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Affordable Business Website Layouts

Bespoke web design takes a lot of time, so my affordable business website packages use pre-designed tem­plates to speed that up. We’d still need to replace the demo text and images with your own content, but cusom­ising tem­plates usually cuts design time down to days instead of months.

Still, some tem­plates are built better than others. Whilst you may not see that dif­fer­erence, it can affect search rankings, and the general flex­ib­ility of your site. So here are just a few hundred of the thou­sands of high-quality tem­plates we could use for your site.

Please note that these demos only show CMS and Ecommerce tem­plates, as those are the most cost-effective and popular solu­tions. Static sites are more lim­iting (espe­cially with SEO), but can still look good. I’ll try to sort out some sep­arate demos of those if there’s enough interest.

Still, hope­fully these will give you an idea of what can be done, and the sorts of text blocks we may need. Just click on the images to open the demo sites in a new window.

See one you like? Please let me know.