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Review Management

How To Boost Your Business With Easy Reviews [Video]

Video Transcript: How To Boost Your Business With Easy Reviews

Have you ever wondered how you can turbocharge sales and search positioning for your small business? The answer is simple — by getting more online reviews!

Reviews have become more crucial than ever. They influence over 90% of online sales by increasing credibility with customers and search engines alike. Yet, reaping the benefits of these golden nuggets of social proof can be a tricky and time consuming task.

Enter the Easy Reviews system by Netcentrics.co.uk.

This comprehensive solution is designed to simplify and automate the process of collecting and showcasing customer reviews and video testimonials. The Easy Reviews system can integrate with any popular review platform, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp, to reach a wide variety of audiences.

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How A Google Business Profile Helps Local SEO

Google Business Profile (GBP) — previously known as Google My Business (GMB) — is becoming more and more essential for small businesses hoping to thrive locally. Are you a local business keen to get more website visits from customers in your area? Then claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP) will let you:

  • List your business location or service area on Google Maps and local search results
  • Display key information in local searches like opening/closing times and contact details
  • Boost your local search rankings to reach potential customers searching for related services or products in your area

Getting Started With Google Business Profiles

Even if you’ve never set up your own GBP listing before, Google may have already created one for you to claim.… Read the rest

How To Unlock The Power Of Video Testimonials

Running a small business isn’t always a walk in the park. You juggle multiple roles, compete with larger players, and aim to build a loyal customer base. One strategy that can make a significant difference is leveraging video testimonials. So let’s dive into why video testimonials are powerful tools for your business and how you can effectively incorporate them.

Why Video Testimonials Matter

You might be wondering: why video? Why not stick to traditional text reviews? The answer lies in the engaging and authentic nature of video content.

Enhanced Trust and Credibility

When potential customers watch someone they can relate to share a positive experience with your product or service, it builds instant trust.… Read the rest

How To Master Local SEO

Local SEO Review ManagementLocal SEO helps your site to rank for local keywords, like “dentist Cardiff” or “vet Bristol”. Good local SEO can get you featured in both the organic (unpaid) search results and the “map pack” that appears above them. That’s obviously good for sales. So how can you master local SEO?

Well, it differs from non-local (aka “national”) SEO, because for local searches, search engines need to be confident of your firm’s location. Your online reputation matters a lot more, too. So whilst good on-site SEO and backlinks are still as vital as for normal SEO, citations and reviews are the keys to good local search positioning.

Unfortunately, both citations and reviews have common pitfalls that can easily undermine your rankings.

Citation Consistency for Local SEO

Citations are places that mention your company, even if they don’t provide a link.… Read the rest

7 Top Marketing Myths

Marketing myths and mistakesMarketing moves fast, but marketing myths die hard. It’s common to copy “traditional marketing wisdom” without realising that risks copying traditional marketing mistakes.

The web gives digital marketers masses of immediate audience feedback to learn from — far more than traditional marketers have ever had.

So whatever you’ve learned may well be outdated already. Times change, competitors learn and update their strategies, and marketing evolves. What worked a few years ago may not work now. Or perhaps it never worked, but was based on false, yet popular, assumptions. Yet many people still spread these myths as if they’re in the know.

Many useful lessons in marketing have been twisted by misquotes and false assumptions over the years, too. Here are seven of the top marketing myths that I still see today and why you should think twice before falling for them.… Read the rest