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SEO Packages For Small Business

Small business SEO and more

Picking a mar­keting strategy can be hard for small firms. Are basic SEO packages for small business enough? What about social media, blogs or video? Digital mar­keting moves fast. How can you keep up?

What if you could get flexible SEO packages for small busi­nesses in the UK? Full digital mar­keting packages in fact — with SEO PLUS all these options in one plan:

  • Blogging
  • Video mar­keting
  • Social media ads
  • Content mar­keting
  • Infographics
  • Expert advice

All in small business SEO packages from under £6 a day?

Just saw that my site is now in 2nd place on the first page of Google. I’m not sure what you have done, nor do I under­stand it, but it worked! Many thanks! — Tim D. SEO: (5/5)

Small Business SEO Packages PLUS…

These UK SEO packages start with a free SEO audit and keyword research worth £300. If you need stats systems set up, or on-site SEO, we’ll do that too. Otherwise, these packages nor­mally add high “Domain Authority” (DA) back­links each month. Because quality back­links are vital for SEO.

Still, as uniquely flexible small business SEO and digital mar­keting packages, these “SEO Plus” plans go beyond basic SEO ser­vices. We can tailor them to your business, swapping link-building for other tactics as needed, like on-site SEO, content mar­keting or videos. You’ll get a social media mar­keting system too.

You’ve just found the most flexible small business SEO and digital mar­keting packages around!

Monthly | Quarterly

* Based on indi­vidual service prices. 3 month min. con­tract. Switch plans at any time. Facebook ad budget not included.

Not sure what you need? Book a free con­sultation call!

I have been using Netcentrics’ SEO service and they have impress­ively managed to get over 250 of my keywords onto the first page of the search results. A very friendly and thor­oughly pro­fes­sional service. Highly recom­mended. — Mark D.
SEO: (5/5)

Small Business SEO Glossary

Why is SEO SO important?

Because your website can’t help you make sales without traffic. Search engines are a great source of free traffic, but over 90% of clicks go to page links on the first page of search results. Below that, you’ll gen­erally get less than one click per 100 searches for a given term. It’s also easier to sell to those vis­itors, because they are lit­erally searching for what you provide. So getting onto page one for the right terms can easily increase your site traffic by 10x — and your sales by even more.

That’s why SEO is so important — and so com­pet­itive. You have very little chance of getting it right by guesswork alone.

What is Domain Authority? Is it like Page Rank?

Roughly, yes. However, Google retired Page Rank in 2013. So other sites now measure site and page quality. Domain Authority (“DA”) scores sites from 0 to 100. That’s largely based on the quality and number of other sites that link to them.

DA isn’t linear, though. So higher scores are harder to improve. As a result, most sites have a DA under 10. It takes con­sistent effort to get over 20. Similarly, getting over 30 can take years.

Because high DA is hard to fake, links from those sites are strong endorse­ments. So Google trusts them far more than links from sites with lower DA. For instance, a single DA 20 link is worth more than two DA 10 links, and a DA 40 link is worth more than two DA 20s.

Still, that also means sites with higher DA require higher standards from their contributors.

What’s a ‘CDN’? How does it help small business SEO?

A Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) sits between your vis­itors and your site. It’s a network of com­puters that boost your site’s speed and security. Both of those affect small business SEO.

What is ‘On-Page SEO’?

Many factors affect your site’s search engine per­formance. Backlinks are “Off Page SEO”, whilst “On Page SEO” involves editing your site structure and content. Similarly, “Technical SEO” changes your site, but focuses on code quality and server setup. So that often needs lower-level access than DIY website plat­forms provide. Broadly though, “On Site” SEO edits can include:

  • Content — “content is king”. So it needs to be rel­evant, well-written, readable and unique!
  • Site structure — sitemaps, internal links, a “robots.txt” file and canon­ic­alisation all help search engines
  • Engagement — how long do vis­itors stay on your site?
  • Mobile friend­liness — because most vis­itors now use mobile devices
  • Site speed — vis­itors don’t like slow sites. So neither do search engines.
  • Image optim­isation — bloated image files and missing “alt” tags undermine SEO
  • Structured data — adding “meta tags” and other special code to certain types of data (e.g. addresses)
  • Site security — vis­itors and search engines prefer sites with SSL security.
  • Code quality — inef­fi­cient coding can hurt your rankings

FAQs for SEO Plus Plans

Who are these digital marketing & SEO packages for?

Almost any small business can benefit from these cost-effective, flexible digital mar­keting packages. That said, they are designed to help micro busi­nesses (small firms with under ten employees). Sole traders, small limited com­panies and part­ner­ships need the flex­ib­ility these plans offer to make the most of their mar­keting budgets. Still, even if you’re now thinking “What mar­keting budget?” — please book a FREE con­sultation. I’m here to help.

Whilst these plans evolved from SEO packages for small business in the UK, SEO is remote work. So I can help you wherever you are. Still, many small firms prefer to work with a local SEO company. So, being based in Newport, South Wales, I tend to work with SMEs in South Wales or Southwest England. That means these digital mar­keting & SEO plans are ideal for you if you’re looking for a small business SEO company near Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Cheltenham, Gloucester or Hereford.

Where will I see the ROI?

You’ll get custom, brand-boosting assets and back­links that attract vis­itors and improve your search engine rankings. Still, let’s focus on the real goal — getting more vis­itors and sales.

Your sales will always depend on your market, your offer, and your com­pet­ition. Even so, every visitor is worth at least what paid ads charge to reach them. That’s usually over £1 per visitor, and can be much higher. That’s your base ROI; people who are act­ively searching for what you offer tend to buy more, so your ROI should grow even higher.

How do these SEO packages compare to paid ads (PPC)?

Search Engine Optimisation is far more cost-effective than PPC in the long run.

PPC nor­mally costs between £1 and £50 per click. So it’s fast, but costly and addictive, because cutting the budget dir­ectly reduces traffic and sales. That ongoing cost per­man­ently reduces your margins. Competitors may click on your ads just to waste your budget, too. That “click fraud” is sadly common.

Free search engine vis­itors save you that cost — but they’re still worth as much. Often more, as those act­ively searching for your service are more likely to buy. SEO invests in long-term quality that will keep attracting vis­itors over the long term. So expert SEO keeps building on itself. The quality and rel­evance of your pages affects pricing in some ad systems, too. So expert SEO ser­vices can also reduce PPC costs.

Which is the best small business SEO package for me?

Your website is a mar­keting vehicle, so these SEO plans are engines. Meanwhile, your target market and com­pet­ition define the road conditions.

So Domain Authority (DA) is like engine power, but grows expo­nen­tially. For instance, one DA 30 link can be twice as powerful as a DA 20 link. That means each plan adds a lot to the one below it. Likewise, the other com­ponents get more effective on larger plans, too.

Generally then, you’ll want the best small business SEO “engine” you can afford. That’s espe­cially true if you’re com­peting with well known brands.

What results can I expect from these small business SEO packages?

Domain Authority 35-48 in 12 months

One cli­ent’s DA growth: 35 – 48 in 12 months

That depends on which tactics you choose, your market, your offer and your com­pet­ition. Still, SEO is about affecting long-term traffic trends. Because of this, it takes time — often 6 months or more. So a three month minimum term applies to these SEO packages. After that, you can cancel at any time by giving 28 days notice.

You can also start small and upgrade your plan at any time — though that approach will nat­urally take longer to get results. The larger SEO plans can do more each month, and use more powerful tactics. So, they tend to provide faster results than the smaller SEO packages.

How much does SEO cost for small business normally?

Small business SEO is a very broad term, because “small business” is. Microbusinesses (under 10 employees) tend to have much lower turnovers than larger “small” firms. Still, most SEO agencies still try to sell everyone the same set of goals. That’s a problem, because small budgets limit what’s real­istic. However, these small business SEO packages help to bridge that gap.

The (Usual) Cost of Small Business SEO Packages

Most UK SEO agencies say effective SEO is dif­ficult for less than £500 per month. That’s true for most estab­lished small busi­nesses with more than a few staff. In fact, that’s very affordable for small firms with six or seven figure turnovers. Still, they con­tinue to invest heavily in SEO. Why? Becuause the return on effective small business SEO nor­mally exceeds its cost.

So if that works for you, pick the “Pro” SEO Plus package.

Otherwise, smaller firms and micro­busi­nesses can get results for less — it just needs dif­ferent strategies. Smaller, easier wins can make far more dif­ference to a small firm than to a large one. They also gradually pos­ition you to target the bigger ones. So SEO packages for small busi­nesses need to take one step at a time, instead of trying to leap up several steps in one go.

However, those oppor­tun­ities aren’t obvious unless you know how and where to look. So small firms often waste thou­sands chasing the wrong goals. Others leave even more money on the table by not trying. Wouldn’t it be better to get expert SEO help tailored to your current situ­ation? That’s what makes these SEO packages suitable even for smaller businesses.

I can’t afford this — can you still help?

Yes — just not as much. These are already cheap SEO packages for small busi­nesses. So I won’t pretend you could achieve more for less. If you could, I’d be offering that. Still, I do under­stand that cash-flow can be restrictive — and that cheap SEO ser­vices can be dan­gerous. So first, some words of warning:

The Dangers Of Other Cheap SEO Packages

Sadly, many cheap SEO “experts” are moon­lighters who dis­appear without notice. Other cheap SEO ser­vices offer out­dated strategies, or sell links in bulk. Those may look like low cost SEO, but are a false economy. The weak links they provide don’t help and often use Private Blog Networks (PBNs) that break search engine guidelines, risking long-lasting pen­alties. Search engines prefer quality to quantity — and buying links is right out.

Safer Cheap Small Business SEO

So these “SEO Plus” small business SEO packages providing quality content to earn legit­imate links from genuine, estab­lished sites. They may not be the cheapest SEO packages around, but aim to be the safest, most cost-effective small business SEO packages in the UK.

Still, can safe SEO be done on an even smaller budget? Barely. You’re com­peting with people who invest in quality over the long term to boost profits. There’s no cheap quick-fix for that. Still, any level of safe and sus­tainable investment is better than sinking into the depths of Google through neglect. So I can offer a safe, affordable budget SEO option if that’s what you need.

How many keywords can I target with the SEO elements?

That’s flexible. If you run lots of paid ads focused on spe­cific keywords, you may prefer my tra­di­tional SEO packages. However, most micro busi­nesses don’t run such ads. So when seeking SEO packages UK small firms often end up with plans that address the wrong goals. That’s why these small business SEO packages focus on providing the flex­ib­ility needed to get it right.

Google now under­stands syn­onyms and con­siders overall site quality. So by boosting general quality and identi­fying the right groups of keywords to focus on, we’ll improve your pos­i­tioning for range of related terms.

Search trends evolve, and as your domain authority grows, it gets easier to target highly com­pet­itive keywords. So effective small business SEO needs ongoing keyword research, not an “X keywords” SEO package.

Realistically, it’s best to target one valuable keyword per page. Your audience — and Google — will appre­ciate the focus.

Likewise, each link-building article created targets one keyword, dir­ecting traffic to a rel­evant page on your site. So if your site has many pages, we can improve your ranking for lots of keyword groups over time.

Will these small business SEO packages take long to set up?

Not for you. Less than five minutes from now, you could be ticking “Get a digital mar­keting strategy” off your to-do list.

I do the “heavy lifting” so that you can stay focused on the rest of your business. Whilst I’ll need your input occa­sionally, we’ll take that step by step.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Whilst getting more vis­itors helps, your site still needs to convert them into cus­tomers. That’s not just down to having a great offer — present­ation matters a lot. So this is where mar­keting, psy­chology and pro­fes­sional web design meet. There are common pit­falls and best prac­tices, but dif­ferent audi­ences respond to dif­ferent tactics. As such, optim­ising con­version rates often requires gradually testing informed changes to see which give the best results with your audience.

What does Facebook Advertising cover?

This option helps with the cre­ation and man­agement of your Facebook ads. Specifically, it includes:

  • Consultation & research
  • Landing Page review
  • Facebook Pixel installation
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Custom Audience creation
  • Ad planning
  • Ad cre­ation (text & image)
  • Ad mon­it­oring & optimisation

Still, if you’d rather use a video ad in place of the image, I offer cost-effective short sales videos, too.

Your Facebook ad spend will vary within limits that you set, with a minimum recom­mended ad budget of £100 per month. Ad budgets over £1,500 per month need extra man­agement, so please contact me for prices at that point.

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  • 5.0 from 23 reviews
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    Amazing service. Professional and out­standing company to deal with. Pete has great under­standing with online require­ments and core issue’s. Spent hours on the tele­phone explaining and working on the website to bring it up-to-date. Noting but grat­itude and respect to Netcentric. Highly recommend to any one through my exper­ience they have gone above and beyond.

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    Barbara Harris

    Amazing, pro­fes­sional service and speedy com­mu­nic­a­tions. Very impressed and highly recommended.

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    I have been using Netcentrics’ SEO service and they have impress­ively managed to get over 250 of my keywords onto the first page of the search results. A very friendly and thor­oughly pro­fes­sional service. Highly recommended.

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    Tim D

    Just saw that my site is now in 2nd place on the first page of Google. I’m not sure what you have done, nor do I under­stand it, but it worked! Many thanks!

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    Paul G

    It is a pleasure dealing with a pro­fes­sional with a high degree of tech­nical skill allied to a ‘can do’ pos­itive attitude. Your ability to explain tech­nical con­cepts in layman’s lan­guage is also a great advantage. I would have no hes­it­ation in recom­mending your services.

  • 03-01-2018


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  • 14-09-2016

    Ian A

    Pete is one of the most cre­ative, reliable, com­petent and ingenious people it has ever been my very great pleasure to work with. There is no problem he can’t find an ingenious and unex­pected way out of, and he has a work ethic you could bend horse­shoes around. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his breadth and depth of know­ledge and his total com­mitment to whichever project he is cur­rently undertaking.

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    Jayne H

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  • 19-11-2013


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