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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Boost brand awareness from £4 a day

Social media mar­keting boosts sales. Regular social media posts build brand awareness, gain fol­lowers, help new clients to find you — and can boost SEO, too!

People buy from those they know, like and trust. Yet no-one likes or trusts channels full of ads. So effective social media mar­keting drip-feeds posts that inform and entertain to build branding and engagement.

Finding hours each day to keep social media channels active can be hard for small busi­nesses, though. That’s why many small busi­nesses in the UK need a little social media mar­keting help.

So, would you like to out­source your social media mar­keting from just £4 a day?

Save Time On Your Social Media Marketing

My managed social media mar­keting ser­vices let you focus on your work — or your work-life balance — without neg­lecting your mar­keting. So you can relax, knowing your fol­lowers will see the fre­quent updates they expect. Here’s what you get:


2 daily posts
5 weekly image posts

Great for B2C


3 – 4 daily tweets
5 weekly image tweets

Grows brand awareness


2 daily updates*
5 weekly image posts*

Best for B2B


Active fol­lower building
(see below)

Great for visual brands

* Personal pages only

How many channels do you need help with?

SMM: 1 Channel 
£120.00/month until can­celled
£50.00 (setup fee)
SMM: 2 Channels 
£195.00/month until can­celled
£50.00 (setup fee)
SMM: 3 Channels 
£270.00/month until can­celled
£50.00 (setup fee)
SMM: 4 Channels 
£345.00/month until can­celled
£50.00 (setup fee)

Grow Your Instagram Following!

Instagram wants you to share viral images from your phone. The Social Media Dashboard helps you create those images, so the “Instagram” service helps you grow your Instagram fol­lowers. Here’s how:

  • You identify 10 ‘target’ feeds with a target audience similar to yours
  • We track their fol­lowers, occa­sionally ‘liking’ selected photos that they post (saving you hours of work!)
  • The ‘likes’ prompt those people to check your feed out

So more of your target audience will see your awesome images — and then how could they resist fol­lowing you, right?

FREE Social Media Dashboard

Paid plans also get my Pro Social Media Dashboard, worth £150 per year, for free:

  • Research, create and schedule posts for mul­tiple social media plat­forms — all in one place!
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Create viral image posts and memes with the built-in image editor and huge photo library
  • Access social media training resources to help you set up your social channels and boost your business
  • Research trending hashtags to make your posts more visible

FAQs for Managed Social Media Marketing

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media mar­keting has gone from being a “business option” to being a “business essential”, as its benefits include:

  • Finding Customers: Your potential cus­tomers are on social media. So they expect busi­nesses to be there, too.
  • Building Trust: Being active on social media shows you’re “open for business”, boosting your website con­version rates. So regular social media posts reassure your audience that they’ll get prompt replies to their enquiries.
  • Exposure & Branding: Traditionally, pro­spects usually see an advert seven times before taking action. Social media mar­keting lets you achieve that without seeming pushy. So it’s a great way to raise awareness and interest in your brand.
  • Beating Competitors: Many small busi­nesses still struggle with social media mar­keting. So this is your chance to get ahead — or at least to avoid getting left behind!
  • Growing your Market: More fol­lowers means more social media mar­keting power. So using rel­evant hashtags can get your brand into the right con­ver­sa­tions. That can build a loyal fol­lowing that you can market to at any time, at no extra cost! Also, the more fol­lowers you have, the more others will want to join in.
  • Boosting your Authority: People see a busy social network with rel­evant hints and tips as an authority. This increases cred­ib­ility and boosts your sales con­version rates.
  • SEO: Google sees active social media channels as pos­itive ranking signals that help to push your website up the rankings.
  • Website Traffic: Targeting the right hashtags drives traffic to your website. As you gain fol­lowers, increased brand exposure and better search pos­i­tioning bring more traffic from Google too. Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds can also appear in Google’s search results.

Does Social Media Marketing help local businesses?

Yes, social media mar­keting can be a very powerful tool both for small busi­nesses and those that serve a spe­cific loc­ation. Why? Partly because that’s where your cus­tomers are — and social media users are always looking for recom­mend­a­tions for local ser­vices. The more often you can drop helpful, non-salesy posts in front of them, the more they are likely to think of you when they need you.

Also, social media chanels learn a lot about their users including our loc­ation. Some of them can even tell if we live in Bristol but take a day trip to Cardiff. They use that data to tailor who gets to see which posts and ads. So if you’re a local business trying to reach cus­tomers in your local area, you need a regular presence on social media.

Why do I need this? Couldn’t I do it myself?

Sure, if you have the time and inclin­ation. Still, time is money and you can never get wasted time back. So DIY actually costs you more.

Keeping your social media feed active takes a lot of ded­ic­ation. Without the right tools, social media mar­keting can mean logging in to post several times a day. Building your social channels and growing your social network takes time and patience.

Social media evolves quickly, too — and there’s a fair bit of jargon. My team has been providing social media content for small busi­nesses since 2013. We keep up with trends and under­stand hashtags, memes and mash-ups so you don’t have to.

I tried doing this myself — why didn’t it work for me?

Well, the most common mistake in small business social media mar­keting is ignoring the two key words — “social” and “mar­keting”.

People rarely use social media spe­cifically to view ads and buy stuff. They go there to socialise, and they buy from people they know, like and trust. So mar­keting is not the same as sales. Marketing is about letting your audience get to know, like and trust you, and gen­er­ating the interest that leads to sales.

Publishing a channel full of ads and nothing else is not sociable, and it is more about sales than mar­keting. Yet that’s exactly what most small busi­nesses do — and see pre­dictably poor results. Then they com­plain that social media mar­keting hasn’t worked for them, but the truth is that they were selling, not social marketing.

Of course, it can be hard to find time for mar­keting when what you want to be doing is selling. That’s what these social media mar­keting packages are for. We do the mar­keting that makes your sales pitches seem more acceptable to social media audiences.

What sort of thing will you post to my social media channels?

My team will profile your business to ensure we stay on-brand. So we’ll publish a great mix of posts to promote you on social media. The key word here is “social”. So we keep it enter­taining (when appro­priate) whilst pro­moting your brand. We’ll also research and post facts, tips and trivia about your industry.

We’re based in the UK, so your posts will be written by a native English speaker. Then they will be scheduled in the dash­board a week ahead of pub­lic­ation. So, you’ll be able to check everything before it goes out and edit it if you want.

We’ll also post suitable images occa­sionally. This keeps your pages looking good and encourages viral mar­keting, as images get shared and re-shared more often than text posts. So it helps if you can provide images for us to use. However, if you can’t, we’ll provide royalty free stock photos that com­plement your business.

We nor­mally post 5 days a week, as that’s ideal for most small business social media mar­keting pur­poses. However, those can be any days of the week — and if you need us to post every day, that can be arranged too.

Can I still post to my social media?

Absolutely! We’ll be handling the day-to-day content, but you can still provide your unique input and business-spe­cific news. After all, you’re the expert in your own field. So please post your own content as often as you like.

With these managed Social Media Marketing ser­vices keeping your brand channels alive, you can relax. So, you’ll only need to post when you have special news or pro­mo­tions, or in response to enquiries.

Can you help with running Facebook ads?

Yes, through my flexible “SEO Plus” digital mar­keting plans — which offer far more than just small business SEO.

Who manages audience interactions?

You do — because that’s actually vital for your business!

Small business owners often want to out­source social media mar­keting com­pletely. Whilst that’s under­standable, you  need to build per­sonal rela­tion­ships with your audience and get direct feedback from them.

Those inter­ac­tions can shift very quickly from social media mar­keting (interest-gen­er­ating) activ­ities to sales activ­ities. So you need to be in control of that trans­ition. Outsourcing sales activ­ities to a social media spe­cialist requires a highly bespoke service, and a much bigger budget.

These are basic social media mar­keting packages for small busi­nesses in the UK*. So they aim to help with brand-building, boosting engagement and SEO. They also create more and better oppor­tun­ities for you to interact with, and advertise to, potential customers.

* Still, we can work inter­na­tionally if needed. For clarity, we write social medai posts for English-speaking audi­ences, but can schedule them for any time zone, Also, clients often prefer local social media man­agement ser­vices, and I’m based in Newport, South Wales (Casnewydd). So Cardiff or Bristol are very local, as are most of South Wales and the Southwest.

Can I still use other social media marketing tools?

Most other multi-channel social media tools limit fea­tures like scheduling, and can be quite costly. Still, if you already have data stored in them, there’s no need to drop them. My free Social Media Dashboard will still let you check the posts we schedule for you. It will also help you to schedule your own posts, research and share more art­icles, and create viral social media images.

How will customers find me?

Social media mar­keting is online word-of-mouth mar­keting (i.e. net­working). Contributing to con­ver­sa­tions builds your repu­tation, but getting started can be daunting. How do you find the right con­ver­sa­tions? How will cus­tomers find yours?

Luckily, unlike offline net­works, social media channels offer search facil­ities. So just having a presence on these net­works gives potential cus­tomers another way to find you. However, people often seek con­ver­sa­tions about topics, rather than people. That’s why Twitter invented hashtags.

What are hashtags and hashtag marketing?

You probably already what hashtags look like. They start with a “#” sign (aka “hash”, “pound” or “sharp”) and contain only letters or numbers. Still, what are they, and why are they important in social media marketing?

Hashtags are sim­plified keywords for social media search engines. Normal search engines prefer to see SEO keywords used in natural lan­guage sen­tences on your web pages. However, social media moves too fast for that, so topic keywords need to stand out.

Trending hashtags get a lot of traffic, so hashtag mar­keting can be very effective. Also, large brands often listen for and repost hashtags about their products and services.

So the biggest hashtag mistake is for­getting to use them. Another is using a tag that seems intu­itive, but that’s just a few letters off one that’s already trending. My social media dash­board can help you avoid that, though. It lets you research popular hashtags relating to your posts before you publish them.

Promoters also often ask fol­lowers to talk about special events with a spe­cific hashtag, before, during and after the event. Local hashtags like #Cardiff or #Bristol can help to focus your social media mar­keting on local markets, too.

Will I still need a website? Is a Facebook Page enough?

Yes, you will still need a website, and no, a Facebook Page will not be enough. Customers prefer to buy from busi­nesses that seem more pro­fes­sional and trust­worthy. They know Facebook Pages are free and easy for any amateur to set up, so those add no cred­ib­ility on their own.

Social media sites are channels for dir­ecting traffic to a pro­fes­sional web presence. Even a simple site tells your cus­tomers that you have enough con­fidence in your own business to have invested in it. That builds trust, and trust builds sales.

Are you a social media agency?

Not just a social media agency, no. I’ve been helping UK firms grow online since 1997, and set up Netcentrics.co.uk to better serve small busi­nesses. So I offer many other digital mar­keting ser­vices too, from web design to SEO and video mar­keting. Being based in Newport, South Wales, I’m a local social media mar­keting agency if you’re near Cardiff and Bristol. Otherwise, I work remotely anyway, so these small business social media mar­keting packages can help wherever you are.