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So Newport is back in lockdown, and Cardiff and Bristol may soon follow. Whatever happens, with everyone now online, this autumn’s mar­keting season will be more com­pet­itive than ever, and there’s no time to waste in getting started. So this seems a good time to mention that I offer a FREE social media dash­board to save tons of time with your social media marketing.

Social media mar­keting doesn’t get any easier. This dash­board helps you to create, schedule and re-use posts across the main social media channels, with a simple cal­endar interface. Just create a few days’ worth of posts whenever you have time, and set them for when your audience are online.

Stuck for inspir­ation? The social media dash­board includes tools to create viral images and research rel­evant content from across the web. If you’re new to this, it includes a training section and helps you to research the best hashtags, too.

Interested? Learn more here, or just click on the image to start the signup process.

Why Social Media Marketing?

You need to be where your cus­tomers are. When I started my first business (before the Internet), that single prin­ciple was worth paying town-centre-shop rent and rates for. Shoppers went to town, so I had to be in town, no matter how much it cut into my profits.

For some time now, shoppers have been mostly online. This year has just accel­erated that inev­itable shift. Most don’t want to have to go back to com­muting into town for work and shopping. This is the new normal, and your chance to ditch costly town-centre property costs, if you can. Remember — I’m saying this as an ex-shop-owner, not just a techie.

Still, people do still want social contact — so social media is booming. Even more than it already was. So yes, delib­erate shoppers will almost always check you out on Google and review sites, but the passing trade, net­working and word-of-mouth? Those are now all on social media. That’s not a perfect situ­ation, but neither was com­muting. In any case, a social media presence is now as important as a town-centre property used to be.

Social Media Pitfalls

There are tricks to getting social media to work for you, though. The most obvious problem is that it can become a huge time-sink. Without a social media dash­board to schedule posts across mul­tiple channels, you need to log in to each system every day to post some­thing rel­evant for your audience.

Using those systems dir­ectly means being bom­barded with news and opinions focused more on pro­voking reac­tions than on deliv­ering the truth. One trigger from a robot troll, and it’s easy to get sucked in. The social media dash­board helps you to avoid most of that.

The other big mistake many small busi­nesses make on social media is only posting pro­mo­tional material. When people say social media “didn’t work” for them, that’s often the reason.

Few people will follow a channel full of ads. So the social media dash­board helps you to research and create other stuff to post, between your ads. Four to five non-pro­mo­tional posts for each ad is often a good balance.

That can feel like a dis­traction from making sales, but by that measure, so is making small-talk with cus­tomers in a shop. Marketing is the stuff that leads to making sales. Still, if you need help with that, the dash­board can work with my social media mar­keting ser­vices, too. Otherwise, it’s just a free tool, made to help you manage your social media marketing.

Get Your Small Business Social Marketing Tool

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