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Managed Social Media Marketing

Managed social media

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Social media marketing builds sales leads just like other forms of networking. Regular social media posts build branding, gain followers and help new clients to find you — and they can help with search positioning, too.

Still, many small businesses struggle to find time to post on social media channels often enough. When they do, many focus on self-promotion — but any channel that is more than 20% ads tends to put audiences off.

Effective social media marketing needs lots of posts that are relevant to your audience’s interests, but not promotional. Links to articles across the web can be fine for that, but finding and posting those can easily take an hour or more each day.

So, how would you like to put your social media profiles on autopilot?

My managed social media marketing services let you focus on your work, without abandoning your social marketing channels. Even when you’re on holiday or ill, your followers will see the frequent updates they expect from a professional brand. So, you’ll only need to post when you have special news or promotions, or in response to enquiries.

Save hours each week on your Social Media Marketing

Outsource your social media marketing from just £150 a month for your first social channel (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). Want more coverage? Add the other channels for just £75 a month each. Depending on which channels you choose, you’ll get:


3–4 daily tweets
5 weekly image tweets


2 daily posts
5 weekly image posts


2 daily updates
5 weekly image posts

You’ll also get all the Pro Social Media Dashboard features, worth over £130 per year, for free. These include:

  • An image editor and huge photo library for creating extra viral image posts and memes
  • Training resources to help you set up your social channels and use them effectively
  • Tools to help you research popular hashtags and content for your own posts

Your posts will be written by a native English speaker, and scheduled in the dashboard a week ahead of publication. So, you’ll be able to check everything before it goes out and amend or edit it if you want.

These fantastic managed social media services are normally provided 5 days a week, as that’s ideal for most business social media. Still, if you need to post seven days a week, that can be arranged too.

Sign up for Managed Social Media today

It really couldn’t be simpler! Just check the terms here, then click one of the buttons below — depending on how many channels you want covered — to get the ball rolling.

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If that’s still not enough — if you want to outsource your social media marketing completely — then my full, Done-For-You Social Media Campaign packages are for you!