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Copy of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Managed social media marketing for UK SMEsSocial media mar­keting boosts sales. Regular social media posts build branding, gain fol­lowers, help new clients to find you — and can boost SEO, too!

However, folks won’t follow channels full of ads. So effective social media mar­keting needs to balance advert­ising with non-pro­mo­tional posts.

Finding hours every day to keep social media channels active can be hard for small busi­nesses, though. That’s why many small busi­nesses in the UK need a little social media mar­keting help.

So, would you like to out­source your social media mar­keting from under £4.50 a day?

Save time on your Social Media Marketing

My managed social media mar­keting ser­vices let you focus on your work — or your work-life balance — without neg­lecting your mar­keting. So you can relax, knowing your fol­lowers will see the fre­quent updates they expect. Here’s what you get:


2 daily posts
5 weekly image posts

Laser-tar­geted B2C


3 – 4 daily tweets
5 weekly image tweets

Grows brand awareness


2 daily updates*
5 weekly image posts*

Best for B2B


Active fol­lower building
(see below)

Great for visual brands

* Per­sonal pages only

How many channels do you want help with?

How many channels do you want help with?

Social Media Mar­keting 1 Channel
£125.00/month until can­celled
Social Media Mar­keting 3 Channels
£275.00/month until can­celled
Social Media Mar­keting 2 Channels
£200.00/month until can­celled
Social Media Mar­keting 4 Channels
£350.00/month until can­celled

Grow Your Instagram Following!

Rather than cre­ating content (which the Social Media Dash­board below can help with anyway), the paid “Ins­tagram” channel helps you grow your Ins­tagram fol­lowers. Here’s how:

  • You identify 10 ‘target’ feeds with a target audience similar to yours
  • We track their fol­lowers, occa­sionally ‘liking’ selected photos that they post (saving you hours of work!)
  • The ‘likes’ prompt those people to check your feed out — and follow you if they like your content

Whilst it can’t force people to follow you, they’ll see your awesome images — and then how could they resist, right?

Multi-Channel Social Media Made Easy

Paid plans also get my Pro Social Media Dash­board, worth £150 per year, for free:

  • Research, create and schedule posts for mul­tiple social media plat­forms — all in one place!
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pin­terest, Telegram, Ins­tagram, SnapChatWhatsApp
  • Create viral image posts and memes with the built-in image editor and huge photo library
  • Access training resources to help you set up your social channels and boost your business
  • Research trending hashtags to make your posts as visible as pos­sible

Don’t fall behind — put your social media mar­keting on auto­pilot today!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ad campaignsWant to create your own social media content, but need some help with man­aging your social media ads, building audi­ences and retar­geting? My unique, flexible “SEO Plus” digital mar­keting plans can help!

Starting at just £300 per month* my Standard plan covers:

  • Con­sultation & research
  • Landing Page review
  • Facebook Pixel install­ation
  • Con­version tracking setup
  • Custom Audience cre­ation
  • Ad Planning
  • Ad cre­ation (copy & image)
  • Ad mon­it­oring & optim­isation

All that, plus freedom to switch to other digital mar­keting tactics as you wish.

Social Video Marketing

Videos get even more reach than image-based ads on social media. Watching a video is also meas­urable engagement, which tends to reduce cost-per-click (CPC). So if you prefer to replace the image ad with a video, I offer cost-effective short sales videos, too.

* Ad budget (min. £75/mo.) not included. Ad budgets over £1.5k/mo. need extra man­agement, so please contact me for prices.

FAQs for Managed Social Media Marketing

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media mar­keting has gone from being a “business option” to being a “business essential”, as the main benefits include:

  • Finding Cus­tomers: Your potential cus­tomers are on social media. So they expect busi­nesses to be there, too.
  • Building Trust: Being active on social media shows you’re “open for business”, boosting your website con­version rates. Like regular website updates, social media activity reas­sures your audience that they’ll get prompt replies to their enquiries.
  • Exposure & Branding: Tra­di­tional advert­ising expects pro­spects to see an advert seven times before taking action. Social media lets you achieve that without seeming pushy. So it’s a great way to raise awareness and interest in your brand.
  • Beating Com­pet­itors: Many firms still struggle with social media. So this is your chance to get ahead. If your com­pet­itors are using social net­works though, don’t get left behind!
  • Growing your Market: More fol­lowers means more mar­keting power. Using rel­evant hashtags can get your brand into the right con­ver­sa­tions. That can build a loyal fol­lowing that you can market to at any time, at no extra cost! The more fol­lowers you have, the more others will want to join in, too.
  • Boosting your Authority: People see a busy social network with rel­evant hints and tips as an authority. This increases cred­ib­ility and boosts your sales con­version rates.
  • SEO: Google sees active social media channels as pos­itive ranking signals that help to push your website up the rankings.
  • Website Traffic: Tar­geting the right hashtags will drive extra traffic to your website. As you gain fol­lowers, increased brand exposure and better search pos­i­tioning will bring more traffic from Google too. Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds can also appear in Google’s search results.

Why do I need this? Couldn’t I do it myself?

Pos­sibly — but time is money and you can never get wasted time back. So DIY will actually cost you more.

Keeping your social media feed active takes a lot of ded­ic­ation. It means logging in to post several times a day. Building your social channels and growing your social network takes time and patience.

Social media evolves quickly, too — and there’s a fair bit of jargon. We keep up with trends and under­stand hashtags, memes and mash-ups so you don’t have to.

What sort of thing will you post to my social media channels?

My team will profile your business to ensure we stay on-brand. So we’ll publish a great mix of posts to promote you on social media. The key word here is “social”. So we keep it enter­taining (when appro­priate) whilst pro­moting your brand. We’ll also research and post facts, tips and trivia about your industry.

Your posts will then be written by a native English speaker and scheduled in the dash­board a week ahead of pub­lic­ation. So, you’ll be able to check everything before it goes out and edit it if you want.

We’ll also post suitable images occa­sionally. This keeps your pages looking good and encourages viral mar­keting, as images get shared and re-shared more often than text posts. If you haven’t got enough images yourself, we’ll provide royalty free stock photos that com­plement your business.

We nor­mally post 5 days a week, as that’s ideal for most business social media. Still, if you need us to post seven days a week, that can be arranged too.

Can I still post to my social media?

Abso­lutely! We’ll be handling the day-to-day content, but you can still provide your unique input and business-spe­cific news. After all, you’re the expert in your own field. So please post your own content as often as you like.

Can I still use other social media marketing tools?

Yes, though you may find you don’t need to. Most other multi-channel social media tools limit fea­tures like scheduling, and can be quite costly. Still, if you like them and have data stored in them, there’s no need to switch.

My free Social Media Dash­board will still let you check the posts we schedule for you. It will also help you to schedule your own posts, research and share more art­icles, and create viral social media images.

Still, with these Managed Social Media Mar­keting ser­vices keeping your brand channels alive, you can relax. So, you’ll only need to post when you have special news or pro­mo­tions, or in response to enquiries.

How will customers find me?

Social media mar­keting is online word-of-mouth mar­keting (i.e. net­working). Con­trib­uting to con­ver­sa­tions builds your repu­tation, but getting started can be daunting. How do you find the right con­ver­sa­tions? How will cus­tomers find yours?

Luckily, unlike offline net­works, social media channels offer search facil­ities. So just having a presence on these net­works gives potential cus­tomers another way to find you. However, people often seek con­ver­sa­tions about topics, rather than people. That’s why Twitter invented hashtags.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are sim­plified keywords for social media search engines. For normal search engines, SEO keywords are best used in natural lan­guage sen­tences. Social media moves too fast for that though, so topic keywords need to stand out. They start with a “#” sign (aka “hash”, “pound” or “sharp”) and contain only letters or numbers.

Trending hashtags get a lot of traffic, so hashtag mar­keting can be very effective. Also, large brands often listen for and repost hashtags about their products and ser­vices. So the biggest hashtag mistake is for­getting to use them. Another is using a tag that seems intu­itive, but that’s just a few letters off one that’s already trending. My social media dash­board can help you avoid that, though. It lets you research popular hashtags relating to your posts before you publish them.

Pro­moters also often ask fol­lowers to talk about special events with a spe­cific hashtag, before, during and after the event. Local hashtags like #Cardiff or #Bristol can help to focus your social media mar­keting on local markets, too.

Are you a social media agency?

Not just a social media agency, no. I’m a web con­sultant with decades of rel­evant exper­ience, based in Newport, South Wales, near Cardiff and Bristol. I provide a wide range of digital mar­keting ser­vices, from web design to SEO and video mar­keting.