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SEO in South Wales

Are you a small business owner seeking an affordable, reliable SEO company in South Wales? Or just won­dering how much SEO in South Wales might cost? Then you’re in the right place — I’ve been helping small firms in South Wales grow online through SEO and web design since 2005 (and doing that for larger firms since 1997).

So unlike many “SEO spe­cialists”, I’m not a fly-by-night.

I simply offer small business SEO in South Wales to help small busi­nesses in our area. That’s why I build web­sites, too. Frankly, SEO “experts” who can’t build web­sites don’t know much about SEO.

The Small Business SEO Problem

Likewise though, web designers and web developers don’t always know much about SEO. Many are only inter­ested in graphic design or coding, and see SEO as someone else’s job. Others skip per­formance factors to keep their prices down. So small busi­nesses end up with an under-per­forming website, in need of SEO — but “affordable SEO” is a sea full of sharks.

So they go looking for recom­mend­a­tions — but often among those who’ve already been bitten by the sharks. Those who’ve had better exper­i­ences have usually dealt with SEO agencies who charge over £500 a month. That’s very affordable for most small firms with more than a few employees, but not so much for micro-busi­nesses — who are more likely to need affordable SEO.

Does that sound familiar? Because there’s a reason for that catch:

SEO requires con­sistent investment in quality. That’s fun­da­mentally what search engines reward, because it’s what vis­itors gen­erally want to see.

That requires a lot of skilled work over time, and that takes sig­ni­ficant, sus­tained investment. It is a great investment, but not a quick-fix. Even Google says the results of SEO work often aren’t visible for four to twelve months or more.

So small firms often give up on SEO before it has had a chance to work. Knowing this, SEO spe­cialists (who have no other ser­vices to sell) have a strong incentive to use the dodgy “black hat” tactics that can show quick results, but do more harm than good in the long run (because search engines pen­alise those who try to rig their game).

So what’s a small business owner like you to do? Especially if you’re a sole trader or other microbusiness?

Safe, Affordable Small Business SEO In South Wales

My SEO Plus packages aim to help small busi­nesses in South Wales — including micro­busi­nesses. How can they do that and still stay affordable?

In short, by effective ana­lysis, flexible tar­geting and being sus­tainable. Traditional SEO packages for larger firms tend to focus on a few spe­cific, highly com­pet­itive keywords for months. Yet the biggest advantage small firms have is flex­ib­ility. So small busi­nesses are better off fol­lowing what their own site’s stats say are the best search terms to focus on, month by month.

Yes, your site can tell you that. If you have it set up cor­rectly and know what to look for. That’s what I do.

Either way, there’s a lower limit to how much you’ll need to invest to make any pro­gress. It’s just that it can be lower if you can be flexible, stats-led, and can play the long game. Because slow pro­gress is still better than slipping back­wards as your com­pet­itors improve their marketing.

Going Beyond SEO In South Wales With “SEO Plus”

Still, when your entire mar­keting budget only runs to a few hundred pounds a month or less, com­mitting much of that to one mar­keting strategy may not feel sus­tainable, flexible or affordable. That’s where the “Plus” comes in.

Whilst my SEO Plus packages are focused on SEO, they’re really flexible mar­keting plans that help with other strategies, too. They include a free Social Media Marketing scheduling system, and in any given month, we can swap the SEO tasks for others, like content mar­keting or cre­ating short mar­keting videos.

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