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Boost Your Sales Leads With SEO – Now 10% Off!

What would a 10% increase in sales leads mean for your business?

10% more profit? Very probably — possibly even more, if the new leads are actively seeking your services. Such targeted leads convert to sales more often than traditional broadcast marketing leads.

So, where are those targeted leads looking for you? On search engines.

Do you offer repeat services? Even better! Just one extra customer a month can add 78 times your average monthly fee in 12 months. Overall, that would add 12 times your Average Customer Lifetime Value (ACLV) to your business.

E.g. Jenny’s salon charges £25 per client per month and clients typically stay with her for 18 months. So, her ACLV is £450. One more client per month would add £1,950 in a year — or £5,400 before the last of those clients moves on.

In fact, organic (unpaid) listings get 90% of the clicks, and 75% of those go to first page results. So reaching the first page of organic search results can massively increase your leads.

Sounds good – but how…?

Contrary to common claims, no one can sell you first page organic positioning, but achieving it isn’t rocket science, either. Search engines want to provide results that their users will like. So the main ranking factors are fairly intuitive:

  • Backlinks — how many other quality sites link to the target site?
  • Engagement — do visitors click on results, then stay to interact with the site?
  • Content — is it well-written, readable and unique? Does it match the search?
  • Technical quality — code quality, security, speed and mobile-friendliness matter
  • Consistency — search engines actively penalise quick-fix tactics.

Getting those right does take specialist tools and lots of skilled work, though — and patience. SEO offers lasting results, but they build up slowly over several months. Meanwhile, your competitors are getting stronger, so delaying this will just make it harder to catch up. You need to get started on this sooner, not later — but who can afford the time, right?

That’s where I can help.

Cost-effective SEO Plans for UK SMEs

There’s no one-size-fits-all SEO solution, so I offer four very flexible packages designed especially for UK SMEs.

Such tailored SEO strategies are often beyond the budgets of smaller firms. Some then fall prey to cowboys selling cheap quick-fixes — and learn about search engine penalties the hard way.

That bugs me. So, here I am, offering safe, tailored SEO strategies starting at just £5 per day. Even better, for a limited time only, you can get a 10% discount that will apply for the lifetime of the plan!

Don’t delay — pick your plan today!

Designed forEntry level — very limited budgetsLimited budgets, slower growthFaster growth / competitive marketsVery competitive markets

(£160 value)


(£220 value)


(£300 value)


(£450 value)

Total Value£160£380£680£1,130
Plan Price£150£350£600£1,000
Discount Price*£135£315£540£900
Buy now!Buy now!Buy now!Buy now!

*Monthly prices based on 6-month minimum contract, paid monthly by GoCardless, subject to my Terms and Conditions.
DA values based on prices for commissioning one-off articles.


How does this work?

Building backlinks is vital, but time-consuming, requiring collaboration with other quality sites. So these packages do that each month by default. The bigger packages work with sites that offer more powerful links, at four key strength levels measured by “Domain Authority” (DA).

Established sites in competitive markets often need those stronger links to get results. Smaller budgets mean slower growth, but can still work for newer firms in niche markets. It’s better to get started than to get left ever further behind!

Other tactics can then be swapped in as needed, replacing one or more of the link-building tasks. For instance, the first month is mostly research and analysis, to ensure we target the right results. When on-site optimisation, local search citations or a syndicated press release may help you more, we’ll do that instead.

Why GoCardless?

GoCardless sets up Direct Debits cost-effectively, processing your payment data on its own secure site. It can take a week or more to confirm the first payment. However, in this case, that’s useful:

Please note that your order is not a sale until I accept it. I only offer services to UK-based SMEs that I genuinely believe I can help, but cannot confirm that until I know the details of your order. Once you have set up the GoCardless payment, you should return to a form requesting more details. A copy of this information will be emailed to you. Based on that, I will run some initial tests and contact you to discuss initial strategies.

If I don’t believe the plan you’ve chosen can help you, and if you don’t wish to upgrade it, I’ll refund your order. By using GoCardless, I may even be able to cancel your payment before it goes through.

What results can I expect?

Guaranteeing specific results would be misleading, as those depend on many factors beyond my control. These include the strength of the plan you’ve chosen, your existing market position, the competitiveness of your target market and more. However, the links built and other work will be verifiable, and based on tactics widely known to improve search positioning.

Full disclosure: The minimum 6-month duration applies because it isn’t realistic to expect results from SEO in a shorter time period than that. After that, you can cancel at any time by giving 28 days notice. You can upgrade your plan at any time, of course, so if you need to start small, that’s fine. Please note, though, that the less you invest, the lower and slower your returns are likely to be – that’s just how investment tends to work.