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Simple Websites

Affordable Web Design For Small Businesses

Want to get your small business online easily and cost-effect­ively? These simple site packages can help! Whilst web­sites vary a lot, there are a few popular base types of small business website design:

  • Static web­sites have a fixed number of non-editable pages
  • CMS web­sites offer unlimited, editable pages (far better for SEO!)
  • Ecommerce web­sites add shopping fea­tures to an editable site

Your cus­tomers expect to see a pro­fes­sional web presence. However, designing business web­sites is not like per­sonal website design.

Designing Small Business Websites

Your com­pet­itors invest in business web design to win the mar­keting race. So you need a site that helps you compete. There’s far more to that than meets the eye.

Common mis­takes, poor advice and delays waste time and money. So let me help you avoid the pit­falls of business web design, as I’ve helped other small firms and startups for two decades. Just pick one of the small business web design packages below — or book a FREE CONSULTATION.

Need some­thing more advanced? Able to invest a little more to achieve more? Ask me about Professional Websites.

Affordable Web Design Packages

Web design includes site structure & tem­plate cus­tom­isation. Full bespoke design and pro­fes­sional copy writing also available.

Keeping Small Business Website Design Affordable

Basic web design solu­tions don’t need to reinvent the wheel. So these small business website design packages keep simple website design prices affordable and pre­dictable.

Whilst bespoke design and coding do add value, they take more time. So my Professional Websites offer those.

These simple website packages offer affordable web design and SEO for small business backed by decades of exper­ience. They are built to pro­fes­sional standards with the fea­tures most small busi­nesses need. Still, they pri­or­itise per­formance and security more than other inex­pensive web design solu­tions, to give you the best start pos­sible.

Still Planning Your First Small Business Website?

If you’re unsure, please ask for advice. I’ve been helping small busi­nesses get online since 1997 (freelance since 2005). So I can help with website content writing and planning digital mar­keting strategies as well as website design, devel­opment, SEO and more.

Meanwhile, nothing costs more than missed oppor­tun­ities. You’ll always be too busy to start until you do — but the world won’t wait for you. In fact, many business owners engage mentors to help them stick to their own plans. A little friendly account­ab­ility can make all the dif­ference. So I’m here to help — just ask.

Excellent and pro­fes­sional work from beginning to end. Pete was open to ideas and able to make sug­ges­tions on how to develop my site. — Lisa P. Web Design: (5/5)

Accelerated Launch: A Small Business SEO Boost

Simple website launch - affordable small business SEO for affordable small business web designTruly affordable web design pays for itself. However, that needs cus­tomers to find your new site. That’s not auto­matic.

Bing often won’t list sites at all until others link to them. Similarly, Google may only rank your site well for your business name. However, that only reaches pro­spects who already know you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fixes that. It delivers free “organic” traffic. That’s far cheaper than buying vis­itors through ads. Still, SEO does take time. So it’s vital to start as soon as you can.

Affordable Web Design Needs Affordable SEO

Now to clarify, all these small business web design packages include basic on-site SEO. Still, it helps to build your first backlink and other online listings at launch. That’s what my “Accelerated Launch” option offers.

Single Page Websites

The affordable small business website design packages above are the most cost-effective way to get your small business online. That’s because cost-effective is better than cheap. So these entry-level packages are inex­pensive, yet cover the essen­tials.

Still, if you do just want cheap web design to list on your advert­ising, a one page website can offer a basic web presence.

However, single page web­sites do need off-site pro­motion like my small business SEO packages, social media mar­keting or paid ads. Otherwise, they get few vis­itors. With those in place though, a one page site can help you to collect leads and look more pro­fes­sional online.

So is that what you’re looking for? Then just select a “Static Site” and use the code “ONEPAGE” for 50% off.

Not sure what you need?

Ask for advice