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5 Top Tips For Working From Home

Working from home during coronavirus lockdownThe coronavirus out­break means many people are sud­denly remote working for the first time, and quite a few are already strug­gling psy­cho­lo­gically. I’ve been doing it for over fifteen years. So here are my five top tips for working from home:

  • Routines help. Make sure you change them on the weekend, though. Oth­erwise you’ll soon stop noticing that weekends exist. Build in some flex­ib­ility too, if pos­sible. Work with the needs of your household, not against them.
  • Stop telling yourself, “It’s only for three weeks” (or whatever the expected dur­ation is in your region). It may be, but it may be longer. This is your new normal. Accept that, or however long it ends up being, it will seem a lot longer. Also, if it turns out to be longer, you’ll be more stressed about that.
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Small Business Coronavirus Lockdown Help

Enough with the doom and gloom. As small business owners facing this coronavirus lockdown, we need to remember:

  • Bad news and fear sell papers. So they get over-pro­­moted.
  • Good news is coming from other sources. Share hope, not fear.
  • The game has changed, not ended. We lose if we admit defeat.
  • Everyone is being hit — but that levels the playing field.
  • Adapt­ab­ility is the small business advantage.
  • Neg­at­ivity under­mines cre­ativity and planning.
  • Our fam­ilies and teams need to see con­fidence, not fear.
  • Stress also under­mines the immune system. Breathe, and calm.
  • Mutual support, determ­in­ation and flex­ib­ility will win.
  • No entre­preneur sur­vives without being able to see hope in adversity. Silver linings may be a razor’s edge at times, but that’s where we find the silver.
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