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Website Maintenance

Vital Support To Help You Get Results

Business web­sites are not fire-and-forget pro­jects. They need regular website main­tenance and support from a pro­fes­sional web designer. Because the web changes fast.

Search engines change algorithms. Web tech­no­logies evolve. So do market trends, prices, products, and the ways your com­pet­itors compete.

Hackers also con­stantly devise new ways to attack you, and your site’s users — often invisibly. So many sites unknow­ingly spread malware.

Left unchecked, such external changes can break any site. Site per­formance also dir­ectly affects SEO.

Your website is a mar­keting vehicle. You need to keep it oper­ating at peak per­formance. So regular website main­tenance is crucial.

Website Maintenance Options

Basic Website Maintenance & Support Plan

Get decades of tech, design & business exper­ience on tap! This support plan covers up to an hour of website main­tenance or con­sultation each month. That costs just £50 per month, then £75 per extra hour, if needed.

Otherwise, I charge £95 per hour for off-plan support (see below). So this plan pays for itself. It also tends to turn complex, “Please explain how to do this” requests into simpler, “Please do this” ones. That saves even more time and money.

WordPress Maintenance Included

Using WordPress? You’ll need to keep on top of security updates. So this plan can cover that as well — at no extra charge.

The Basic Maintenance Plan has a three month minimum con­tract, then renews monthly. Unused time can accu­mulate, but expires after 90 days.

Off-Plan Website Support

Most website work needs dis­cussion, ana­lysis, design, imple­ment­ation and testing. Yet none of these can be pre­dicted pre­cisely. So prepaid Credits sim­plify billing for occa­sional help like site fixes, content edits and other support.

Each Credit covers an hour of support. Credits are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of purchase.

Got a bigger project in mind?