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Do You Really Own Your Domain Name?

domain name registrationSo, you bought a domain name — con­grat­u­la­tions! After all, you do own it now, right?

Actu­ally, no. At least, not in the sense you may think. Pos­sibly not at all.

You see, a regis­trar licenses the domain to you, the “regis­trant”, for a lim­ited time. So, domain regis­tra­tion isn’t abso­lute own­er­ship. It’s close enough for most pur­poses, though.

So, a “whois” search on a site like Who.is should list your cur­rent email address as the regis­trant for your domain. If it does, you have noth­ing to worry about.

…but what if it doesn’t?

Keep Calm and Double-Check

Dif­fer­ent “whois” searches cov­er dif­fer­ent types of domain, so don’t worry if your domain doesn’t appear on the site above. Even if a domain is lis­ted, it may use pri­vacy ser­vices to hide the regis­trant con­tact details.… Read the rest