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Would you like some FREE SEO advice to improve your site’s search engine per­formance? Just enter your page URL and email address below and click “Audit My URL”. This free SEO audit tool tests your page for over 30 Search Engine Optimisation factors to identify what you need to work on. If you need help with these “on page SEO” issues (as well as vital link building), please check out my small business SEO packages.

Advanced SEO Audits

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)An instant SEO audit has lim­it­a­tions. Realistically, it can only scan one page of your site for “on page” or “tech­nical SEO” issues. Whilst that can help, pro­fes­sional SEO is far more complex than that, as many external factors affect your site’s search engine performance.

As such some people have asked how much a more advanced SEO audit would cost. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all price for an advanced SEO audit, as sites vary so widely.

The com­plexity of a full SEO audit depends on the size and com­plexity of your site. It involves com­bining data from your site with scans from several pro­fes­sional SEO tools, some of which can take days to scan the web for the data they need.

If your site isn’t already set up to provide the base data, we’ll need to set that up too. Once that’s done, it can take weeks to start seeing the sort of trends that can really inform a decent SEO strategy.

Professional SEO Strategies

Beyond the simpler “on page” stuff, SEO isn’t a quick-fix. It’s an ongoing com­mitment to quality, and the most effective SEO strategies evolve as your site builds in authority. Because of that, one-off reports are only really snap­shots that need to be read in context. and soon become outdated.

So I nor­mally go into that kind of depth for clients on my Standard SEO plan and above, as an ongoing con­sultation. That’s gen­erally far more cost-effective than writing up a full report for someone else to assess and act on.

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