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Budget SEO Plan

SEO for Microbusinesses

Want to get started with SEO but can’t commit to £5.50 a day for a flexible Starter SEO Plus package? I hear you. That’s what this budget SEO plan is for.

Let’s be very clear about a few things first, though:

How Budget SEO Can Help — And What To Avoid

“Cutting costs” on mar­keting actually costs you more, through missed sales. Investing more in digital mar­keting and SEO tends to make better returns. For instance, the SEO Plus plans are more effective than Budget SEO. You need the best mar­keting solu­tions you can afford.

Budget SEO Can Be A Life-Saver

Having helped small busi­nesses for over 16 years, I know budgets are often tight for those with under 10 employees (i.e. micro­busi­nesses). Yet delaying investment in SEO and digital mar­keting loses more sales. Then, the further you fall behind, the harder it becomes to afford marketing.

That vicious spiral often kills small busi­nesses. So that’s what this plan helps you avoid.

Still, Cheap SEO Is Risky

This Budget SEO plan also aims to help you avoid the sharks. Too many make false promises about fast, cheap results, use banned tactics, then dis­appear when problems arise. Most are “SEO spe­cialists” in young com­panies, spamming people from free email addresses like Gmail to hide their tracks.

Whilst proper SEO can help, your success also depends on your market, your com­pet­itors, and you. So at best, Budget SEO is a life-belt, not a power-boat. Still, either is better than drowning or swimming with sharks.

SEO Takes Time

SEO rewards per­severance and con­sistent investment in quality. The less you invest, the longer it takes to show results. Even those who invest thou­sands per month in SEO expect it to take six months or more. So over­stretching in the short term won’t help you sustain it long enough to be effective. Sustainability matters.

Why does it take time? Because you are up against firms investing that much — even many small firms in the 10 to 50 employee range. Also, because search engines work hard to prevent quick-fixes that could be used to rig the results.

Safer Budget SEO

So how can this Budget SEO plan help you avoid falling behind? Well, it’s quite a bit easier to create weaker back­links and shorter art­icles. The trade-off is that they are far less effective. That’s why even my Starter SEO Plus plan works with back­links that have “domain authority” (“DA”) of 20+.

In fact, back­links with DA below 10 are almost worthless, even when created in bulk. Links with DA of 10+ are safer, and whilst they won’t help you race ahead of com­pet­itors who invest more, they can help you to rise above those who don’t.

So this package is a smaller version of my Starter SEO Plus plan. It is limited to either one DA 10+ link instead of DA 20+, or one article of up to 500 words, but costs just £99 per month.

Also, unlike my other plans, this one has no minimum term. However, the first month involves setup only, with link building and other options starting in the second month.

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