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Standard SEO Plans

Traditional Small Business SEO Plans

Standard SEO plans target groups of known, spe­cific keywords. So these plans can help if you’ve been running keyword-spe­cific paid ads for a while and know they work.

If you’re new to digital mar­keting, my SEO Plus plans are more flexible. So if you need help choosing, please get in touch.

What’s Included?

  • On-page content optimization
  • Link building by writing high quality, unique art­icles on niche related blogs and industry sites
  • Creating dir­ectory cita­tions to enhance maps listings.
  • Improving Twitter/Facebook Likes/Shares.
  • Keyword Tracking

Many SEO com­panies price their SEO packages based on the number of indi­vidual phrases tar­geted. These standard SEO plans offer better value for money by including groups of similar and related phrases.

So the single keyword group plan is a starter SEO cam­paign for small busi­nesses that want to get their website found in Google. The more advanced plans focus on mul­tiple areas of business. That makes those plans perfect for busi­nesses that want to be more visible in Google for mul­tiple products, ser­vices or locations.

Standard SEO: 1 Keyword Group 
£350.00/month until can­celled
Standard SEO: 4 Keyword Groups 
£875.00/month until can­celled
Standard SEO: 2 Keyword Groups 
£525.00/month until can­celled
Standard SEO: 5 Keyword Groups 
£1,050.00/month until can­celled
Standard SEO: 3 Keyword Groups 
£700.00/month until can­celled
Standard SEO: 6 Keyword Groups 
£1,225.00/month until can­celled
Search engines pen­alise sites using quick-fix SEO tech­niques to stop people rigging the system. So safe, ‘white-hat’ SEO typ­ically takes six to twelve months to start yielding results. As such, these plans have a minimum term of 3 months, then renew monthly.