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Simple Websites

Affordable Web Design For Small Businesses

Want to get your small business online easily and cost-effect­ively? These simple site packages can help! Whilst web­sites vary a lot, there are a few popular base types of small business website:

  • Static web­sites have a fixed number of non-editable pages
  • CMS web­sites offer an unlimited number of editable pages
  • Eco­m­merce web­sites add shopping fea­tures to an editable site

You probably already know which you need, and why. Your cus­tomers are online, and prefer to buy from firms with a pro­fes­sional web presence. Any­thing less will cost you more in lost sales than investing in pro­fes­sional web design.

Designing business web­sites is not like setting up per­sonal sites. Looks alone won’t bring success, so common pit­falls, uncertain planning and poor advice waste a lot of time and money, often before people even call an exper­i­enced web designer. So let’s not waste any more of your valuable time.

Simple Website Building Process

First, if you aren’t sure what you need, book a FREE CONSULTATION, or just call meWith decades of exper­ience in business web design and ment­oring startups, I can help you avoid the pit­falls. Then, when you’re ready to proceed:

  1. Pick one of the base packages below — or if you need some­thing more advanced, ask me about Pro­fes­sional Web­sites.
  2. I’ll guide you through providing the details your site needs. I can also provide logo design and copy writing ser­vices if you need help with those.
  3. You’ll be able to review your new website before go-live and request changes if needed.

Web Design Packages

Keeping Website Design Affordable

Standard types of small business website don’t need to reinvent the wheel. So these packages use common com­ponents to save a lot of time and keep simple site prices affordable and pre­dictable. Whilst bespoke design and coding can add a lot of value, those premium web design and devel­opment ser­vices take far more time. So please see my Pro­fes­sional Web­sites page if you want the benefits of an in-depth design process. If you’re unsure though, please ask.

Accelerated Launch: A Small Business SEO Boost

Simple website launchOne of the best ways to achieve affordable web design is to make sure cus­tomers can find your new site! That’s not as auto­matic as most people think.

Now to be clear, all these small business web design packages include key SEO ele­ments. That includes noti­fying the search engines at launch.

However, even then, Bing often won’t list sites at all until at least one other website links to them. Google, mean­while, may give you a decent rank for your own business name — but that only helps folks find you if they already know your name.

Search Engine Optim­isation (SEO) is tricky, but without it, you’ll need to con­stantly pay for ads to deliver vis­itors. That can soon get expensive — and addictive if you don’t get much unpaid “organic” website traffic.

SEO delivers that free organic traffic, but it takes time. So it’s crucial to start on it as soon as pos­sible. Getting listed in online dir­ect­ories and building that initial backlink soon after launch makes a big dif­ference.

If that sounds helpful, choose the “Accel­erated Launch” option after checkout.

Single Page Websites

If you’re just looking for cheap web design to get your small business online, a one page website may be the answer. With a domain, email and a contact form, it can give you a basic web presence to list on your advert­ising.

For trans­parency, single page web­sites rarely do well in search engines without the kind of off-site SEO provided by my small business SEO packages. Still, a one page site can help you to collect leads and look more pro­fes­sional online.

Inter­ested? Select a “Static Site” and use the code “ONEPAGE” for £200 off the setup fee.

Not sure what you need?

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