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Small Business Website Maintenance

Vital Website Support To Help You Get Results

Small business websites are not fire-and-forget projects. They need regular, affordable website maintenance and support from an experienced web designer.

​A website support and maintenance plan helps you grow your business online. Most small business owners are too busy to keep up with digital marketing trends, let alone deal with complex edits and site fixes.

Regular support plans also tend to turn complex, “Please explain how to do this” requests into simpler, “Please do this” ones. That saves you even more time and money.

Specialist Small Business Website Support

Still, website support teams rarely understand small business needs. They don’t know what it takes, or the challenges you face. I’ve mentored multiple award-winning web support teams, so trust me on this.

With lots of other clients to support, standard website help desks can’t help you with things like proofreading or assessing marketing strategies. Having supported small businesses since 2005, that’s part of what I do.

Thanks, Pete -- your advice is like gold dust! — Janet L. Website Maintenance: (5/5)

Small Business Website Maintenance Options

Basic Maintenance | Budget Support | PAYG

Basic Website Maintenance & Support Plan

Get decades of experience on tap! For just £60 per month, this support plan offers:

  • Up to one hour of website maintenance or consultation per month
  • Reduced rates1 for any further support needed
  • Email or phone2 support
  • WordPress maintenance3

1 £80/hour for non-urgent work, saving £20/hour on Support Credits
2 9am-6pm Mon-Fri by appointment (or for emergencies, subject to availability)
3 Vital security updates to keep your site safe

The Basic Maintenance Plan has a six-month minimum contract, then renews quarterly.

Budget Website Maintenance & Support Plan

Don’t think you’ll need much support? Maybe just a little experienced advice occasionally? In that case, for just £35 per month, this affordable website maintenance plan offers:

  • Up to 30 minutes of website edits or consultation per month
  • Reduced rates1 for any further support needed
  • Email or phone2 support

1 £80/hour for non-urgent work, saving £20/hour on Support Credits
2 9am-6pm Mon-Fri by appointment (or for emergencies, subject to availability)

The Budget Support Plan has a six-month minimum contract, then renews quarterly.

Pay-As-You-Go Website Support

Most website work needs discussion, analysis, design, implementation and testing. Yet none of these can be predicted precisely. So if you aren’t on a support or hosting plan, but need ad hoc help with your website, prepaid Credits simplify billing significantly.

Each PAYG Website Support Credit covers an hour of support. Credits are non-refundable and expire if not used within six months of purchase.

Multi-day projects attract reduced rates, so please contact me if you think this may apply.

Need Website Maintenance — And More?

If you’re looking for website support with hosting, my web hosting packages offer a better deal. It’s easier to support sites on my own systems, and I like to look after my clients. So those plans include a bit of support, with rates for extra help as low as £60/hour.

Similarly, if it’s search engine optimisation that you really need, my small business SEO packages have got you covered. SEO takes several hours per month of ongoing work, so those plans cover such tasks at a reduced rate of £60/hour.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! In over 20 years of online retailing this is the best and most comprehensive bit of help I've ever had relating to the dreaded SEO. I really appreciate it - many thanks again — Barbara H. SEO: (5/5)

Why Business Websites Need Support

Starting a business is rarely easy. That's because growth only occurs outside the comfort zone. So having an experienced advisor to bounce ideas off can help a lot.

In fact, marketing evolves as rapidly as technology. So many parts of online marketing probably don't work the way you think. Still, your competitors actively manage and promote their websites. So you'll have to do that, too.

There's a lot to learn — and sadly, lots of outdated, inexperienced and even fake "advice" floating around. Most is only valid in specific contexts or for certain sizes or types of firms.

Whilst established firms often hire business coaches, small firms often struggle to work out things like pricing, branding and marketing strategies, and marketing automation on their own. That takes years of costly trial and error. So many small businesses fail by not seeking experienced advice that is tailored to their own situation.

Why Websites Need Maintenance

Hackers keep finding new ways to attack sites and their visitors — often invisibly. So many sites unknowingly spread malware. No site is too small to be a target. If it gets visitors, it can be used to spread malware. That's bad for your customers and your business.

Also, the web evolves rapidly. Technologies advance daily, so without updates, older systems eventually become unusable.

Similarly, poorly maintained databases often get clogged up with obsolete data. That alone can add several seconds to every page load — enough to cripple your SEO and sales.

Left unchecked, such external factors can break any site. Site performance also directly affects SEO. So regular website maintenance is business-critical.

Why Get Support From Netcentrics.co.uk?

On the systems I build, I have access to fragile/complex components that are normally hidden to prevent hacking. So I can fix stuff that you wouldn't be able to. DIY platforms don't provide that kind of access even to their own support agents.

Also, whilst most of the sites I build are designed specifically to help site owners manage their content, many small business owners haven't got the time or inclination to do that regularly. I do this stuff every day. So it's generally faster, easier, and far more efficient for me to do things for you than to explain them to you, remind you what you've forgotten, or tell you what has changed since the last time you did it.

Still, here's why my support is truly unique:

Having specialised in supporting small startups for almost 20 years, I can help with far more than just building websites, SEO, content, email and video marketing. Unlike most agency staff and other freelance designers, I have run small businesses for over 35 years. My first was an independent high-street shop. Then I moved on to mentor award-winning tech support teams for several of the UK's first major ISPs, at a time when that required a deep understanding of how all the tech worked. Because when I started building websites in 1996, under 500,000 existed.

As a few folks have said in network meetings, "Oh wow — you're one of the originals!"

Yes, I suppose I am — and it makes a difference. That's why I can help you solve problems most agency staff and other freelance designers have never experienced.

5.0 from 30 reviews
Ratings and reviews
  • 5.0 from 30 reviews
  • 08-03-2024

    Alison Rider-Hill

    Pete has been patience personified, helping me to navigate a website I inherited for an event I am responsible for. But for him I would probably have broken the back end repeatedly.

  • 14-12-2023

    Ivan Caric

    Pete has been incredibly helpful and supportive, above and beyond what was required. We're a tiny business, and from helping with the initial web design to SEO advice and inevitable tweaks and changes as the business develops, Pete has been patient and full of sage advice. We cannot recommend him more highly!

  • 24-05-2023

    Dave M.

    Thanks, Pete! Since you updated my site, business has gone crazy – I now have more work than I know what to do with!

  • 04-04-2023

    Mark R

    I use Netcentrics for all my business needs. Always a professional, super-prompt and to date flawless service. Excellent.

  • 02-03-2023

    Ceri E

    A fantastic service! We are a small business just starting out with a new venture. Pete at Netcentrics has gone above and beyond to provide us with not only a fantastic website, but also invaluable business and marketing advice. The whole process has been incredibly positive and beyond what we expected compared to previous experiences. He is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. His support did not stop at the end of the website build, he has continued to make himself available ensuring that we know how to maximise use of the website for our start up. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pete to anyone.

  • 18-11-2022

    Janet L

    Thanks, Pete — your advice is like gold dust!

  • 21-08-2022

    Barbara H

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! In over 20 years of online retailing this is the best and most comprehensive bit of help I've ever had relating to the dreaded SEO. I really appreciate it - many thanks again

  • 07-11-2021

    Sam G.

    You’re amazing — highly recommended!

  • 16-06-2021

    Abid Hussain

    Amazing service. Professional and outstanding company to deal with. Pete has great understanding with online requirements and core issue's. Spent hours on the telephone explaining and working on the website to bring it up-to-date. Noting but gratitude and respect to Netcentric. Highly recommend to any one through my experience they have gone above and beyond.

  • 15-05-2021


    Pete is the most professional and knowledgeable web developer I have experienced since 2016 as I have had many since. You won’t regret. I highly recommend him.

  • 05-10-2020

    Paul Mercer

  • 26-08-2020

    Susan Baynham-Evans

    Peter expertise is exactly what I needed . When I have ideas Pete makes them work. I could not run my website without him

  • 09-07-2020

    Emma Cunliffe

    Can't recommend him highly enough. He was extremely professional, laid out exactly what we needed to do and his role within that, setting expectations all round very clearly, and working within our budgetary constraints to set clear boundaries. He was extremely prompt and punctual in his responses and work. He was also extremely patient with his recommendations and explanations, which were clear and simple to follow. Excellent value for us as a charity. We're very grateful to him - he was a real pleasure to work with.

  • 05-06-2020

    Graham Smith

    knowledgeable and professional service designing and building a website for a local SME business.

  • 05-06-2020

    Keary Birch

    Very helpful staff who really understood the problem and dealt with it.

  • 05-06-2020

    Ali van Dam

    First rate! Knowledgeable, professional and creative. I would absolutely use Netcentrics again for future projects.

  • 05-06-2020

    Barbara Harris

    Amazing, professional service and speedy communications. Very impressed and highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2020

    JWComp Sol

    Netcentrics designed, implemented and have maintained our company website for many years.If you want a secure and reliable website I strongly recommend Netcentrics.

  • 21-12-2019

    Alison van Dam

    I can’t say enough good things about Netcentrics.co.uk - thorough, knowledgeable, dedicated and innovative. Highly recommended.

  • 05-12-2019

    Helen Rich

    Very pleased with my new e-commerce site from Netcentrics. Very professional, knowledgeable, and highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2019

    Mark Davies

    I have been using Netcentrics' SEO service and they have impressively managed to get over 250 of my keywords onto the first page of the search results. A very friendly and thoroughly professional service. Highly recommended.

  • 05-06-2018

    andrew cocchiara

    Many thank's Pete for all your advice and expertise over the years. A first class professional service and excellent value for money.

  • 15-03-2018

    Tim D

    Just saw that my site is now in 2nd place on the first page of Google. I’m not sure what you have done, nor do I understand it, but it worked! Many thanks!

  • 24-02-2018

    Paul G

    It is a pleasure dealing with a professional with a high degree of technical skill allied to a ‘can do’ positive attitude. Your ability to explain technical concepts in layman’s language is also a great advantage. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

  • 03-01-2018


    Excellent and professional work from beginning to end. Pete was open to ideas and able to make suggestions on how to develop my site.

  • 05-06-2017

    Ian A

    Fast, friendly, efficient service that exceeded the spec and made a complicated job hassle free for me. Five stars, would highly recommend and would happily employ again for all things web and internet based.

  • 05-06-2017

    Mo Rich

    A flourishing web designer, who is thorough and meticulous in everything he does. Will create a great looking unique and professional website particular to your needs.

  • 14-09-2016

    Ian A

    Pete is one of the most creative, reliable, competent and ingenious people it has ever been my very great pleasure to work with. There is no problem he can’t find an ingenious and unexpected way out of, and he has a work ethic you could bend horseshoes around. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his breadth and depth of knowledge and his total commitment to whichever project he is currently undertaking.

  • 31-05-2015

    Jayne H

    DogLost is the UK’s largest community of pet owners and rescuers. Other developers have struggled to meet our needs, but since Peter rebuilt our site and support systems we have gone from strength to strength, winning major awards including the 2013 Innovation Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We couldn’t have done that without him.

  • 19-11-2013


    Cody's Pet Deli is an online business that sells pet food & accessories. Approaching Pete to set up a new website was the best move I have made. We wanted a system that was easy to navigate and look good when customers shop online.Pete made the whole process simple and dealing with him was a great pleasure. He can't do enough to help and solve any problem that may arise. I would highly recommend Pete for his experience and knowledge and total dedication to see the project through to final conclusion.Steve H.