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Budget SEO

Low Cost SEO for Microbusinesses

Want to get started with SEO but feel even a flexible Starter SEO Plus package would stretch your budget? I hear you. That’s what the budget SEO package below is for.

First, though let’s be very clear about a few things:

  • “Cutting costs” on marketing (or any sound investment) actually costs you more through missed sales.
  • Many SMEs spend thousands per month on SEO, specifically to stay ahead of those who don’t see the value of it. They wouldn’t do that if it didn’t make them more money than they invest, but you can’t expect to get far by doing far less than your competitors.
  • SEO isn’t a short-term tactic — even with big budgets, it generally takes 6-12 months to start seeing results. Some of that is by design — search engines want to promote trustworthy sites, and that trust builds slowly.
  • SEO won’t work unless you persevere with it. You’re competing for search positioning and sales, and your competitors are already ahead of you. SEO is the accelerator pedal, but tapping it lightly and occasionally won’t catch up with anyone, let alone overtake. Light, persistent pressure will eventually get ahead of those who aren’t accelerating faster, but the slower you accelerate, the longer that will take.

That means you need to invest in the most effective SEO solutions you can afford to sustain. If you can afford them, my SEO Plus Plans will help you more. If not — my Budget SEO package is your next best option.

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there — Will Rogers

The Pros & Cons of Budget SEO

Budget SEO Can Be A Life-Saver

Having specialised in helping small businesses since 2005, I know budgets are often tight for microbusinesses with under 10 employees. Yet putting off SEO and digital marketing just loses sales. Then, the further you fall behind, the harder it becomes to afford marketing. Without help, that vicious spiral often drags small businesses under.

Cheaper SEO Takes Longer

SEO rewards perseverance and consistent investment in quality. So even those who regularly invest thousands in SEO expect it to take six months or more. That means your SEO budget has to be sustainable. Overstretching in the short term won’t help you sustain it long enough to be effective. Still, whilst It’s never a quick fix, the less you invest, the longer it takes to show results. 

Why does it take time? Because you are up against firms investing heavily in SEO — including many other small firms. Also, because search engines work hard to prevent quick-fixes that could be used to rig the results.

Most Cheap SEO Services Are Risky

Too many budget seo sharks make false promises about fast, cheap results, use banned tactics, then disappear when problems arise. Most are “SEO specialists” in young companies, spamming people from free email addresses like Gmail to hide their tracks.

Whilst proper SEO can help, your success also depends on your market, your competitors, and you. So Budget SEO is a life-belt, not a power-boat — but better than drowning, or swimming with sharks.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! In over 20 years of online retailing this is the best and most comprehensive bit of help I've ever had relating to the dreaded SEO. I really appreciate it - many thanks again — Barbara H. SEO: (5/5)

A Safer Budget SEO Package

This low cost SEO package can help you to gradually pull ahead of competitors who aren’t investing in effective SEO. It uses specialist small business SEO techniques driven by your site’s stats. We’ll target the search phrases your site is most likely to gain traffic for. As those build up your domain’s authority (“DA”), it will gradually get easier to rank for more powerful phrases.

So progress will be slower, but may be more sustainable, at just £120 per month.

Still, this Budget SEO plan is essentially a smaller version of my Starter SEO Plus package. So each month, we can either do up to 2 hours of on-site SEO, build one link (DA 10+) or 25 basic “citations” (on popular directories), or create one article of up to 750 words for your blog. If you haven’t done SEO before, we may need to start by connecting analytics systems to give us the stats we’ll need in later months.

The package has a six-month minimum term, then renews quarterly — although you can upgrade to one of my SEO Plus packages at any time.

Still not sure if Budget SEO can help you?

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