google Trends shows that searches for SEO in the UK recently (March 2020) peaked higher than at any time in the past five years.

Still, small busi­nesses face special problems when it comes to investing in SEO. This leads to three common mistakes.

Mistake #1: DIY SEO

Small budgets make DIY seem tempting. Yet whilst the basics of SEO can seem simple to learn, they take years to master — and they keep changing.

Besides, the simple parts won’t get you far. Why not? Because everyone else is already doing them.

So DIY SEO will cost you sales, as well as “free” time that isn’t actually free. Ignore those costs at your peril. In reality, it often costs less to engage an SEO expert.

Mistake #2: SEO Scams

SEO is an ongoing investment in quality and com­pet­it­iveness. That takes time, skill, con­stant learning — and is not a quick-fix. Whilst there are ways to get fast results, search engines pen­alise sites that use them.

Likewise, SEO results can’t really be guar­anteed, They depend on things neither you nor an SEO expert can control, such as the com­pet­it­iveness of your market.

Still, small busi­nesses often want cheap, guar­anteed quick-fixes. So they fall for the ama­teurs and fly-by-night scams offering these, over and over.

Mistake #3: SEO Misconceptions

SEO mistakesPerhaps worse, these under­standable yet imprac­tical expect­a­tions lead to dis­sat­is­faction with legit­imate SEO, too. The most common reasons for SEO “not working” are:

  • Targeting keywords with little traffic or buying intent
  • Targeting highly-com­pet­itive keywords without adequate budget or prior positioning
  • Giving up before SEO has had a chance to work
  • Blaming SEO for poor con­version rates (a sep­arate, common issue)

Then there are those who think they don’t need SEO simply because they don’t even track their website traffic, or how they really make sales. Whatever has worked until now, they haven’t ques­tioned it, or how many sales are passing them by. That’s a dan­gerous pos­ition to be in when times get tough.

All of these fuel common mis­con­cep­tions about SEO. Yet the fact is, SEO works — and you need it now more than ever. So how can you invest wisely, and avoid the scams?

Small Business SEO — A Helping Hand

Change your gameEffective SEO isn’t just com­plicated — it’s multi-faceted, and it evolves over time. Doing it properly involves on-site, off-site, tech­nical, social and psy­cho­lo­gical factors, as well as ana­lysing stats and cre­ating great content. So in recent years, my SEO packages have evolved into “SEO Plus” digital mar­keting packages, cov­ering more options than other SEO plans at small business friendly price points.

Why? Because since 2005, my goal has been to help small busi­nesses compete cost-effect­ively online. So I under­stand why price is such a big factor, espe­cially for micro-busi­nesses. Few can afford to spend the thou­sands each month on SEO that slightly larger firms do.

Still, the game just changed. So you need to change yours — and I can offer a helping hand.

The Coronavirus Update

The world just got a lot more com­pet­itive, and a lot more reliant on the internet. Folks who act­ively want to buy some­thing don’t wait for a con­venient ad to pop up. They search for it — and over 90% will never look past the first page of search results. So that’s where you need to be found.

That makes digital mar­keting more valuable than ever — and when some­thing gets more valuable, prices increase. So why have I slashed my SEO Plus plan prices by 20%?

Because my goal of helping small busi­nesses compete is real. That means giving you a real, cost-effective altern­ative to making the mis­takes listed above.

Still, I can’t keep this offer open for long, and may be forced to increase my prices soon. So signing up by 31st March 2020 will help me delay that increase and lock in the dis­count for the dur­ation of your plan.

The Cost Of Delaying Small Business SEO

At best, delaying investment in SEO means missing sales and gradually falling behind. Delaying when prices are about to go up could put you out of the race. Check out my SEO Plus plans using the link below, and if you have any ques­tions, or other reasons for delaying further, please get in touch!

Don’t fall behind on SEO and digital marketing!

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