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Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Effective SEO takes time but pays for itself because it’s one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. Without traffic, you lose sales. So it’s far better to get started than left behind.

The main altern­ative, paid ads, are an ongoing cost. That reduces your margins — often by too much to be sustainable.

The Problem With Paid Ads

Paid ads can easily cost £50 per website visitor delivered — some­times far more. Typically, less than 5% of site vis­itors are ready to buy, and under 1% do so. So if you need 200 vis­itors to make a sale, paid ads can easily cost you £200 per sale. Will your profit margin handle that?

Ad traffic also dries up as soon as you stop paying for it — and paid ads don’t build the trust needed to make sales. So if ads don’t pay for them­selves during the cam­paign, there’s very little lingering benefit — just the cost.

On top of all that, many paid ads rely on offering dis­counts. That cuts profit margins even further.

So let’s be clear — whilst paid ads can work well, you need to know your numbers and strategies. Many small busi­nesses try paid ads because they seem easy, then struggle because the cost per sale is to high. Yet by the time they realise that, it’s hard to quit. Losing traffic — even costly traffic — can be scary.

The True Value Of SEO

By com­parison, investing in expert SEO ser­vices delivers those valuable vis­itors for free. You’re buying a stronger website, not vis­itors — and you don’t have to offer dis­counts for that.

Remember, each free visitor saves you buying their attention through paid ads. So those 200 vis­itors would still be worth £200 — in savings.

Actually, SEO tends to deliver more valuable vis­itors, because those who are act­ively seeking your ser­vices are more likely to buy. It increases brand awareness and trust, too — helping sales long after your SEO cam­paign has ended.

That increased trust boosts click-through rates on your ads, reducing ad costs. So SEO even improves paid ad cam­paigns.

The benefits of SEO aren’t imme­diate, but they are lasting. Unlike paid ads, ongoing SEO builds on itself month after month. So over time, search engine optim­isation costs less than paid ads.

How Much Does Small Business SEO Cost?

Most UK SEO com­panies, SEO agencies and SEO con­sultants charge at least £500 a month for small business SEO — often far more. It’s hard to get results for less in large, highly-com­pet­itive markets. Even then though, the returns far exceed those investments.

Still, I aim to provide cost-effective SEO ser­vices for small busi­nesses — including micro-busi­nesses with under ten employees. Clearly, investing that much to hire an SEO expert can be chal­lenging for such small firms.

Sadly, that means flaky “SEO spe­cialists” target small firms seeking cheap SEO ser­vices. They typ­ically offer fake guar­antees of fast, cheap results, use out­dated or banned tactics, then dis­appear when problems arise.

SEO “Plus” Plans For Small Business

So how are my small business SEO ser­vices different?

Offering ser­vices like web hosting as well as SEO means I support clients long-term. So I provide lasting benefits through reliable, white hat techniques.

My “SEO” packages cover far more than just cost-effective, affordable SEO, because my goal is to help you grow. Committing long term budget to SEO alone can be restrictive when cash flow is a concern. As I offer other effective digital mar­keting strategies too, why not let you switch between these strategies as you need to?

That’s why these uniquely flexible small business SEO packages offer incredible value, starting from just £180 a month.

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