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Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaignsDo you want to outsource your social media campaigns completely? If so, you’re in the right place!

Social media marketing works best when less than 20% of your updates are about selling. So, basic Managed Social Media Marketing services are meant to bulk out your own updates. They provide relevant non-sales posts to let you stay focused on your business.

With those services, though, you’ll still need to add your own promotions and company news and interact with your followers regularly. Advanced Social Media and Full-Service Social Media Campaigns handle those tasks for you too — and more! With valuable video and content marketing features, you’ll get massive marketing power with huge savings on the time and cost of doing all this in-house.

What's included in my basic Managed Social Media Marketing Services? Click here for a quick recap

  • A Pro Social Media Dashboard account (FREE trial here), including:
    • Article search features to help you find interesting content for your followers
    • Scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Telegram
    • A Visual Composer to help you create viral image posts without Photoshop!
    • A library of over one million stock images
    • Hashtag search features to grow your audience
    • Stats for your social media accounts
    • In-app training on how to build your social media following
  • Social Media Marketing Updates across three channels, written by a native English speaker. These are scheduled a week in advance, so that you can review them before publication. The channels covered are:
    • Twitter: 3-4 daily tweets and 5 weekly image tweets
    • Facebook: 2 daily posts and 5 weekly image posts
    • LinkedIn: 2 daily updates and 5 weekly image posts

If this is all you need, check out my page on Managed Social Media Marketing

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Do you want a strong social media sales engine but are simply too busy to implement it? Would you like your social media profiles managed by experts? Would it help if they also published sales posts for your short-term and seasonal promotions?

Advanced Social Media Marketing includes everything in the Managed package above, plus:

  • Three extra services — Google+, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Sales posts to help with your short duration and seasonal promotions
  • A custom-built whiteboard “explainer” video for your company
  • 2 branded custom designs in the Visual Composer
  • Brand your own social dashboard

…and all from just £997 per month.

Full-Service Social Media Campaigns

Finally, if you want true Done-For-You Social Media, this is it. Serious digital marketing goes beyond social media though, so this package includes Content Marketingblogging, Press Releases and videos. It’s like employing a team of social media and digital marketing experts, but at a fraction of the price!

Full-Service Social Media Campaigns include everything in the Advanced package above, plus:

  • Interaction — replying to comments and questions in your social channels
  • Retargeting with social media ads designed to drive traffic to your website
  • 10 branded custom designs in the Visual Composer
  • Core Content Marketing services:
    • Weekly blog articles posted on your website and promoted on your social channels
    • Press Releases to promote your company news. These will be published and distributed each month if applicable
    • Custom videos for your promotions, products or services

Doing all this in-house could easily cost five figures a month — so get it here instead from just £3397 per month.

Do you need Advanced Social Media Marketing? Or Full-Service Social Media?

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