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Back to School Sale

It’s that time of year, again — when get­ting kids back to school means smal­ler busi­nesses struggle to find time for vital sea­son­al mar­ket­ing. Also, it seems some folks were dis­ap­poin­ted to miss my Anniversary Sale because they didn’t have time to sign up.

So, I’m (par­tially) re-open­ing the sale for a few days more, and mak­ing it super-easy for you.

Some of the deals were just too big to repeat, but most are re-lis­ted below — this time with PayP­al but­tons for quick and easy signup. Just please note that:

  • Any pay­ment made con­sti­tutes accept­ance of my cur­rent Terms
  • I only deal with UK-based firms that I truly believe I can help. If you don’t seem to fall into that cat­egory, I’ll refund your order ASAP, no harm, no foul

Here’s the deal

Use the but­tons below to order any of the digit­al mar­ket­ing ser­vices lis­ted below by Sat­urday, Septem­ber 1st 2018, and you’ll get 10% off.

It’s even bet­ter for the monthly ser­vices: I nor­mally run those by dir­ect deb­it, on a min­im­um six-month term. Here, though, you can try one month* at 10% off, and if you decide to con­tin­ue, I’ll lock in that dis­count for the next six months!

* N.B.: While these “tasters” will show you what’s involved, you’d need to stick with them to see real res­ults.

Please check out the links in each sec­tion below for full details — and demos, where applic­able.

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SEO Plans

These bespoke SEO Plans are designed to give small firms cost-effect­ive, safe search engine pro­mo­tion options and the flex­ib­il­ity to adapt to your chan­ging busi­ness needs each month:

Ser­viceSale*Buy Now!
Budget Plan£150/month £135Sorry, sale’s over — but you can still get my SEO Plans here
Stand­ard Plan£350/month £315
Pro Plan£600/month £540

* One-month “taster” as noted above.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

My Man­aged Social Media plans are cost-effect­ive time-savers for the most pop­u­lar busi­ness chan­nels (Face­book, Twit­ter and/or Linked­In). They use a spe­cial, multi-chan­nel social dash­board to provide reg­u­lar con­tent in your social feeds. That keeps your audi­ence grow­ing, whilst you get on with run­ning your busi­ness. Train­ing resources and an image post cre­at­or are included to help you make the most of social media for your busi­ness when you do get time!

If you need to fully out­source your social media, my Advanced and Done-For-You Social Media Cam­paigns, provide con­tent for up to six major chan­nels — and much more! The Done-For-You option is like hav­ing a full team of social media experts work­ing for you, at a frac­tion of the price. Sorry, though — I can’t repeat my pre­vi­ous offer on those!

Ser­viceSale*Buy Now!
1 Chan­nel£150/month £135Sorry, sale’s over — but you can still get Social Media Mar­ket­ing help here
2 Chan­nels£225/month £202.50
3 Chan­nels£300/month £270

* One-month “taster” as noted above. You’ll be able to select which chan­nels you want after check­out.

Video Marketing

Video mar­ket­ing is becom­ing vital — but pro­fes­sion­al video ads often cost thou­sands. And per­son­al­ised video ads? Audi­ences find them extremely com­pel­ling, but until now, only the biggest firms could afford them. Advanced tech and stream­lined pro­cesses let me solve these prob­lems for small busi­ness budgets — and now they’re even more cost-effect­ive!

Ser­viceSaleBuy Now!
Brand Anim­a­tion£120 £108Sorry, sale’s over — please con­tact me if you need these ser­vices
Short Ad£320 £288
Per­son­al­ised Video£500/month £450*

* One-month “taster” as noted above.

Press Releases

Pro­fes­sion­ally-writ­ten press releases, syn­dic­ated to hun­dreds of estab­lished news web­sites to boost your brand­ing and site traffic. A simple, yet effect­ive done-for-you ser­vice — you just provide the news! Got an event or pro­mo­tion planned in the next six months? Pre-order your press releases now to lock in the dis­count!

Ser­viceSaleBuy Now!
Press Release£160 £144Sorry, sale’s over — please con­tact me if you need these ser­vices


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